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Boys Lacrosse: Delco Stat Leaders

Penncrest's Jason Poole shoots in the second quarter against West Chester Henderson Friday. (PETE BANNAN - DAILY TIMES)

(Based on games reported to the Delco Times through May 15)


Jason Poole, Penncrest 68
Brian Box, Marple Newtown 64
Quinn Carson, Haverford 53
Max Busenkell, Garnet Valley 52
Dillon DiBattista, Cardinal O’Hara 50
Charlie Box, Marple Newtown 48
Dylan McDougall, Penncrest 47
Joey Halloran, Garnet Valley 46
Joey Yuknevitch, Marple Newtown 42
Dylan Jaszcz, Episcopal Academy 38
Colin French, Radnor 37
Tristan Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 36
Brennan Kaut, Penncrest 34
Ty Gougler, Springfield 33
Luke Migioni, Garnet Valley 32
Ryan Goldstein, Radnor 32
Andrew Goldt, Garnet Valley 31
Matt Shandley, Springfield 29
Teddy Malone, Haverford School 29
Matt Donahue, Cardinal O’Hara 27
Bryan Seavey, Springfield 27
Eric Reisenwitz, Haverford 26
Ryan DiRocco, Haverford School 26
Avi Mehl, Haverford School 24
Kei Lopez, Garnet Valley 23
Chas Katz, Penncrest 23
Nick Lucchesi, Radnor 23
Damien Bosgch, Marple Newtown 22
Reece Millison, Ridley 22
Mason Montrella, Radnor 22
Jimmy Kennedy, Springfield 22
Lucas Slate, Episcopal Academy 21
Jack McGarvey, Haverford 21
Wills Burt, Haverford School 20
TJ Lamb, Episcopal Academy 20
Nikolas McKendry, Haverford 20


Max Busenkell, Garnet Valley 71
Ryan Goldstein, Radnor 52
Brennan Kaut, Penncrest 48
Charlie Box, Marple Newtown 39
Joey Yuknevitch, Marple Newtown 32
Ty Gougler, Springfield 25
Teddy Malone, Haverford School 24
Damien Bogsch, Marple Newtown 23
Ryan DiRocco, Haverford School 22
TJ Lamb, Episcopal Academy 20
Brian Box, Marple Newtown 19
Dillon DiBattista, Cardinal O’Hara 18
Joey Halloran, Garnet Valley 18
Jimmy Kennedy, Springfield 18
Ryan Keating, Marple Newtown 17
Dylan McDougall, Penncrest 16
Dylan Jaszcz, Episcopal Academy 15
Jason Poole, Penncrest 15
Tristan Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 15


Max Busenkell, Garnet Valley 123
Charlie Box, Marple Newtown 87
Ryan Goldstein, Radnor 84
Jason Poole, Penncrest 83
Brian Box, Marple Newtown 83
Brennan Kaut, Penncrest 82
Joey Yuknevitch, Marple Newtown 74
Dillon DiBattista, Cardinal O’Hara 68
Joey Halloran, Garnet Valley 64
Dylan McDougall, Penncrest 63
Quinn Carson, Haverford 59
Ty Gougler, Springfield 58
Teddy Malone, Haverford School 53
Dylan Jaszcz, Episcopal Academy 53
Tristan Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 51
Ryan DiRocco, Haverford School 48
Damien Bogsch, Marple Newtown 45
Luke Migioni, Garnet Valley 42
Colin French, Radnor 40
Jimmy Kennedy, Springfield 40
TJ Lamb, Episcopal Academy 40
Bryan Seavey, Springfield 40
Matt Donahue, Cardinal O’Hara 39
Andrew Goldt, Garnet Valley 39
Lucas Slate, Episcopal Academy 36
Matt Shandley, Springfield 35
Ryan Keating, Marple Newtown 34
Wills Burt, Haverford School 32
Chas Katz, Penncrest 31
Luke Showalter, Ridley 31

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