Main Line squads make waves at first Manny Flick Regatta

Philadelphia – A number of Main Line high schools made their mark at the first Manny Flick Regatta on the Schuylkill River March 13. What follows are the results, as submitted by the teams:

Agnes Irwin

Agnes Irwin entered six boats in the 1st Manny Flick/Horvat Series. The highlight of the day was an impressive debut by the freshmen. AIS entered two boats in the Girls’ Novice 4x event and took first and second place: Carson Heward, Perry Maner, Sydney McCarthy and Cameron Zuccarini were first to cross the finish line, followed by Emma Bonner, Victoria Budike, Anna Cayley and Jean-Marie Dundovich.
AIS raced two boats in the Girls’ JV 2x event, finishing first (Gabby D’Arcangelo, Rose Lawrence) and fifth (Caroline Richardson, Rosie Sokoll). The Girls’ Lightweight 2x (Maya Brown-Hunt, Lexi Short) also finished first, and the Girls’ Varsity 2x (Anna Sophie Peters, Myka Thomas) raced to a second place finish.
“This year’s team is young and eager to compete at the highest level,” said Agnes Irwin head coach Molly Lawrence, now in her third year with the program and second as head coach. “We’re looking forward to using our spring break training sessions to focus on technique and conditioning, and I’m confident that the girls will see good results from their efforts.”
Lawrence, along with assistant coaches Janet Bartholdson and Josselyn Delussey, oversee a team of 19 student-athletes, including 10 novice rowers. The AIS crew team is based out of Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club, the first and oldest structure on historic Boathouse Row.

Baldwin School

Baldwin School scullers raced in two events in the 1st Manny Flick Horvath Regatta of the season, and decisively won both.
The Junior Varsity Girls quad (bow, Julia Love, 2, Gabrielle Alston, 3, Hailey Barnett, and stroke, Caroline Kiser) won by open water with a time of 5:25.36, 6.4 seconds ahead of Springside-Chestnut Hill and 27.3 seconds ahead of Germantown Academy. Strath Haven (fourth), Academy of Notre Dame (fifth) and Sacred Heart (sixth) also raced in that event.
“This was a fun race,” said Baldwin bow Julia Love.
“We worked together and the boat had run,” said stroke Caroline Kiser.
The Baldwin Lightweight Quad of all juniors – bow, Jasmine Greytok, 2, Sally Chen, 3, Zara Wenzinger, and stroke, Olivia Lanchoney – also won by open water with a time of 5:32.48, more than 11 seconds ahead of second place Germantown Academy B, 5:43.87, and 14 seconds ahead of third place Academy of Notre Dame, 5:46.59. Germantown Academy A (foruth), Springside Chestnut-Hill (fifth) and Sacred Heart (sixth) also raced.
Baldwin bow Jasmine Greytok said the race felt good: “We worked our race plan and kept the ratio so we had more left at the end.”
Baldwin head coach Liesel Hud said, “This is a great start to the season. This is so early in the high school racing season. These racers today will help set the tone for the entire team; I am really happy with their effort today.”


Conestoga Crew opened their spring 2016 PSRA racing season with Liam Bobber’s (sophomore at Conestoga) early morning fourth place finish in the boys JV single event. The team finished their morning with Warren Zhao and Frank Wang (sophomores at Conestoga) taking the third place spot in the boys JV double event.
Anna Green (junior at Conestoga) and Holly Culbert (sophomore at Conestoga) won the girls Varsity double race immediately following the midday break in racing. Leo Draper (junior at Conestoga) and Evan Cain (sophomore at Conestoga) took the same place finish in their respective Varsity double event.
Conestoga ran two boats in their last girls race of the day – the girls Varsity quad. Laura Alcorn (junior at Conestoga), Leigh Burgess (sophomore at Conestoga), Laura Phelan and Carly Robins (both seniors at Conestoga) won that race. Two seconds after their teammates finished Caroline Gosnear, Emily Hompe (both seniors at Conestoga), Katherine Stanton (sophomore at Conestoga) and Kate Hudson (junior at Conestoga) crossed the finish line in second place. The first day of racing ended with the boy’s Varsity quads. In the first heat of the event Max Amsterdam, Matt Balch (juniors at Conestoga), Zach Simpson (sophomore at Conestoga) and Jack Corr (senior at Conestoga) finished in fourth place. The second heat had Jake Novak (senior at Conestoga), Griffin Hamilton (junior at Conestoga), Liam Roth and Julius Neubig (juniors at Conestoga) taking third place.
The Conestoga Crew team began their opening weekend by christening two new Empacher shells at their boathouse (Bachelors Barge) in Philadelphia March 12. The club named their newest double after Conestoga Vice Principal and Athletic Director Dr. Patrick Boyle. Rowing parents, and club officers (past and present), Kelly and Duncan Hudson names’ were given to the team’s newest quad.

