Souderton boys, girls splash past CB West

WARRINGTON — The Souderton Area boys and girls swim teams continue to feed off each other’s energy and it has translated into the pool.

Thursday’s meet against rival Central Bucks West was a prime example.

With the score close and the Big Red girls needing crucial points in the 100 breaststroke, their focus sharpened.

“I told the girls, you need to one-two this,’ coach Caitlin Warren said. “I said the guys did it on Tuesday so why can’t you do it today? And they did.’

Much to their delight, the Indians wound up going one-two-three, as Rickilee Hodges, Emily Hodges and Lauren Rutkowski took the top three spots and helped push Big Red past the Bucks, 99-87, in a Suburban One League Continental Conference meet at CB South.

The Big Red boys were just as impressive, topping West 114-72 to improve to a perfect 5-0.

“It feels nice actually — first time in a while,’ Big Red’s Kevin Musterait said of the undefeated start. “I like it.’

There was a lot to like for Souderton, as the Indians got impressive swims on both sides, including Musterait’s pair of wins in the 200 free and 100 free as well as his anchor legs on the 200 and 400 free relays.

“You lose as a team and you win as a team, and today we won as a team — both sides,’ Warren said. “We were down some people on the boys and girls side and it’s just that time of year — there’s a flu bug going around — and I told both teams they had to step it up and they did.’

Triston Loux was another key scorer for Souderton, winning the 100 fly and also taking first when he made a rare appearance in the 100 breast.

Although they didn’t get the times they were after, they got the places they needed.

“Their mentality is ‘ I need to swim as fast as I was in December,’ but they don’t realize that their bodies are beaten up and broken down,’ Warren said. “I told them, they need to have a goal for every meet, whether it’s a time goal, a place goal, or a goal to have better flip turns — whatever it is, they need to have a goal for every meet. Because that is what keeps you focused and keeps you going, especially in January. It’s such a long month.’

Souderton will have seven meets in January, and this one should provide some steam. The Big Red girls (3-2), who got a pair of individual wins from Rickilee Hodges, were able to push past a Bucks team that continues to come on strong.

Up on the board, West was dominant, as Sarah Stim, Kelly Magri and Cara Mergner took spots one through three.

“Our diving queens,’ Bucks girls coach Vikye Swanson said. “All three of them have made districts now. I’ve got three girl divers who are awesome. You lose (state medalist) Rachel Saunders (to graduation) but you still have these girls who are doing phenomenal.’

West also had a good collection of swimmers in the CB South pool on Thursday. Hannah Blaser and Collette Strong notched their fastest freestyle times of the season, Quinn MacMillan was overwhelming in the 100 fly and 500 free, and Jaclyn McDowell had a solid performance in the 200 IM. Said Swanson: “She took off in the backstroke like I’ve never seen her do before.’

“I’m very pleased with how the girls swam today,’ the coach said. “The kids have been working hard so it’s good to see it pay off. Some of the kids that are sophomores are out of their freshman phase and are really coming along. And my little freshmen are really starting to find their niche.’

Boys Swimming

Souderton Area 114, Central Bucks West 87

200 medley relay: 1. Souderton (Daniel Trout, Lucas Giannini, Brendon Loux, Ryan Kierstan), 1:47.59; 2. CB West, 1:51.18; 3. Souderton, 1:52.89

200 free: 1. Kevin Musterait (S) 1:50.99; 2. Andrew Evans (CBW) 1:55.49; 3. James Beldham (S) 2:04.66

200 IM: 1. Henry Mackensen (CBW) 2:04.34; 2. Brendon Loux (S) 2:04.49; 3. Arthur Kasyan (CBW) 2:21.32

50 free: 1. Cristian Musterait (S) 23.51; 2. Pat Blaser (CBW) 23.91; 3. Ryan Kierstan (S) 24.75

Diving: 1. Ezekiel Flandro (S) 209.65; 2. Aimee Roberts (CBW) 160.70; 3. Olivia Cantrel (CBW) 156.95

100 fly: 1. Triston Loux (S) 54.06; 2. Henry Mackensen (CBW) 54.92; 3. Brendon Loux (S) 55.01

100 free: 1. Kevin Musterait (S) 48.42; 2. Andrew Evans (CBW) 50.99; 3. Cristian Musterait (S) 52.33

500 free: 1. Matthew Holcombe (S) 5:13.14; 2. Will Lambert (CBW) 5:31.10; 3. James Beldham (S) 5:33.94

200 free relay: 1. Souderton (Triston Loux, Brendon Loux, Cristian Musterait, Kevin Musterait), 1:30.67; 2. CB West, 1:34.42; 3. Souderton, 1:42.89

100 back: 1. Daniel Trout (S) 59.06; 2. Matthew Holcombe (S) 1:00.99; 3. Andrew Bailey (CBW) 1:05.37

100 breast: 1. Triston Loux (S) 1:03.43; 2. Ryan Witoslawski (S) 1:03.65; 3. Pat Blaser (CBW) 1:05.92

400 free relay: 1. Souderton (Triston Loux, Ryan Kierstan, Cristian Musterait, Kevin Musterait), 3:25.11; 2. CB West, 3:32.08; 3. CB West, 3:49.82

Girls Swimming

Souderton Area 99, Central Bucks West 87

200 medley relay: 1. Souderton (Ariana Crossgrove, Emily Hodges, Gabriella Pagano, Rickilee Hodges), 1:57.61; 2. CB West, 2:02.53; 3. Souderton, 2:07.87

200 free: 1. Hannah Blaser (CBW) 2:04.68; 2. Amber Rogers (S) 2:09.17; 3. Collette Strong (CBW) 2:09.65

200 IM: 1. Emily Hodges (S) 2:19.53; 2. Gabriella Pagano (S) 2:27.84; 3. Sarah Hershey (S) 2:35.41

50 free: 1. Rickilee Hodges (S) 26.09; 2. Lauren Harkins (S) 27.80; 3. Paige Kramar (CBW) 27.87

Diving: 1. Sarah Stim (CBW) 202.70; 2. Kelly Magri (CBW) 198.60; 3. Cara Mergner (CBW) 187.25

100 fly: 1. Quinn MacMillan (CBW) 1:02.80; 2. Gabriella Pagano (S) 1:05.23; 3. Meg Baltes (CBW) 1:13.58

100 free: 1. Hannah Blaser (CBW) 55.59; 2. Ariana Crossgrove (S) 59.06; 3. Collette Strong (CBW) 59.31

500 free: 1. Quinn MacMillan (CBW) 5:16.25; 2. Amber Rogers (S) 5:51.11; 3. Sarah Hershey (S) 5:58.65

200 free relay: 1. Souderton (Lauren Harkins, Michaela Pagano, April Kichline, Amber Rogers), 1:48.02; 2. CB West, 1:48.08; 3. Souderton, 1:59.45

100 back: 1. Ariana Crossgrove (S) 1:03.65; 2. April Kichline (S) 1:08.51; 3. Paige Kramar (CBW) 1:09.53

100 breast: 1. Rickilee Hodges (S) 1:10.72; 2. Emily Hodges (S) 1:11.58; 3. Lauren Rutkowski (S) 1:20.42

400 free relay: 1. CB West (Hannah Blaser, Jaclyn McDowell, Collette Strong, Quinn MacMillan), 3:53.63; 2. Souderton, 4:01.35; 3. CB West, 4:19.79

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