Radnor goalie Tessa Landry is Main Line Girls Athlete of the Week

The Radnor junior goalie is one of the top netminders in the Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League, with a save percentage of .906 (as on Monday). Landry has been a key to the success of the Radnor girls ice hockey team, which will make the ICSHL playoffs and the Flyers Cup for the first time in years.

Q: What (in your opinion) has been the most memorable save you’ve made this season – can you describe how the play unfolded, and your role in it?

A: When Radnor faced Bishop Shanahan, we were up 6-5 in the last couple minutes of a crazy back-and-forth game and there were people scrambling like crazy in front of the net. One of my Quakers teammates on Shanahan, Christine Lampron, shot hard to my glove as the [final] buzzer rang and I barely caught it.

Q: How important is communication with the defense for a goalie? Can you give us an example of how good communication between the goalie and the defense has helped Radnor on the ice this season?

A: The girls on Radnor are very good at listening to me yell at them from the net.  They manage to clear the slot as well as block shots from the point without screening me.

Q: Have you always been a goalie, or have you played other positions as well? What originally attracted you to the goalie position?

A: I wanted to be a goalie from the beginning but my dad told me I had to play one year as an out-skater before being a goalie to improve my skating. I couldn’t wait for that season to be over. Being a wing was definitely not my thing. Spring of that season I started in net.

Q: What does it mean to you that Radnor has qualified for the Flyers Cup this year?

A: I’m proud of my team and how far my players have come. This is the first time in my Radnor career that we are going to the Flyers Cup.

Q: Are there any hockey players who you really admire, and why?

A: Definitely Lucy VanKula. She’s one of [Radnor’s] defensemen and also plays for the Junior Flyers. She’s a hard worker, very skilled, and never gives up no matter the score.

Q: What first sparked your interest in ice hockey?

A: My old babysitter Katie Fitton played for Radnor. We used to play street hockey all the time with all the neighborhood kids. She really inspired me and is why I started playing. We got to watch her and the Radnor girls team win the Flyers Cup at the Spectrum.

Q: What is your favorite ice hockey venue and why?

A: Bryn Athyn has a great one called Jungé Ice Hockey Rink. Its exciting to play outside and the ice is great.

Q: Who have been your biggest ice hockey mentors, and what was the important thing each of them taught you? What aspect of your play are you currently working on the most at the present time?

A: Tim Ondra, a goalie coach out of West Chester, really helped me get on my feet. He taught me all the basics and how to improve on them. Coach Jay Von Czoernig was my first real hockey coach and he was patient and supportive while he taught me the game. Currently I’m working on not relying on my glove for everything. I used to play softball, where you use your glove for every stop. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to break.

Q: What do you think you’d like to major in at college?

A: I’m up in the air right now. I enjoy commercial art and wouldn’t  mind following my dad’s steps into the maritime industry.

Fun facts – Tessa Landry

Favorite book: Percy Jackson Series.

Favorite author: Jerry Spinelli.

Favorite TV show: The Blacklist.

Favorite movie: “John Wick. The story line is ridiculous and I love it.”

Favorite athlete: Radko Gudas.

Favorite team: Flyers.

Favorite place to visit: “London. My mom is English and we go back sometimes to visit relatives.”

Favorite pre-game meal: “A piña colada Rockstar energy drink.”

Person you most admire, and why: “My Grandma.”

Favorite color: Orange.

Family members: parents Scott and Maria, sister Zoe (freshman at Temple University).

(To be selected as Main Line Girls Athlete of the Week, an athlete must first be nominated by her coach.)

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