Malvern Prep’s Rashon Lusane is Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week

The senior safety/wide receiver, an all-league performer last fall, made 17 tackles against Holy Spirit (including four for loss and one sack). In the Friars’ opening game at Chicago’s Soldier Field, he had two catches for 110 yards and a touchdown. He is also a nationally-ranked wrestler.

Q: What do you think was the key to your defensive performance against Holy Spirit?

A: We watch tons of film on our opponents. So my good performance is based on being well prepared, and reading and trusting my keys to take me to the football.

Q: Was there one defensive play that you made against Holy Spirit that sticks out in your memory – can you share it with us?

A: One play that sticks out for me was where I was blitzing off the edge. They sent the slot in motion away from me so I had a free lane to the backfield unblocked. The quarterback faked the handoff and I was right there to make a good hit on the quarterback for a sack.

Q: Can you describe the play in which you scored a touchdown at Soldier Field?

A:  I will remember that play forever. I ran a stop and go, I really sold the stop route – the safety jumped it, then I took off and had him beat. The quarterback delivered a great ball, I caught it, and off to the races I went. The best part of that play was, as I was running into the end zone, I could watch myself on the big screen [at Soldier Field].

Q: What was it like playing at Soldier Field? What is your most vivid memory of your experience at Soldier Field?

A: It was a WOW experience but once we started playing, it was just another football game on another field – just this one had nice, soft grass! My most vivid memory from that game was coming out of the tunnel – just so much emotion and thoughts were going through my mind at that time.

Q: You played for Norristown last year. What brought you to Malvern Prep? What do you like best about Malvern Prep?

A: The opportunity presented itself and I had to take advantage of it. I love the brotherhood at Malvern Prep and the doors it has already opened for me.

Q: You wear No. 7 for Malvern Prep. Why did you choose that number – does it have any special significance to you?

A: I stated wearing No. 7 my sophomore year, and it looked good on me so I stuck with it. Also No. 7 is my favorite number.

Q: You’re also a nationally-ranked wrestler. What (to you) has been the highlight of your wrestling career? Do you plan to wrestle after high school?

A: I just enjoy traveling with wrestling and meeting new people from different walk of lives. I plan to play football after high school.

Q: Who is your favorite football player, and why? Is there a player whose game you try to pattern your own after?

A:  Brian Dawkins – I just love his love for the game and how he gives his all on every play. I try to pattern my play after him – why not try to be like one of the best safeties to ever play the game.

Q: Who have been your top football mentors, and what has been the most important thing each of them taught you?

A:  My Dad – he’s been coaching me for just about my entire football career. He’s taught me to always work hard, how to be coached hard, face adversity. My defensive back coach from Norristown, Coach Don, taught a lot of about the DB position and help me improve my game a lot. My DB coach now, Coach Tre, coaches me hard and just helps me improve my game, coaches me hard, and just teaches me to be the best I can be on and off the field. Lastly my current head coach, Coach [Aaron] Brady, runs his program similar to colleges, so he’s teaching and preparing me for what the next level will be like.

Q: What colleges are among your current favorites? What would you like to major in?

A: I currently have a offer from Navy so that’s an option. I’m just waiting it out and see what other scholarship offers I’ll receive, then I’ll make a decision. I plan to major in sports management with a minor in business.

Q: Do you participate in any extracurricular activities at Malvern Prep outside of football? What sparked your interest in these activities?

Rashon Lusane’s top picks

Book: The Pact.

TV show: Impractical Jokers.

Movie: You Got Served, The Blind Side.
Pre-game pump-up song: Meek Mill – Dreams and Nightmares intro.

Athlete: “The Gonzalez twins – they are beautiful.”

Historical figure: “Martin Luther King and all other African Americans who fought for the world to be what it is today. Look at us – although racism is still going on, I have friends of all colors and different walks of lives. Without [King and other African Americans] fighting [against racism], that would not be the case.”
Team: Philadelphia Eagles.
Place to visit: “My grandma’s house! Especially on a Sunday because that means some good cooking is going on, and nothing’s like my grandma’s cooking.”
(To be selected as Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week, a student-athlete must first be nominated by his coach.)
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