It’s unanimous: Main Line coaches predict an Eagles win in Super Bowl LII

Main Line Media News polled various long-time Main Line high school coaches regarding what they thought would be the outcome of Super Bowl LII. It was unanimous – they all picked the Eagles to win. Here are their predictions:

– Malvern Prep football coach Dave Gueriera: “Eagles 27, Patriots 20. Eagles defensive line will need to pressure Brady all game! Eagles must establish the run early.”

– Haverford School football coach Michael Murphy: “Eagles, 27-24. They will do just enough to get by the Patriots – most of the Pats’ Super Bowl wins have been close. The Eagles will have to be able to get pressure by rushing only four defensive linemen. If they can do that they have a good shot.”

– Episcopal Academy football coach Todd Fairlie: “24-20 Eagles. I think the Patriots will go very fast on offense and try to push the tempo as much as they can, if the Eagles control the ball against a Patriots defense that gives up a lot of yards they will be able to stay in the game and hopefully pull ahead late.”

– Haverford High football coach Joe Gallagher: “The Eagles will win 21-17. I base this prediction on the strength of both the offensive and defensive lines of the Birds and the power of The Dog.”

– Harriton football coach Justin Mellor: “Blount Force – LeGarrett Blount scores twice against his former team as Eagles capture franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl. Eagles win 27-20.”

– Former Archbishop Carroll football coach Dan Connor, now defensive coordinator at Widener: “Eagles 31-28. The Eagles defense will be the difference in the game. They will able to apply pressure to Tom Brady with a four-man rush and keep the Patriots offense in check.”

– Lower Merion boys’ basketball coach Gregg Downer: “Eagles 31, Patriots 28 – a walk-off field goal by Elliot to send Philly into a frenzy.”

– Shipley boys’ lacrosse coach and AD Mark Duncan: “My prediction was made Dec. 11 on a sticky note in my office. Eagles will win 33-17, Nick Foles will be Super Bowl MVP.”

– Archbishop Carroll boys’ basketball coach Paul Romanczuk: “Eagles 27-23.”

– Conestoga boys’ basketball coach Mike Troy: “A high scoring game with the Eagles defense forcing two New England turnovers and the Eagles winning 35-31.”

– Radnor girls’ basketball coach Mark Jordan: “Eagles 27. Patriots 20. The Eagles are much more difficult foes than the AFC south teams the Pats have beaten the past two weeks! The Eagles game plan will mirror Jacksonville’s – who outplayed the Pats for much of the game. The defense dominates the first three quarters – then holds off a late Pats charge to get the town a small parade!”

– Barrack Hebrew Academy boys’ basketball coach Jeremy Treatman: “The Eagles 2017 team is the best team I have seen in professional sports – by that I mean the sum of its parts, players who care for one another. They will not allow each other to lose. Eagles 26, Patriots 21.”

– Academy of Notre Dame basketball coach Mary Beth McNichol: “As a long-time Eagles fan I am praying for a victory! Eagles 24 Pats 16.”

– Friends’ Central girls’ basketball head coach and associate AD Phil Annas: “It is the Eagles turn…..and I do enjoy watching their defense dominate on the field. Eagles 21, Patriots 17.”

– Conestoga girls’ tennis coach Fran Tomaselli: “Eagles 24, Patriots 17. The Eagles have the better team and seem to want it more.”

– Episcopal Academy field hockey coach and AD Gina Buggy: “I have positive vibes about our Eagles and I am hoping, begging and praying for a 21-17 win!”

– Villa Maria Academy basketball coach Kathy McCartney: “Eagles 24-21. They have a great defense and Nick Foles has stepped up since becoming the starter.”

– Harriton High School athletic director Tom Ferguson: “The Eagles will get revenge on the Patriots – 28-17 Eagles!”

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