Cassidy’s two-bagger allowed Wimmer the shot to be hero, a role she has reprised throughout the course of her decorated high school career. Wimmer’s plan to move close to the plate, just in case Hill inadvertently threw a lollipop as the intentional walk was happening.

Again, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance that Meghan Wimmer, Ivy League-bound pitcher and the best player on the field, would have the opportunity to win it for Chichester with one perfectly avoidable swing. Really…

“When I was given the opportunity, I was able to capitalize,’ she said. “She left a low changeup over the plate and I tried to do as much as I could.’

She stroked the ball to the outfield with a one-handed follow through. It was only the third hard-hit ball of the day against Hill. Wimmer had hit a shot to the left-center gap in the sixth, and Cassidy drilled one past the left fielder in the eighth inning to set the stage for Wimmer.

Everything else for Chi was weak contact off Hill.

Wimmer’s goal was to keep it simple and not get too antsy just because the Crusaders were rolling the dice.

“I was trying to put the ball in play, that’s it,’ she said. “Not take a big hack and not try to do too much,’ Wimmer said.

It all led to a subdued celebration once the final out was made.

Wimmer was the showstopper. In addition to her 2-for-4, she recorded 10 strikeouts and allowed only three singles. Kaelyn Motts hit a bullet back to Wimmer on the mound for the last out of the game. The cool customer she is, Wimmer calmly stuck her glove out to make the snag.

Chichester also defeated Lansdale Catholic in extra innings back in April, so there was a little history between the District One runners-up and the District 12 champions.

“Meg was due,’ coach Jamie Blumenthal said. “She struggled a little bit with them in the first game and her first at-bat (Wednesday), but she started to get her swing back. I was confident that if they were to pitch to her, she’s a big time player and she makes big time plays. She thrives on pressure situations.’

She found herself in one in the fifth inning. Amanda Bradley smacked a single through hole on the left side of the infield to load the bases. Hill got the stop sign as she rounded third base. The throw went over catcher Nicole O’Donnell’s head and Hill likely would have scored had she been sent.

With the bags loaded, Wimmer found herself in a 3-0 hole to Alessandra Messina, forced to overcome a tight strike zone. Wimmer battled back to work the count full before forcing Messina to pop up to second baseman Ashley Feehly along the first-base line in fair territory, ending the threat. Feehly made a few nice running grabs to prevent cheap hits from falling in.

The Eagles recovered from a disappointing 1-0 loss to Villa Maria in the District One final. They’re simply enjoying the ride, looking to do some damage. If there’s one player that can take them all the way, it’s Wimmer.

“To have a great win like this, after that tough loss to Villa, it’s very reassuring as we move forward in states,’ Wimmer said. “We’re having fun and we have people coming out here to watch. It’s great to see the whole school is backing you up.’