Downingtown East thwarts West Chester East

WEST GOSHEN — With six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, West Chester East quarterback Jon Jon Roberts was being pursued on third down and threw up a desperation screen pass, which landed in the hands of Downingtown East’s Caleb Fell hands to not only give him his first interception of the season, but the play of the game.

The defensive end returned the interception 47 yards for the game-winning touchdown in a 34-31 Ches-Mont League National Division win over West Chester East on Friday at Zimmerman Stadium.

“It was the right place at the right time,’ said Fell. “The entire week we knew they were going to throw screens a lot. He threw a ball that was easily catchable and as soon as I caught the ball I looked for the open field. (I thought) ‘ Don’t stop running, get to the end zone you’re not that far away.”

Downingtown East (1-0, 4-1) coach Mike Matta added that Fell’s rugby experience was a key in the interception.

“He’s a nationally ranked rugby player, so he’s comfortable with the ball and that’s not the first time the man has had the ball in his hands,’ said Matta. “We were pretty lucky and pretty unlucky too. They had some bounces that went their way, but all in all, I am pretty proud of

Caleb, he’s a senior leader and had to make a big play. He did great’

After surrendering the interception, the Vikings (0-2, 2-3) drove down field only to be stopped on a fourth-and-one at the Downingtown East 9 with 1:49 left. A screen pass from Roberts to Nick Corialos was stuffed by a wall of Cougars to solidified the win.

After a tough loss to Bishop Shanahan last week, the Vikings find themselves in a three-game losing streak.

“Initially I thought we had a really good chance to win the game,’ said West Chester East coach Dave Gueriera. “We matched up well with them and coming in I was confident that we could win the game. When it came time for us to punch it in there at the end we just didn’t do it.’

The Vikings went into halftime with a 17-14 lead and looked to have the momentum after a field goal and an 80-yard run from Roberts brought them back into the lead after being down, 14-7.

Gueriera added that “Jon Jon was unbelievable tonight,’ going 27-for-37 for 346 yards and four touchdowns.

Two key plays in the third quarter helped the Cougars cut the deficit to three and set up the Fell interception.

The first came only 20 seconds into the third when Jeremy Jennings stripped the ball from Downey after catching a pass from Roberts. Jennings ran it back for a 31-yard touchdown to make it 21-17.

With seconds winding down in the third QB Andrew Hudson found tight end Cary Angeline deep down field for a 79-yard touchdown pass, giving the Cougars a 28-24 lead.

“It’s just play-action where we are trying to get everyone to bite on it and throwing it up top to anybody like him (Angeline) can be electric,’ said Hudson. “It was a great play that really set the tone for the rest of the game.’

“It was a perfect pass by the quarterback and I couldn’t have scored without my (fellow) receiver Dan Chisena blocking for me down there,’ said Angeline. “I followed his block which led me to the end zone.’

This was the second week that Fell has come up in a clutch situation for the Cougars. He stopped Rustin running back Terry Lopper on a fourth-and-one situation late in the game to maintain their nine-point lead.

“I knew there were 10 guys behind me blocking all the way so I give credit to them, said Fell. “They all fought the entire game. That play was just the icing on the cake.’


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