Shipley’s Austin Wylie is Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week

A junior forward, Wylie scored three goals in the Gators’ first three contests, including two tallies against powerful Haverford School. Shipley boys’ soccer head coach Thom Schuaerman noted that Wylie is one of the Gators’ most improved players this season from a soccer standpoint but also a fitness standpoint, as shattered the two-mile run record for the Shipley boys soccer team with a mark of 10:38. Wylie is the nephew of Kevin Wylie, a first-team all-American defender for the University of Vermont and inducted into the UVM Hall of Fame in 2001.

Q: Who is your favorite soccer player, and why? Is there a player whose game you try to pattern your own after?

A: I love Alexis Sanchez and my uncle Kevin Wylie for their intensity and work ethic.  For playing I have to say Theirry Henry; I remember always trying to do in matches every move I saw him do on television.

Q: Tell us about the two goals you scored against Haverford School Sept. 9 –  how those two plays unfolded, and your role in them.

A: The first goal came off a free kick 35 yards out on the sideline. The ball was served in and my teammates made backpost runs to meet its path of flight and I ran near post. The free kick was sent to the backpost and Ronan Higgins headed the ball back into the other side of the box, and I struck the ball into the back of the net. The second goal came when my teammate Wyatt Page settled the ball in the center of the field; I made a diagonal run in between the outside left and center back and the ball was played through by Wyatt. From there I was able to get past two defenders and shot the ball at the back post.

Q: What do you attribute your off-season improvement (both on the soccer field and in the two-mile run) to?

A: In addition to my club training and game schedule, our assistant coach, Bryan Johnson, had optional workouts during the winter and spring, which I attended.  I also played or trained almost every day over the summer, either formally or on my own. I think improving my fitness made playing soccer much more enjoyable and interesting – I think it allows me to do more on the field.

Q: What to you has been the highlight of your Shipley soccer career to date? Can you share with us your most vivid memory of that experience?

A: Every game is a new game and I try to come to each game with focus and intensity. Over the past two years there have been a lot of great game moments and a lot of fun times with teammates both at practice, and off the field.  But I always want to push for more and I am hoping that the highlight is still to come.


Q: What do you think is the strongest part of your game?

A: I think it’s that I want to improve and I am willing to work very hard to do so.

Q: What do you think was the most interesting thing you learned at the Sept. 2 concussion awareness panel discussion at Shipley? What are your thoughts about the concussion awareness program in place at Shipley?

A: It was alarming to learn the severity of the effects that concussions can cause in some cases. I am glad that my school is making efforts to help its student-athletes be aware [of concussions], so that we have the best chance to be able to participate with a high level of intensity over the long term.

Q: Who have been your top soccer mentors, and what has been the most important thing each of them taught you?

A: I have worked with my school coach, Thom Schauerman, in various capacities since I was 8 years old.  He knows me –both as a player and as a person – as well as anyone and this has helped me progress both as an athlete and as a person. My youth coach, Angel Rivillo, is my most memorable coach.  He is brilliant both technically and tactically.  More importantly he ignited in me a true passion for the game.  He taught me how to play in many different ways, including with South American flair, and taught me to love “the beautiful game.”

Q: You want to play soccer for a college program – what would you like to major in? Is there a career field that particularly interests you at the present time? What colleges are among your current favorites?

A: I am not sure what I will do when I can’t play soccer anymore but I have a significant interest in Social Policy and International Relations.  I know I want to travel amd see the world and help people whenever possible.

Q: Do you participate in any extracurricular activities at Shipley outside of soccer? What sparked your interest in these activities?

A: I am a school trainer during the winter season, where our school trainers teach us how to treat injury. I chose this because it has helped to teach me good habits for injury prevention. I am also taking Public Speaking this year, which I hope will help me have confidence speaking in front of larger groups.

Austin Wylie’s top picks

Book: “I read a lot, but don’t really have a favorite book. The last book I read for pleasure is The Alchemist.”

Author: Confucius.

TV show: Rick and Morty.

Movie: 12 Angry Men.

Pre-game pump-up song: Jungle – X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons (featuring Jay Z)

Athlete: Christiano Ronaldo.

Historical figures (past and/or present): “I admire Muhammad Ali for his work ethic and perseverance and also for his raw talent.”

Team: Arsenal.

Place to visit: Lake Tahoe.

(To be selected as Main Line Athlete of the Week, a student-athlete must first be nominated by his or her coach.)

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