Coatesville edges PV for National Division title

Caln — Before the 2015 swimming season began, Coatesville’s coach David Morris talked about how Perkiomen Valley boys team was the heavyweight in the Ches-Mont League National Division. In the past two seasons the Vikings were the only team to defeat the Red Raiders. They also won three straight Ches-Mont National titles that commenced upon their entrance to the league in 2012. This year Coatesville set a goal to dethrone the team that denied them multiple league championships. On Friday afternoon, senior day for the Red Raiders, they accomplished their season-long mission. Coatesville upended Perkiomen Valley 98-88, sealing the deal for new Ches-Mont National champions.

In a packed natatorium the meet’s tone was set early. In the first race, the 200-yard medley relay, the Coatesville team made up of Drew Furcon, RJ Hammond, Caesar Asadi, and Bryce Nika pulled away at the finish and narrowly picked up the victory by .19 seconds.

As the Red Radiers (7-0, 8-0) won, Asadi a senior exploded with excitement, and emotion. Even though it was the first race of the contest, there was a confident feel in the air that the Vikings (6-1, 7-1) would be denied another championship.

“Pulling out this victory for us was huge,’ Asadi said. “A win like that was really big for our team to get things started. We have lost to this team the past three years. I am a senior, we knew we couldn’t lose again. Everyone poured their hearts out.’

Asadi played a key role for his team; he also won the 50 freestyle, and anchored the victorious 200 freestyle relay team. He did it all while being sick.

“I had a bad sore throat, and my nose was really stuffed up. I had to battle through it. It was tough because the mental aspect is crazy but I couldn’t let it get to my head. I had to remain focused and swim my race,’ Asadi said.

Carrying a slim 43-35 lead at the halfway mark, the Red Raiders were propelled by Hammond the senior and Liam Schroeder a junior. Hammond racked up a wins in the 200-medley relay and 100 butterfly, while finishing second in the 200 individual medley, and 400 freestyle relay.

“Today was just unreal,’ Hammond said. “It was so great to see everyone come out and support us. I felt like all the excitement really helped us win those close races.’

Schroeder, who won the 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, and the 200 freestyle relay, agreed saying the atmosphere gave their team an extra impetus to win.

“Normally I can’t hear anything when I am racing but it was that loud today. I wasn’t expecting this many people to show up. It helped push me and I really think it was a key reason why our team did well today.’

No one was more proud then Morris, before getting pushed into the pool by the reigning Ches-Mont National champions.

“I am so proud of the way we performed today,’ Morris said. “We swam as well as we could, we posted excellent times. We got a lead in the beginning of the meet and that gave us some momentum. There wasn’t a kid on this team who wasn’t at their best today.’

In the girls meet, the Red Raiders (1-6, 1-7) fell to the Vikings (4-3 National) 108-76. Kristin Bria won the 50 freestyle, and 100 freestyle, and was a part of the winning 400-freestyle relay team. Savannah Madonna also had a strong afternoon, winning the diving competition with a score of 228.70.


Perkiomen Valley 108, Coatesville 76

200-yard medley relay — Perkiomen Valley (Gray, Bernal, King, Turner) 1:58.00; 200 freestyle — Bernal (PV) 2:12.09; 200 IM — Thorneloe (PV) 2:26.14; 50 freestyle — Bria (C) 25.21; diving — Madonna (PV) 228.70, 100 butterfly — Gallo (PV) 1.12.19; 100 freestyle — Bria (C) 56.75; 500 freestyle — Turner (PV) 5:47.38; 200 freestyle relay — Perkiomen Valley (Turner, King, Thorneloe, Gray) 1:47.41; 100 backstroke — Gray (PV) 1:05.36; 100 breaststroke — Baker (PV) 1:19.91; 400 freestyle relay — Coatesville (Bria, Stokes, Mehl, Glass) 4:05.24.


Coatesville 98, Perkiomen Valley 88

200-yard medley relay — Coatesville (Furcon, Asadi, Hammond, Nika) 1:39.40; 200 freestyle — Schroeder (C) 1:50.92; 200 IM — Dix (PV) 1:56.41; 50 freestyle — Asadi (C) 23.11; diving — Hemlock (C) 247.55; 100 butterfly — Hammond (C) 52.34; 100 freestyle — Dix (PV) 46.78; 500 freestyle — Schroeder (C) 4:55.31; 200 freestyle relay — Coatesville (Schroeder, Nika, Brown, Asadi) 1:33.52; 100 backstroke — Furcon (C) 54.52; 100 breaststroke — Kell (PV) 1:05.34; 400 freestyle relay — Perkiomen Valley (Thorneloe, Groshardt, Melissen, Dix) 3:18.51.

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