Zimmerman helps Wissahickon rally past Upper Moreland

AMBLER — Rachel Zimmerman has had a knack for being in the right spot at the right time.

Zimmerman got a stick on the ball, redirecting it up and away from the diving Allison Felicetti for the goal.

“We had tied them the last time we played but we felt like we had the advantage,’ Zimmerman said. “When we scored, our confidence came up and that’s when we really kicked it in.’

The game got off to a cracking start. A quick Upper Moreland corner turned into a goal by Ashton Hirsch just 59 seconds into the first half.

The initial shot off the corner was deflected, by Hirsch was able to control the ball and push it into the cage.

“We came out ready to go and sort of just fell apart,’ Upper Moreland coach Karen Grossi said. “Wissahickon just played better than us.’

The hosts weren’t content to sit by idly. Wissahickon drew a corner of its own, leading to a quick double save by Felicetti, but the ball stayed in the circle.

A touch by Kara Miles found the stick of Sam Scoma and the forward converted to tie the game at 1-1 with 27:44 before the break.

“We had to withstand the first surge and go back to our game,’ Gil said. “We don’t play a big ball, we look for each other and do a lot of passing. We have this nice turf so the ball moves.’

While the score remained tied at half, it wasn’t for lack of trying. The half was played at a high tempo, with both sides pushing up at any available chance.

The second half was much the same to start, but Upper Moreland looked to slow down somewhat after the second Wis goal.

“We knew last time we played it was a close game,’ Grossi said. “We thought it would be close again. With a night game on turf, everything’s different. But the girls wanted to play, they were ready for it.’

Zimmerman had a hand, or stick, in the third Trojan goal. The forward was denied twice in a row, but the second shot careened to recently inserted sub Jess Waite.

Waite didn’t wait, knocking it in through traffic.

“I noticed they would sometimes push up a lot, so I was more open on the left side,’ Zimmerman said. “But I thought (UM) played very well. I was just a little bit lucky.’

It also helps to be attentive. That led to the final goal, again off a corner.

Miles fired from the left side of the circle, right to where Zimmerman ran, and the forward again redirected the ball into the cage.

“I came in from the far right side,’ Zimmermand said. “I was on the goalie’s pads and saw the pass to Kara. I was in the right place on the goalie’s pads and it tipped off my stick.’


The Wissahickon forward proved it again Monday when she powered the Trojans field hockey team in the second half against visiting Upper Moreland. Zimmerman scored twice and assisted another goal, all in the second half, as Wissahickon won 4-1.

“Rachel really has come on strong this year,’ Wissahickon coach Lucy Gil said. “She’s scored a bunch of goals for us. She’s very aware of her surroundings in the circle so she’s able to get it in.’

The pivotal play came on Zimmerman’s first goal, set up on a penalty corner.

As usual, the corner found Ashley Laskowitz at the top of the circle and the pivot player was on point. Laskowitz fired a laser straight on, finding Zimmerman, who had crashed in.

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