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Girls Lacrosse: Delco Stat Leaders

Agnes Irwin's Marissa White moves the ball against Episcopal Academy Friday. (PETE BANNAN - DAILY TIMES)


Laura Conner, Strath Haven 76
Marissa White, Agnes Irwin 73
Kate Stanton, Penncrest 72
Erin DeStefano, Springfield 71
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 70
Natalie Willoughby, Chichester 70
Emily Liberio, Ridley 67
Julia Steere, Strath Haven 66
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 64
Sophie Kingsborough, Garnet Valley 63
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 62
Emma Rowland, Haverford 61
Mia Raucci, Garnet Valley 59
Katie Onderdonk, Notre Dame 57
Kate Stankavage, Garnet Valley 56
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 54
Mia Valerio, Springfield 54
Lizzie Getz, Marple Newtown 53
Amelia Reinholt, Radnor 53
Alena Catka, Sun Valley 50
Jada Kinlaw, Academy Park 50
Kaitlyn Nieczpiel, Strath Haven 50
Bella Piselli, Episcopal Academy 49
Kathryn Harding, Penncrest 48
Leila George, Bonner-Prendergast 47
Maddie Sharkey, Cardinal O’Hara 47
Sarah Kelley, Radnor 46
Lexi Culp, Cardinal O’Hara 45
Alexis Ventresca, Episcopal Academy 45
Riley Basht, Sun Valley 44
Ava Bleckley, Archbishop Carroll 42
Krista Geibler, Ridley 42
Claire Natoli, Cardinal O’Hara 42
Mia Scarduzio, Cardinal O’Hara 42
Taylor Murphy, Radnor 41
Annalyn Pompetti, Penncrest 40
Julie Breedveld, Radnor 39
Adisyn Bernhardt, Penncrest 38
Machaela Henry, Archbishop Carroll 38
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 37
Gabby Rizzio, Springfield 36
Chloe Bleckley, Archbishop Carroll 35
Grace Kelly, Strath Haven 35
Quinn Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 34
Kylie Mea, Interboro 33
Megan Murray, Chichester 33
Kylee O’Donnell, Notre Dame 33
Ava Pradelli, Haverford 32
Maddie Kane, Springfield 31
Maddie Shoemaker, Garnet Valley 31
Annie Dignazio, Strath Haven 30
Curran Penot, Upper Darby 30
Shani Conine, Marple Newtown 29
Cate McConaghy, Archbishop Carroll 29
Kaitlyn Roth, Penncrest 29
Cate Parsells, Agnes Irwin 28
Gia Caso, Upper Darby 27
Jaclyn Guille, Springfield 27
Lainey Chestnut, Sun Valley 26
Mia Zebley, Garnet Valley 26
Lex Garrity, Garnet Valley 25
Ava Kane, Garnet Valley 25
Abby Axe, Ridley 24
Dayana Allen, Academy Park 23
Hillery Elsner, Haverford 23
Claire Kutufaris, Cardinal O’Hara 23
Claire Lynch, Springfield 23
Kasey O’Neill, Ridley 22
Ella Springer, Agnes Irwin 22
Caroline Chisholm, Agnes Irwin 21
Olivia Kelley, Radnor 20
Katie Standen, Bonner-Prendergast 20
Quinn Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 20


Cardinal O’Hara’s Ellie Miller, right, tries to get around Strath Haven defender Mackenzie Raech in a 2021 game. (Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group)

Annalyn Pompetti, Penncrest 45
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 44
Amelia Reinholt, Radnor 36
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 35
Claire Natoli, Cardinal O’Hara 33
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 30
Laura Conner, Strath Haven 29
Mia Valerio, Springfield 29
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 28
Kaitlyn Roth, Penncrest 27
Julia Steere, Strath Haven 27
Alexis Ventresca, Episcopal Academy 27
Maddie Shoemaker, Garnet Valley 25
Kate Stanton, Penncrest 24
Alena Catka, Sun Valley 22
Ava Pradelli, Haverford 21
Ella Springer, Agnes Irwin 21
Lainey Chestnut, Sun Valley 20
Sydney Wilson, Agnes Irwin 20
Olivia DiValerio, Marple Newtown 19
Mia Scarduzio, Cardinal O’Hara 19
Curran Penot, Upper Darby 18
Megan Murray, Chichester 17
Taylor Murphy, Radnor 16
Chloe Bleckley, Archbishop Carroll 15
Erin DeStefano, Springfield 15
Kathryn Harding, Penncrest 15
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 14
Kaitlyn Nieczpiel, Strath Haven 14
Becca Patterson, Haverford 14
Emma Rowland, Haverford 14
Mia Zebley, Garnet Valley 14
Lex Garrity, Garnet Valley 13
Jaclyn Guille, Springfield 13
Shannon Wood, Archbishop Carroll 12


