Slattery leads Daniel Boone to an undefeated season

With the high school softball season already in full gear, the Daniel Boone Lady Blazers seem to be having a season to remember. Currently they are 9-0 in Berks League play and 14-1 overall. Senior pitcher Bekah Slattery has contributed mightily to the team’s success, having an unblemished pitching record (10-0) thus far.

“I think we’re doing very well,’ Slattery said, “In the field we’re pretty solid and our bats are coming alive more and more each time we play. For us, it’s turning out to be a really good experience so far.’

Slattery noted that the fact her team is undefeated (in the league) at the moment hasn’t really crossed her mind.

“It doesn’t really faze me or any of my teammates for that matter,’ said Slattery. “I just keep playing, and as a group we just want to keep going, keep pushing through, because we want to go as far as the season will take us.’

The senior said the key for she and the team is not focusing on being undefeated – taking the schedule one game at a time and having fun while playing.

“We’re really focused on having a great time with everyone,’ said Slattery “It’s our (the seniors) last year playing with these girls, so we’re just focused on the fun part of it.’

Slattery added that the team has taken this year’s success in stride, and no one has really gotten caught up in the fact that the team record is what it is.

“We just try to focus on each game, so whoever we’re playing that day, that’s what we’re focused on.’

The senior said that she has dealt with the team’s success this year just by being comfortable with the players behind her in the field.

“I know when the ball gets hit, there’s most likely going to be an out made, so that’s a very good confidence booster.’

The success the team has had this season is no surprise to Slattery. There are only three seniors on the team, but there is a lot of talent coming from the underclassmen.

“As a team, when we put our offense and defense together, we all realized we were going to be a very solid unit.’ Slattery said that isn’t cockiness, rather she commented that it’s confidence in what the team product is on the field and at the plate.

Slattery said that her production in games alone hasn’t been the only reason the Lady Blazers are where they are.

“You need more than one hit to win a game,’ said Slattery. “I feel when the hits come, it’s contagious, and one good hit leads to another. Again, it’s not just me. I have an entire team that has my back.’

As a pitcher doesn’t look too far ahead of the opposing hitter in the batter’s box. She’s not worried about the score, or who is up next.

“I try to focus on who’s at the plate and find the fastest way to get 21 outs,’ said Slatter. “It’s that simple.’

With the team performing so well, Slattery said she hasn’t felt any need to perform above or beyond the way she is playing now.

“I’m just trying to have as much fun this season as I can, because it’s my last year here at Boone, and I want to make the most of it, but I wouldn’t say there’s pressure to do any more than I’m capable of.’

The Daniel Boone softball program has been very successful over the year. When she goes out on the mound, the senior said she knows other teams have targets on Boone’s back.

They know and we know they want to beat us. The opposition is going to play as hard and as well as they can to compete with us, and on our side, it’s in the back of our minds. However, I don’t really focus on that when playing. As an individual and as a member of the team, the goal is to finish 1-0 every game. We know other teams are going to come after us, but it’s kind of a compliment because it shows how good we are.’

To finish out the season, the key, according to Slattery, is for the team to continue to have fun. She said, “We just have to keep doing what we’re doing, because right now it’s working.’

When she heads to Lock Haven University next season, Slattery said there are a few nuggets of wisdom she’ll take with her from this year.

“I’ll definitely take with me the ability to always find the fun in the sport while I’m playing,’ said Slattery. ”

That’s one of the things that coach (Traci Huddleson) has always told us since I’ve been playing for her, and to trust your teammates and know they’ll always have your back.’

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