Exeter’s Chase Yocum to quarterback at Shippensburg University

For Exeter Township High School senior Chase Yocum, Shippensburg University was a perfect fit. He likes the coaches and likes the “family atmosphere’ of the team. And to top it all off, the quarterback from last year’s Shippensburg team graduated, so Chase is excited to have a shot being the team’s starting quarterback in his freshman season.

“I’m really excited to start the next chapter in my life,’ said Yocum. “I’ve got a good freeling about playing at Shippensburg. I will miss playing football with the guys here at Exeter, and I’ll really miss my coaches here, but I’m ready for the challenge of college football. The coaches at Shippensburg really wanted me to a part of the team and that helped me decide to go there.’

Yocum also considered Kutztown University, the University of Delaware and Elon University, but Shippensburg was always his first choice.

Chase has been the starting quarterback at Exeter Township High School the last two seasons. His brother Kyle was the starting QB at Exeter the four seasons before that. Kyle was an outstanding QB for the Eagles, and was a big reason for the team’s emergence into a powerhouse progam over the last few years. Chase took over in 2013, hoping to make a name for himself. He did just that.

“I knew everyone was going to campare me with Kyle. He taught me a lot about the quarterback position,’ said Chase. “He was a great quarterback, but I worked hard to make my own name.’

He did it mostly with his legs. Chase has been a running quarterback to say the least. After rushing for 878 yards in 2013, he led the team in rushing in 2014 with 1,196 rushing yards, 7.43 yards per carry.

“I’ll miss playing with all the guys (at Exeter) I’ve played with all my life,’ said Yocum. “I’ll also miss the coaching staff. Our goal was to improve upon each season and I think we did that. This year we won our first district playoff game and I feel very good about that.

“But I’m also looking forward to playing at Shippensburg next season. I feel that this will be a very good situation for me and I’m ready to go.’

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