Laura Conner moves the ball in a Strath Haven game last week against Marple Newtown. (PETE BANNAN – DAILY TIMES)

Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 108
Laura Conner, Strath Haven 105
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 97
Kate Stanton, Penncrest 96
Julia Steere, Strath Haven 93
Amelia Reinholt, Radnor 89
Erin DeStefano, Springfield 86
Annalyn Pompetti, Penncrest 85
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 84
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 84
Mia Valerio, Springfield 83
Natalia Willoughby, Chichester 80
Claire Natoli, Cardinal O’Hara 75
Emma Rowland, Haverford 75
Marissa White, Agnes Irwin 75
Alena Catka, Sun Valley 72
Emily Liberio, Ridley 72
Alexis Ventresca, Episcopal Academy 72
Sophie Kingsborough, Garnet Valley 71
Katie Onderdonk, Notre Dame 66
Kate Stankavage, Garnet Valley 66
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 65
Kaitlyn Nieczpiel, Strath Haven 64
Kathryn Harding, Penncrest 63
Mia Raucci, Garnet Valley 62
Mia Scarduzio, Cardinal O’Hara 61
Lizzie Getz, Marple Newtown 57
Taylor Murphy, Radnor 57
Sarah Kelley, Radnor 56
Bella Piselli, Episcopal Academy 56
Kaitlyn Roth, Penncrest 56
Maddie Sharkey, Cardinal O’Hara 56
Maggie Shoemaker, Garnet Valley 56
Leila George, Bonner-Prendergast 55
Lexi Culp, Cardinal O’Hara 54
Jada Kinlaw, Academy Park 54
Ava Bleckley, Archbishop Carroll 53
Ava Pradellie, Haverford 53
Chloe Beckley, Archbishop Carroll 50
Megan Murray, Chichester 50
Riley Basht, Sun Valley 49
Adisyn Bernhardt, Penncrest 49
Krista Geibler, Ridley 49
Machaela Henry, Archbishop Carroll 49
Curran Penot, Upper Darby 48
Lainey Chestnut, Sun Valley 46
Grace Kelly, Strath Haven 46
Kylee O’Donnell, Notre Dame 43
Ella Springer, Agnes Irwin 43
Julie Breedveld, Radnor 42
Gabby Rizzio, Springfield 41
Annie Dignazio, Strath Haven 40
Jaclyn Guille, Springfield 40
Mia Zebley, Garnet Valley 40
Lex Garrity, Garnet Valley 38
Sydney Wilson, Agnes Irwin 38
Quinn Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 37
Maddie Kane, Springfield 36
Gia Caso, Upper Darby 35
Kylie Mea, Interboro 34
Shani Conine, Marple Newtown 33
Claire Kutufaris, Cardinal O’Hara 33
Olivia DiValerio, Marple Newtown 32
Cate McConaghy, Archbishop Carroll 32
Cate Parsells, Agnes Irwin 32
Hillery Elsner, Haverford 30


Ava Yancey, Strath Haven 199
Grace DeCarolis, Ridley 153
Rory Turner, Haverford 151
Meredith Shallow, Bonner-Prendergast 147
Grace Holland, Episcopal Academy 137
Mak Butler, Garnet Valley 132
Maura Kopaczynski, Chichester 129
Maggie Mullen, Agnes Irwin 127
Tori Burgos, Sun Valley 127
Bridget Robinson, Archbishop Carroll 123
Maddy McBride, Springfield 117
Manatee Togba, Academy Park 111
Sophie Pasnak, Penncrest 103
Arden Jansen, Radnor 89
Mack Hand, Cardinal O’Hara 79

(Final boys lacrosse stat leaders for 2022. Based on games reported to the Delco Times.)

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