New coach Noon has Wissahickon moving in positive direction

It is sometimes difficult to gauge when it’s the correct time to make a coaching change.

For Wissahickon, coming off of a 2-8 season, that decision was made a little bit easier as the program handed the reins over to a new headman in Paul Noon.

Noon took over the program a little bit late as he didn’t get his hands on the program until about April. As his team hits the dog days of summer training camp, its crucial the Trojans waste no time as they go through play installation, player evaluations and conditioning.

“We cant afford to go slow,” Noon said. “We have a whole new system offensively and defensively.”

Coaching changes often affect the upper classmen the most as seniors are now forced to learn new systems and coaching staffs as the coaching staff also has to learn of its new players.

“The coaches don’t know the kids so we have to do a lot of work to evaluate and see what kind of players we really have and what we need to work on and improve,” Noon said. “At the same point the kids need to be with us as much a possible so they build the trust in the coaching staff.”

Two key players in last year’s team that figure to factor largely in building the new program are senior quarterback Mike Marino and senior offensive and defensive lineman Yondel Dudley were in favor of the coaching change despite knowing they’re entering they’re final high school season.

“I’m not going to lie, I heard that the coaches were leaving and there was this whole new system and I thought it was really late,” Dudley said. “But as we came to lifting and doing a little chalk talk its not that hard.

“You go to want to know what you’re doing in that position and if you don’t want to play you’re not really going to care but that’s not helping anybody or the team.”

Just because the Trojans enter this season with a new coaching staff, moving pieces and coming off substandard season Noon and his player aren’t settling for anything but success.

While teams such as Upper Dublin and Plymouth Whitemarsh are considered the class of the Suburban One League American, a conference in which a year ago the Trojans went 1-6, the Trojans aren’t mincing words when it says they intend on competing for the conference title this season, not just being in the mix.

“It’s win now,” Marino said. “Me and (Dudley) know we can win now and everyone in the locker room knows it. Its no secret we don’t have that many guys back but the new guys, they believe in the leadership.

“2-8 last year. I don’t think that reflects this school or this team and we can pick it up.”

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