Radnor Girls Crew Club kicked off its 20th year with strong performances in the first Manny Flick Regatta. The team fielded five boats in the 8+ categories.
The Novice 8+ completed their race in 5:50.56, finishing in second place (Lexi Fogel, Emily Muniz, Joanna Vines, Chloe Hawkins, Jaimee Getty, Mackenzie Jones, Jenna Spray, Elena Owens and coxswain Courtney Zajac).
The Freshman 8+, comprised of Caitlin Dressel, Amanda Magen, Abby Frishman, Maddie Rubinstein, Sammy Cohen, Sally Dolan, Olivia Zenouzi, Amanda Vitt and coxswain Melissa Hunn, also came in second, with a time of 5:41.20.
The JV8+ boat (Elly Conklyn, Ainsley Macrone, Rebecca Modell, Ellisen Ching, Camille Mulder, Tessa Kilby, Katherine Bragdon, Julia Wi and coxswain Chloe Kerpius), finished in third place with a time of 5:09.08.
Rounding out the performances were the second Varsity 8+ (Katie Dolan, Olivia Robinson, Anna Duffy, Kate McCulloch, Hadley Chance, Liz Dustin, Katie Gerber, Gillian Sullivan and coxswain Julia Lunger) which finished second with a time of 5:17.72, and the Varsity 8 boat which came in second in their heat with a 5:087.33; fifth overall out of 12 boats. The V8 was comprised of Olivia Chase, Yunyun Gu, Caroline Ressler, Nicole Vitt, Jill Hughes, Zoe Landry, Josie Larkin, Sam Talucci and coxswain Cassidy Lorenz.
Radnor Girls Crew Club head coach Margaret Gordon said, “What made Manny Flick #1 a great start to the season was that the team handled themselves incredibly well, had good composure on the water and raced with everything we’ve been striving toward.”
The Radnor Boys Crew Club had strong start to their spring season with four first place victories at the first Manny Flick Regatta. The boys Novice 8+ boat, rowed by Tommy Ciatto, Patrick Kaper, Zach Taylor, Alex DeNolfo, Braeden Meandro, Alistair Douglas, Stuart O’Riordan, Harvey South and coxswain Noah Pepper, came in first place out of four boats with a time of 5:23.26.
Finishing fourth in their race, was the boys JV 8+ consisting of Brett Lyons, Greg McNicholas, Stefan Neagoe, Sam Bupp, Jake Craig, JW O’Riordan, Ryan Conklyn, Andrew Davis and coxswain John Talucci.
In the boys Lightweight 4+, Willem McGee, Will Vaughan, Matthew Kellett, Zahi Shalev and coxswain Bella Hain took 1st place in their category.
With one of the best race times at the regatta was the boys Varsity Lightweight 8+ (Noah Morris, Pranav Gaddameedi, Stephen Ching, Drew Addis, Bobby Subak, Ryan Borowski, Chetin Atillasoy, Aidan Donnelly and coxswain Josh Anderson) who came in first place with a time of 4:33.67.
Finishing the day, the boys Varsity 4+, rowed by Liam Williams, Matt Palmer, Milo Wilton, Mike Fitzpatrick, and coxswain Zach Pepper captured first place with a time of 5:06.04.
Radnor Boys Rowing Director Ken Piree said, “The coaches were extremely pleased today. This is the best start to a season the Radnor boys team has ever had.”

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