Danielle Faust to play volleyball at Mercer University

When Exeter Township High School senior Danielle Faust was looking for a college, she had very specific guidelines in mind. She wanted a school with her academic programs, and one that had her favorite sport – sand volleyball. That limited her choices severly. Once she set foot on Mercer University in Georgia, her choice was made easy.

Mercer has both indoor and sand volleyball, and a program in communications and international affairs. It was the perfect fit for Faust. She visited the campus in March and she liked what she saw.

“As soon as I got there I saw how gorgious the campus was,’ said Faust. “I met the coaches and a few of my teammates. We got along great and i felt very comfortable there. I wanted the option to play beach volleyball at the school I attended and Mercer College gave me that option.

In addition to playing indoor volleyball for Exeter Township High School, she started playing doubles grass volleyball in fifth grade, then played her first beach volleyball game in 10th grade.

“I liked them both (indoor and sand volleyball),’ said Faust. “I don’t like one more than the other, I just like them differently. When I was looking for a college, I wanted one that has both.’

She is looking forward to playing voleyball at the collegiate level, but she will also miss her time playing at Exeter.

“I will miss the high school volleyball experience,’ said Faust. “We were a close-knit team and like playing with each other. “But I’m excited about playing volleyball at the D-1 level. It’s a huge opportunity to play volleyball at a high level and I’ve always wanted something like that.’

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