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Delco boys basketball scoring leaders, Dec. 31

The following scoring leaders are based on games reported to the Daily Times through Jan. 1. They accompany the notebook in Sunday’s paper and the latest Super 7 is also posted. For comments or questions, email

Scoring Average

At 15.6 points per game, Garnet Valley's Andrew Louden is among the top scorers in Delco. (Times Staff/Tom Kelly IV)

At 15.6 points per game, Garnet Valley’s Andrew Louden is among the top scorers in Delco. (Times Staff/Tom Kelly IV)

Nick Alikakos, Episcopal Academy 25.5
Jawan Collins, Academy Park 22.8
Ryan Daly, Archbishop Carroll 20.8
Brett Foster, Ridley 20.2
Wyatt Harkins, Delco Christian 18.6
Eric Montanez, Chichester 17.8
Derrick Welles, Chichester 17.7
Jaye’Lyn Peebles, Cardinal O’Hara 16.7
Ryan Hall, Sun Valley 15.7
Andrew Louden, Garnet Valley 15.6
Kharon Randolph, Haverford School 15.6
Kyle Ryan, Sun Valley 15.1
Grant Fischer, Delco Christian 14.8
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 14.8
Julian Wing, Ridley 14.3
Jamai Womack, Chichester 14.1
Josh Sharkey, Archbishop Carroll 13.9
Jack Donaghy, Haverford 13.6
Devin Hill, Delco Christian 13.4
A.J. Taylor, Penncrest 13.4
Vincent Smalls, Penn Wood 13.3
Ewhnik Proctor, Glen Mills 13.1
Carl Tienabeso, Garnet Valley 13.0
Vinnie Kelly, Radnor 12.9
Jalen Sherrill, Christian Academy 12.9
John Rigsby, Archbishop Carroll 12.8
DaQuan Granberry 12.5
Marquis Collins, Chester 12.3
John Harrar, Strath Haven 12.2
Kairi Jones, Penn Wood 12.1
Alex Ischiropoulos, Strath Haven 12.0
Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 11.9
Matt Woods, Episcopal Academy 11.8
Keith Washington, Bonner-Prendergast 11.7
Kyle Sullivan, Springfield 11.5
Marcus Weathers, Marple Newtown 11.5
Connor Guilfoil, Haverford 11.4
Jack Marshall, Haverford School 10.6
Mason Ressler, Radnor 10.6
Troy Butler, Upper Darby 10.5
DeAndray Covert, Academy Park 10.5
Conner Delaney, Episcopal Academy 10.3
Kahleel Henry, Upper Darby 10.1
Wali Sabree, Sun Valley 10.1
Brandon Starr, Garnet Valley 10.1
Myron Sanders, Glen Mills 10.0
Jamar Sudan, Chester 9.9
Josh Encarnacion, Interboro 9.7
Christian Lane, Bonner-Prendergast 9.7
Calvin Melton, Penn Wood 9.4
Nassan Garrison, Academy Park 9.2
Nakim Stokes, Academy Park 9.2
Nick Simmons, Academy Park 9.1
Khaleeq Campbell, Chester 9.0

3-point field goals made

Matt Woods, Episcopal Academy 36
Kyle Ryan, Sun Valley 30
Ryan Daly, Archbishop Carroll 29
Vinnie Kelly, Radnor 23
Kharon Randolph, Haverford School 23
Kyle Sullivan, Springfield 23
DaQuan Granberry, Chichester 22
Alex Ischiropoulos, Strath Haven 22
Andrew Louden, Garnet Valley 21
Kahleel Henry, Upper Darby 20
Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 20
Jaye’Lyn Peebles, Cardinal O’Hara 19
Carl Tienabeso, Garnet Valley 19
Conner Delaney, Episcopal Academy 18
Kyle Ryan, Springfield 18
Colin Daly, Archbishop Carroll 17
Mike Satimehin, Academy Park 17
Derrick Welles, Chichester 17
Julian Wing, Ridley 17
Ryan Bollinger, Ridley 14
Pat Corbett, Haverford 14
DeAndray Covert, Academy Park 14
Brett Foster, Ridley 14
Nassan Garrison, Academy Park 14
Nick Simmons, Academy Park 14
Jawan Collins, Academy Park 13
Nick DiCamillo, Marple Newtown 13
Connor Guilfoil, Haverford 13
Shaun Norwood, Penncrest 13
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 13
Brandon Starr, Garnet Valley 13
Marquis Collins, Chester 12
Jayvon Green-Springfield, Strath Haven 12
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 11
Mark Dever, Marple Newtown 11
Kyle Sacchetta, Episcopal Academy 11
Khaleeq Campbell, Chester 10
Christian Lane, Bonner-Prendergast 10
Mike Perretta, Bonner-Prendergast 10
Mike Rutecki, Marple Newtown 10

FT percentage
(min. 15 attempts)

Carl Tienabeso, Garnet Valley 91.9
Alex Ischiropoulos, Strath Haven 88.2
Christian Lane, Bonner-Prendergast 87.9
Brett Foster, Ridley 86.8
Pernell Ghee, Penn Wood 84.6
Khaleeq Campbell, Chester 83.3
Andrew Louden, Garnet Valley 83.3
Wyatt Harkins, Delco Christian 81.6
Julian Wing, Ridley 81.0
James Hendricks, Chichester 80.0
Nick Simmons, Academy Park 80.0
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 79.6
Mark Dever, Marple Newtown 78.6
Nazir Jordan, Upper Darby 78.3
John Hargraves, Bonner-Prendergast 77.8
Kairi Jones, Penn Wood 77.8
Matt Woods, Episcopal Academy 77.4
Nakim Stokes, Academy Park 76.7
Ryan Hall, Sun Valley 75.5
Josh Sharkey, Archbishop Carroll 75.4
Marquis Collins, Chester 75.0
Jack Donaghy, Haverford 75.0
Jaye’Lyn Peebles, Cardinal O’Hara 74.1
Vinnie Kelly, Radnor 73.9
Ryan McCrossan, Garnet Valley 73.1
Troy Butler, Upper Darby 71.9
Mason Ressler, Radnor 71.9
Derrick Welles, Chichester 71.4
Conner Delaney, Episcopal Academy 70.8
Joe Dignazio, Haverford School 70.8
Grant Fischer, Delco Christian 70.8
Kyle Sullivan, Springfield 70.8
Justin Ross, Penncrest 70.4
Jawan Collins, Academy Park 70.3
Connor Gulfoil, Haverford 70.3

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