Kida signs her letter-of-intent to play field hockey at LaSalle University

Ever since Megan Kida was little, she always dreamed of playing field hockey at the Division 1 level. She wanted to be a part of something big. So, on April 22, Kida signed her national letter of intent to play field hockey at LaSalle University in Philadelphia.

Also signing their national letter of intents were her teammates Thalia Williamson (Richmond University), Carly Kauffman (Boston College) and Courtney Weise.

Signing their national letter of intent for Division two colleges were Tristan Weller (soccer LockHaven University) and Michael Allen (football Bloomsburg).

Kida will major in criminal justice and minor in psychology.

The process to find a school that’s a perfect fit isn’t easy. Kida felt that it was a very hard process to go through. She had visited a couple of schools and was able to narrow it down to three.

For the longest time Kida had her mind set on one school, but it was her junior year when she really started the process. There was a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming for a high school senior.

“When you find that school you’ll know,’ said Kida.

There were several things that drew Kida to LaSalle. Maybe one of the biggest was that a friend of her’s, Rachel Hartman, was already on the team. When Kida visited the college, she really liked the coaches at LaSalle,but couldn’t base her decision on just that. When she met her future teammates, she pretty much knew where she wanted to go. The program is growing and she’s looking to contribute to that and help the team emerge as a field hockey power.

While on her official visit to LaSalle, she stayed with a freshman who was “funny and goofy’ according to Megan, which helped ease her nerves.

Having Hartman on the team already will help Kida make the transition to college field hockey. She’s glad to have at least one friend before she officially becomes part of the team.

“I felt like I could get a long with the girls there because she (Hartman) does, and we have similar personalities.’ said Kida. “It’s the perfect distance for me and she was the one who told me to look at the school. I communicate with her on a daily basis about LaSalle and she let’s me know what’s going on.’

It’s a very surreal feeling for Kida who’s making the jump from playing high school athletics to a Division 1 college. Megan feels that There are some college coaches who don’t believe in giving players playing time their freshman year. Kida is hoping she will get some playing time as a freshman.

“I see it as if you work hard, and you strive for it, you will play your freshman year,’ said Kida. “I think it’s all what the coaches see, and if they think you’re ready for it, they will get you in the games. You have to work for it. It’s not going to be easy and you have to come in prepared.’

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