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Conestoga runner Dominique Shultz is Main Line Girls Athlete of the Week

Dominique Shultz

The senior finished first at the Central League Cross-Country Championships for the second year in a row, was co-captain of the Central League champion (and undefeated) Pioneers, is a two-time Cherokee Invitational champion (2016, 2017) and placed 10th at the PIAA Cross-Country State Championships. During the winter and spring, she participates in track for Conestoga. She has made a verbal commitment to the United States Military Academy.

Q: You finished 10th at the PIAA state championship, your final high school cross-country race. Can you tell us a little about the course and the weather conditions that day? What was your most vivid memory of that race? What do you think was the key to your performance that day?

A: The weather conditions that day were almost perfect running conditions. It was a little on colder side, around 40 degrees and little muddy. My most vivid memory was at around two miles into the three-mile race. I was just coming down from the steepest hill of the race, when I heard my two teammates (Anna Toomey and co-captain Emily Desantis) cheering for me. This gave me more motivation to push myself to finish strong on my last mile.

PETE BANNAN-DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA Conestoga’s Dominique Shultz finished first at the Central League Cross-Country Championships for the second year in a row.

Q: How did you see your role as captain of the Central League champions?

A: I am very thankful to have spent the last four years of my high school athletic career being involved with the school’s running programs. With the help of Coach Puleo and Coach Hawkins, the girls team showed incredible strength. This season, the girls’ cross-country team shared a different camaraderie than in the past years. My role as a “captain” was truly only needed during the two weeks of preseason. It was then that I taught my teammates how to do basic post-run strengthening drills. As the season progressed, I noticed the girls no longer relied on me to show them the way. They had nearly perfected the aspects of running and competing well before the Central League Championship. Personally, I think one of the most important duties as a captain is to lead by example. I just made sure I was always setting a strong example for the team.

Q: What do you think was your best race of this past fall season, and why?

A: My best race this fall was the PIAA state meet because I learned to be more aggressive from the start. In this race I also learned that being conservative with my energy is not always the best strategy.

Q: Briefly describe for us your pre-race preparation (physical, mental) on the day of a race.

A: Typically, three to five hours before the race I will do a “shake-out”, then eat a small meal, and lastly, I’ll do dynamic stretches.

Q: Tell us a little about your running shoes, the type of shoe you favor and why.

A: I have been running in Nike Pegasus shoes for three years now. I favor them for their light weight and stability.

Q: What has been the most important thing you have learned on the track this year?

A: From my family and Coach Puleo I have learned two very important things. One being, always have a goal. Also, never do something unless you are going to fully commit to it.  

Q: What aspect of your running are you working on most recently?

A: I have been spending a lot of time strengthening my upper body. I have included more pull-ups and push-ups into my strength training routine.  



Fun facts – Dominique Shultz

Favorite book: 1984.

Favorite author: Jodi Picoult.

Favorite TV show: Fear Factor.

Favorite movie: The Shack.

Favorite place to visit: Puerto Rico.

Favorite pre-race meal: Bagel with fruit.

Favorite color: Light blue.

Person I most admire: “My mother for getting up to workout with me before work and encouraging me along the way.”

Family members: parents Mary and Carlos, older sister Annamarie, younger brother Carlos Miguel, and dog Daisy.  

(To be selected as Main Line Girls Athlete of the Week, a student-athlete must first be nominated by her coach.)

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