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Friends’ Central senior forward Toure Mosley-Banks is Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week

Toure Mosley-Banks

The senior forward is averaging 15 points and six rebounds per game in the Phoenix’s first five contests. Friends’ Central boys’ basketball head coach Ryan Tozer said, “Toure has improved dramatically this year and is becoming a team leader. He’s been more aggressive at both ends of the floor and understands that we need his shot blocking and rebounding to be successful this season.” Off the court, Mosley-Banks is a member of the Black Student Forum at Friends’ Central.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your basketball training during the past off-season – what you did to improve?

A: One of the main things I worked on during the offseason was becoming more explosive and finishing above the rim. I also did strength training and tried to improve my endurance.

Q: You’ve been averaging 15 points per game so far this season. What do you think has been the biggest key to your productive scoring?

A: I would have to say the key to my productivity is my confidence level. In past seasons my confidence was not as high as it is now.

Q: Who have been your most important basketball mentors and what was the most important thing you learned from each of them?

A: When it comes to basketball I’ve had a lot of people who helped and mentored me, too many to name. They each taught me different things that helped me improve my game, but one of the main things they each said was to be more aggressive and have confidence in my game.

Q: What do you feel is your strongest aspect of your game? What are you working on most at the current time?

A: The strongest aspect of my game is my playmaking ability. I can score but I’m also a good passer and love to get everyone involved. The main thing I’m working on is becoming a more consistent three point shooter.

Q: You’re averaging six rebounds per game this season. What do you think is the biggest key to being a strong rebounder?

A: The biggest key is just being aggressive on the glass and wanting the ball.

Q: You wear uniform jersey No. 11. Does this number carry any special significance to you?

A: There’s no significant reason I wear it other than I’ve always had that number since I was a little kid, playing in different leagues.

Q: What do you think you might want to major in at college? Is there a career path that particularly interests you at the present time?

A: At this moment I don’t know exactly what I want to major in when I get to college. I would like to do something that involves either math or science because those are my favorite subjects and what I’m best at.

Fun facts – Toure Mosley-Banks

Favorite TV show: Teen Wolf.

Favorite athlete: Lebron James.

Favorite pregame pump-up song: Never Would Have Made It, by Marvin Sapp

Favorite place to visit: Atlanta, Ga.



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