Delco Boys Basketball stat leaders, March 4

(Based on games reported to the Delco Times through March 3; Minimum 10 games played)


Haverford School’s Christian Ray throws down a dunk in the fourth quarter against Episcopal Academy in January. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Christian Ray, Haverford School 23.3
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 23.0
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 22.8
Matt Dade, Episcopal Academy 20.4
Karell Watkins, Chester 19.9
Malcolm Williams, Penncrest 18.4
Enoch Clark, Ridley 17.3
Aaron Thompson, Glen Mills 17.2
Tommy Gardler, Marple Newtown 17.2
Alex Capitano, Episcopal Academy 16.4
Greg Vlassopoulos, Garnet Valley 15.7
Tehron Phillips, Christian Academy 15.1
Jackson Piotrowski, Delco Christian 14.8
Davantae Smith, Penn Wood 14.7
Jameer Nelson, Jr., Haverford School 14.7
John Seidman, Haverford 14.6
Naseim Harley, Academy Park 14.4
Jamese Lundy-Byrd, Chichester 14.4
Michael Smith, Chester 14.3
Neel Beniwal, Garnet Valley 14.1
Lewis Robinson, Radnor 14.1
Shermik Lofton, Academy Park 14.0
Josh Hankins, Chichester 13.9
Jack D’Entremont, Radnor 13.9
Grant Sareyka, Christian Academy 13.8
Luke House, Archbishop Carroll 13.7
Adrian Irving, Cardinal O’Hara 13.7
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 13.5
Tahriq Marrero, Academy Park 13.2
Luke Edwards, Strath Haven 12.6
Antonio Campbell, Penn Wood 12.5
Obinna Nwobodo, Delco Christian 12.2
Aziz Khammassi, Marple Newtown 12.2
Danny Roe, Haverford 12.2
Carl Schaller, Garnet Valley 12.0
Jacob Bronkema, Delco Christian 11.9
Tariq Ingraham, Bonner & Prendergast 11.9
Jameel Brown, Haverford School 11.6
Calvin Church, Chichester 11.5
Marvin Freeman, Sun Valley 11.4
Mamadou Toure, Upper Darby 10.9
Tre Dinkins, Cardinal O’Hara 10.9
Rahmaad DeJarnette, Chester 10.8
Ny’mire Little, Archbishop Carroll 10.7
Tairi Ketner, Archbishop Carroll 10.6
Anthony Purnell, Cardinal O’Hara 10.6
Akeem Taylor, Chester 10.5
Damon Dukes, Interboro 10.5
Brian Ward, Springfield 10.2
Diby Keita, Upper Darby 10.0
Jourdan Greene, Christian Academy 9.8
Tyler Rossini, Delco Christian 9.7
Matt Arbogast, Penncrest 9.5
Malachi Williams, Ridley 9.5
Desman Johnson, Penn Wood 9.3
Tyler Seward, Haverford School 9.1
Brady Mutz, Strath Haven 9.0
Bruce Rogers, Chester Charter SA 9.0

3-point field goals

Luke House goes to the basket for two points against the defense of La Salle in a January game. (Gene Walsh — Digital First Media)

Neel Beniwal, Garnet Valley 58
Luke House, Archbishop Carroll 54
Luke Edwards, Strath Haven 51
Tommy Gardler, Marple Newtown 51
Danny Roe, Haverford 50
Tyler Rossini, Delco Christian 48
Brian Ward, Springfield 44
Jameel Brown, Haverford School 43
Marvin Freeman, Sun Valley 42
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 40
Colin Chambers, Episcopal Academy 39
Joe Pettinelli, Marple Newtown 39
Naseim Harley, Academy Park 38
Alex Capitano, Episcopal Academy 36
John Seidman, Haverford 34
Mike Perretta, Bonner & Prendergast 33
Amiri Stewart, Archbishop Carroll 33
Jack D’Entremont, Radnor 32
Josh Hankins, Chichester 32
Tre Dinkins, Cardinal O’Hara 30
Sean Hutchinson, Cardinal O’Hara 30
Gavin Burke, Haverford School 29
Shareef Jones, Upper Darby 29
Ny’mire Little, Archbishop Carroll 29
Christian Ray, Haverford School 29
Davon Stovall, Chester Charter SA 29
Justin Morris, Strath Haven 28
Michael Smith, Chester 28
Aidan Carroll, Penncrest 27
Cole Rhodes, Springfield 27
Dom Valente, Sun Valley 27
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 27
Jack Grace, Ridley 26
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 26
Anthony Purnell, Cardinal O’Hara 26
Grant Sareyka, Christian Academy 26
Greg Arroyo, Glen Mills 24
Josh Howard, Ridley 23
Adrian Irving, Cardinal O’Hara 23
DeAndre Wright, Glen Mills 23
Antonio Campbell, Penn Wood 22
Jamese Lundy-Byrd, Chichester 21
Marquis Tomlin, Penncrest 21
Jalen Cassidy, Academy Park 20
Isaiah Rice, Penncrest 20
Davantae Smith, Penn Wood 20
Brady Mutz, Strath Haven 19
Mike Tansey, Marple Newtown 19
Alec Wood, Interboro 19
Sean DeShields, Chester Charter SA 18
Chris Haynes, Bonner & Prendergast 18
Derrick Northern, Academy Park 18

Free throw percentage
(minimum 20 attempts)

Radnor’s Jack D’Entremont shoots over the defense of a pair of Unionville defenders in the first round of the District 1 Class 5A tournament. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Tre Dinkins, Cardinal O’Hara 94.6
Luke House, Archbishop Carroll 88.6
Colin Chambers, Episcopal Academy 84.9
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 83.7
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 83.4
Jack D’Entremont, Radnor 83.3
Tommy Gardler, Marple Newtown 82.4
Nasir Cryor, Springfield 81.0
Chris Haynes, Bonner & Prendergast 80.8
Michael Smith, Chester 80.5
Tyreese Watson, Bonner & Prendergast 80.0
Fareed Burton, Chester 80.0
Jamihy Evans, Chester Charter SA 78.8
M’khai Terry, Springfield 78.3
Donovan Rodriguez, Bonner & Prendergast 77.9
Gavin Burke, Haverford School 77.6
Neel Beniwal, Garnet Valley 77.3
Josh Howard, Ridley 77.1
Davon Stovall, Chester Charter SA 76.7
Tariq Ingraham, Bonner & Prendergast 75.9
Jackson Piotrowski, Delco Christian 75.7
Adrian Irving, Cardinal O’Hara 75.3
Jamese Lundy-Byrd, Chichester 75.0
Marquis Tomlin, Penncrest 75.0
Jalen Cassidy, Academy Park 75.0
Canaan Curry, Haverford 75.0
Aziz Khammassi, Marple Newtown 74.7
Mike Tansey, Marple Newtown 73.1
Malcolm Williams, Penncrest 72.3
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 72.2
Luke Edwards, Strath Haven 72.2
Josh Hankins, Chichester 72.1
Sean Hutchinson, Cardinal O’Hara 71.9
Christian Ray, Haverford School 71.5
Anquan Hill, Archbishop Carroll 71.1
Damon Dukes, Interboro 71.0
Matt Dade, Episcopal Academy 70.5
Damir Baez, Chester Charter SA 70.4
Lewis Robinson, Radnor 70.2
Brady Mutz, Strath Haven 70.2

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