Shipley middie/attack Tate Gallagher is Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week

The junior middie/attack has been leading the Gators’ lacrosse charge this spring, as he has scored 60 goals and dished out 46 assists for the 14-3 Gators (as of May 4). An all-around athlete, Gallagher will be co-captain of the Shipley varsity boys’ soccer team next fall.

Main Line Media News: As a middie/attack, you’re scoring at a prolific clip so far this season. What do you think has been the biggest key to your success in this area?

Tate Gallgher: Stick work, working a lot in the offseason with my club coach Adam Mueller, who has helped me take my game to the next level. I was able to vastly improve my stick skills this winter.

Main Line Media News: What (to you) has been the highlight of the Shipley boys’ lacrosse season to date? If it was a particular play, can you describe the unfolding of the play, and your role in it?

Tate Gallagher: The spring trip to Florida. It was a great team bonding experience and definitely part of the reason we are such a close-knit team this year. Another highlight for me is having my little brother Griffin on the team, and being able to play with him.

Main Line Media News: What (to you) has been your most memorable scoring play this season? Can you describe the unfolding of the play, and your role in it?Tate Gallagher: I scored a behind-the-back goal this year which I think was my most memorable scoring play. I had been working on behind-the-back passes and shots with our coach Kevin Crowley in practice and finally found the place and time to use it in a game.

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