Exeter’s Shannon Restrepo signs to attend Kutztown University

For senior Shannon Restrepo, it was a finding a college was a difficult choice. Many school were interested in the talented setter on the Exeter Township High School girls volleyball team. Adding to the indecision was the question of attending a D-1 or D2 school. But in the end, Shannon thought Kutztown University was the best choice for her.

“It was just a good fit for me,’ said Restrepo. “I loved the coach and I loved the players when I visited the campus. Kutztown was just a perfect fit for me.’

K.U.’s head women’s volleyball coach John Gump started watching Shannon a year ago. Last spring he talked to her about possibly coming to Kutztown to play volleyball. Soon after that she went to visit the campus.

“He (Coach Gump) was very nice,’ said Restrepo. “I liked him right away. He could relate to his player very well and is the kind of coach who will let the players play their game.’

Another positive about play at Kutztown is that she has a shot at a lot of playing time as a freshman. She is a very competitive person and wants to be out on the floor making a difference. At Kutztown, that’s were she will probably be.

“I think I will be playing as a freshman,’ said Shannon. “But the coach said everybody has to earn a spot, which is fine with me. I’ll work hard to get out on the floor because I hate to lose.’

Restrepo will be joining a team that has struggled over the past few years. The team hasn’t had a winning season since 2011 and Shannon will do all she can to change that next season.

“I’m excited to start playing at the college level,’ said Restrepo. “It will be different. There will be harder practices and harder workouts, and the games will be more intense. That’s all right, because I like intense.’

Coach Gump wanted Shannon on his team for the past year, and is more than happy that she is coming to Kutztown.

“I feel very fortunate to have Shannon joining our program this fall,’ said Gump. “I’m excited to see her in action. Shannon brings a lot of positive qualities to our program. She is a physically gifted athlete with who has the size and strength to potentially become a dominant player for us. She has excellent skills which will allow us to use her at multiple positions, if needed.’

Shannon has been playing volleyball since the seventh grade and she’s has been playing with many of teammates since those early days.

“I’ll miss playing with the girls I’ve played with since seventh grade,’ said Restrepo about her leaving Exeter. “I’ll miss my teammates, my coaches, and the atmosphere at the games. I had a lot of fun playing volleyball at Exeter.’

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