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Delco girls lacrosse stat leaders, final

Radnor's Cate Cox shoots past a Perkiomen Valley defender in a District 1 Class 3A game last week. Cox was one of three Raiders named All-American and Academic All-American in Eastern PA. (Pete Bannan/Digital First Media)

Based on games reported to the Daily Times. For question or corrections, email


Episcopal’s Caroline Burt, foreground, comes around to score as Notre Dame’s Morgan O’Brien defends in the first half Thursday. Episcopal went on to win 11-9 at home. (Pete Bannan/Digital First Media)

Emily Wills, Agnes Irwin 103
Marissa White, Agnes Irwin 100
Lindsey Fagan, Bonner & Prendergast 92
Natalie Pansini, Agnes Irwin 83
Morgan Reed, Interboro 79
Olivia Dirks, Episcopal Academy 75
Keri Barnett, Interboro 74
Madi McKee, Garnet Valley 69
Regan Nealon, Garnet Valley 69
Georgie Gorelick, Notre Dame 67
Alyssa Long, Springfield 67
Belle Mastropietro, Springfield 67
Danielle Santora, Sacred Heart 64
Erin Gormley, Springfield 60
Ellie Mueller, Radnor 60
Kara Nealon, Garnet Valley 60
Abby Seasock, Sun Valley 60
Kathryn Toohey, Garnet Valley 60
Marissa Mullan, Interboro 59
Caroline Burt, Episcopal Academy 57
Haley Adam, Ridley 56
Maggie Blemings, Bonner & Prendergast 54
Gillian Brennan, Strath Haven 53
Mia Ciancio, Haverford 53
Claire Gola, Notre Dame 53
Cate Cox, Radnor 52
Rachel Familetti, Cardinal O’Hara 52
Abby Pennoni, Penncrest 52
Kellie Ann Matey, Archbishop Carroll 50
Amber Germer, Archbishop Carroll 47
Kylie Gioia, Marple Newtown 47
Madison Henry, Archbishop Carroll 47
Willa Hetznecker, Haverford 47
Devon Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 47
Mikayla Dever, Notre Dame 46
Julie Schickling, Springfield 45
Kaely Cristello, Marple Newtown 44
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 43
Tori DiCarlo, Radnor 43
Rachel Doubet, Bonner & Prendergast 42
Kenna Kaut, Penncrest 42
Caroline Shaefer, Garnet Valley 41
Sophie Haase, Strath Haven 40
Sydney Zimmerman, Ridley 40
Julianne Carey, Agnes Irwin 39
Mia George, Penncrest 37
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 37
Olivia Pace, Springfield 37
Corinne Stratton, Ridley 36
Johanna Fitzgerald, Delco Christian 35
Sarah Groark, Episcopal Academy 34
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 33
Maggie O’Brien, Notre Dame 33
Julia Rigolizzo, Radnor 32
Alex Cabahug-Almonte, Archbishop Carroll 31
Adriana Willoughby, Chichester 31
Olivia Brenner, Garnet Valley 30
Danielle McNeeley, Strath Haven 30
Aliceia Whitfield, Sun Valley 30
Erin Grady, Cardinal O’Hara 29
Carli Komorowski, Sun Valley 29
Natalie Corkran, Agnes Irwin 27
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 27
Carly Gannon, Haverford 26
Sadie King, Penncrest 26
Olivia Memeger, Strath Haven 26
Meghan Cull, Springfield 25
Julia Flood, Sacred Heart 25
Kaitlyn Henning, Garnet Valley 25
Avery McLaughlin, Chichester 25


Cate Cox, Radnor 65
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 57
Caroline Burt, Episcopal Academy 48
Mikayla Dever, Notre Dame 41
Maggie Blemings, Bonner & Prendergast 40
Marissa Mullan, Interboro 40
Kara Nealon, Garnet Valley 38
Emily Wills, Agnes Irwin 38
Regan Nealon, Garnet Valley 34
Natalie Pansini, Agnes Irwin 33
Keri Barnett, Interboro 32
Karli Dougherty, Archbishop Carroll 31
Amber Germer, Archbishop Carroll 30
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 29
Kenna Kaut, Penncrest 25
Alex Cabahug-Almonte, Archbishop Carroll 24
Molly May, Radnor 24
Olivia Dirks, Episcopal Academy 23
Belle Mastropietro, Springfield 23
Morgan Reed, Interboro 22
Erin Grady, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Olivia Brenner, Garnet Valley 20
Olivia Memeger, Strath Haven 19
Daly Ewing, Bonner & Prendergast 18
Maeve Finnegan, Bonner & Prendergast 18
Mia George, Penncrest 18
Madi McKee, Garnet Valley 18
Haley Adam, Ridley 16
Claire Gola, Notre Dame 16
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 16
Fabiana Narda, Archbishop Carroll 15
Abby Seasock, Sun Valley 15


Natalie Pansini, middle, scored four goals to help Agnes Irwin to an Inter-Ac League victory over Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

Emily Wills, Agnes Irwin 141
Cate Cox, Radnor 117
Natalie Pansini, Agnes Irwin 116
Lindsey Fagan, Bonner & Prendergast 111
Marissa White, Agnes Irwin 109
Keri Barnett, Interboro 106
Caroline Burt, Episcopal Academy 105
Regan Nealon, Garnet Valley 103
Morgan Reed, Interboro 101
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 100
Marissa Mullan, Interboro 99
Olivia Dirks, Episcopal Academy 98
Kara Nealon, Garnet Valley 98
Maggie Blemings, Bonner & Prendergast 94
Belle Mastropietro, Springfield 90
Mikayla Dever, Notre Dame 87
Madi McKee, Garnet Valley 87
Amber Germer, Archbishop Carroll 77
George Gorelick, Notre Dame 77
Alyssa Long, Springfield 77
Abby Seasock, Sun Valley 75
Haley Adam, Ridley 72
Erin Gormley, Springfield 72
Kathryn Toohey, Garnet Valley 70
Claire Gola, Notre Dame 69
Ellie Mueller, Radnor 68
Gillian Brennan, Strath Haven 67
Kenna Kaut, Penncrest 67
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 66
Abby Pennoni, Penncrest 66
Danielle Santora, Sacred Heart 64
Mia Ciancio, Haverford 61
Madison Henry, Archbishop Carroll 61
Kellie Ann Matey, Archbishop Carroll 61
Willa Hetznecker, Haverford 60
Rachel Familetti, Cardinal O’Hara 57
Devon Whitaker, Episcopal Academy 57
Tori DiCarlo, Radnor 56
Rachel Doubet, Bonner & Prendergast 56
Alex Cabahug-Almonte, Archbishop Carroll 55
Mia George, Penncrest 55
Julianne Carey, Agnes Irwin 52
Karli Dougherty, Archbishop Carroll 52
Sydney Zimmerman, Ridley 52
Julie Schickling, Springfield 51
Caroline Shaefer, Garnet Valley 51
Olivia Brenner, Garnet Valley 50
Kylie Gioia, Marple Newtown 50
Rylie McGowan, Cardinal O’Hara 50
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 49
Corinne Stratton, Ridley 48
Sophie Haase, Strath Haven 46
Kaely Cristello, Marple Newtown 45
Johanna Fitzgerald, Delco Christian 45
Olivia Memeger, Strath Haven 45
Molly May, Radnor 44
Maggie O’Brien, Notre Dame 44
Olivia Pace, Springfield 43
Daly Ewing, Bonner & Prendergast 42
Maeve Finnegan, Bonner & Prendergast 42
Carli Komorowski, Sun Valley 41
Danielle McNeeley, Strath Haven 40

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