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Delco hockey stat leaders

Strath Haven players including (12) Josh Peabody embrace goalie Kadin Matotek after they held on to defeat Rustin 3-2. Peabody had all three goals. (Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group)

(Based on stats compiled by ICSHL and Flyers Cup)


Frank Jirak, Interboro 29
Jagur McClelland, Haverford 24
Jacob Orazi, Haverford 21
Patrick Vaughn, Garnet Valley 17
Walter Clauss, Strath Haven 16
Zach Crain, Springfield 15
Dan Quartapella, Haverford 15
Mike McGeoch, Haverford 14
Quinn Carson, Haverford 13
Josh Peabody, Strath Haven 13
Dominic Romolini, Springfield 13
Christian Thack, Strath Haven 13
Kain Walker, Penncrest 13
Jake Dougherty, Strath Haven 12
Tucker Graham, Radnor 12
Brian Rhoads, Interboro 12
Steve Graney, Cardinal O’Hara 10


Jagur McCelland, Haverford 28
Jacob Orazi, Haverford 26
Max Riess, Strath Haven 22
Zach Crain, Springfield 20
Mike McGeoch, Haverford 19
Nate Rabadam, Haverford 17
Tyler Conn, Penncrest 14
Ryan Kertis, Springfield 14
Dan Quartapella, Haverford 14
Christopher Caldwell, Interboro 12
Dominic Romolini, Springfield 12
Walter Clauss, Strath Haven 11
Alex Gattone, Haverford 11
Nate McGinnis, Sun Valley 11
Thomas Sullivan, Strath Haven 11
James Wynes, Sun Valley 11
Devin DeStefano, Springfield 10
Dylan Kouba, Garnet Valley 10
Josh Peabody, Strath Haven 10
Paul Perricone, Haverford 10
Kain Walker, Penncrest 10
Connor Walmsley, Arch. Carroll 10
John Zebley III, Ridley 10


Jagur McCelland, Haverford 52
Jacob Orazi, Haverford 47
Frank Girak, Interboro 36
Zach Crain, Springfield 35
Mike McGeoch, Haverford 33
Max Riess, Strath Haven 30
Dan Quartapella, Haverford 29
Walter Clauss, Strath Haven 27
Dominic Romolini, Springfield 25
Josh Peabody, Strath Haven 23
Kain Walker, Penncrest 23
Ryan Kertis, Springfield 22
Christian Thack, Strath Haven 22
Patrick Vaughn, Garnet Valley 22
Quinn Carson, Haverford 21
Tyler Conn, Penncrest 21
Alex Gattone, Haverford 20

Goals-against Average

Kadin Matotek, Strath Haven 0.94
Jai Jani, Haverford 1.09
Hunter Chubb, Interboro 2.43
Ronan Marley, Cardinal O’Hara 2.44
Gannon Walker, Penncrest 3.37
Tyler Philiposian, Springfield 3.56
Nick Giuliano, Ridley 3.57
Will Newnom, Sun Valley 4.11
Robert Hobbs, Radnor 4.84

Save Percentage

Kadin Matotek, Haverford .937
Jai Jani, Haverford .932
Hunter Chubb, Interboro .908
Ronan Marley, Cardinal O’Hara .898
Gannon Walker, Penncrest .897
Robert Hobbs, Radnor .871
Nick Giuliano, Ridley .871
Matthew Beatty, Marple Newtown .853
Tyler Philiposian, Springfield .846
David Ebersole, Arch. Carroll .840
Will Newnom, Sun Valley .818

(Goalie stats require minimum half of team’s games played)



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