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All-Pioneer Athletic Conference teams

All-Pioneer Athletic Conference football


First team offense

Connor Derrickson, Methacton, quarterback

Devon Fink, Pottsgrove, running back

Ryan O’Donnell, Perkiomen Valley, running back

Mike Felix, Upper Perkiomen, running back

Tayir Wilson, Perkiomen Valley, athlete

Mike Fowler, Pottsgrove, receiver

Brandon Barone, Spring-Ford, receiver

Louis Cotteta, Methacton, receiver

Justin Jaworski, Perkiomen Valley, receiver

Patrick Finn, Pottsgrove, offensive lineman

Seth Jonassen, Perkiomen Valley, offensive lineman

Zach Dorsey, Spring-Ford, offensive lineman

Jake Adams, Pottsgrove, offensive lineman

Dan Roh, Perkiomen Valley, offensive lineman

First team defense

Patrick Finn, Pottsgrove, lineman

T.J. Foley, Perkiomen Valley, lineman

Brendan Zimmie, Spring-Ford, lineman

Seth Jonassen, Perkiomen Valley, lineman

Ryan O’Donnell, Perkiomen Valley, linebacker

Brett Capobianco, Perkiomen Valley, linebacker

Connor Crawford, Spring-Ford, linebacker

Nick Nwankwo, Methacton, linebacker

Tim Mallon, Perkiomen Valley, linebacker

Mike Fowler, Pottsgrove, defensive back

Mike Holland, Perkiomen Valley, defensive back

Akeem Walcott, Perkiomen Valley, defensive back

Justin Siejk, Perkiomen Valley, defensive back

Garrett Patla, Perkiomen Valley, specialist

Second team offense

Brandon Leacraft, Spring-Ford, quarterback

Matt Gibson, Spring-Ford, running back

David Williams, Perkiomen Valley, running back

Selwyn Simpson, Spring-Ford, running back

Akeem Walcott, Methacton, athlete

Matt Mesaros, Pope John Paul II, receiver

Danny Matthews, Spring-Ford, receiver

Jared Lupold, Pope John Paul II, receiver

Tony Thomas, Owen J. Roberts, recevier

Zach Smiley, Spring-Ford, lineman

Mahlon Schaffer, Upper Perkiomen, lineman

Darrell Philpot, Perkiomen Valley, lineman

Nate Schoeck, Spring-Ford, lineman

Justin Bossard, Methacton, lineman


Second team defense

Zach Gallow, Phoenixville, lineman

Dylan Henry, Methacton, lineman

Zach Dorsey, Spring-Ford, lineman

Clayton Mitchell, Pottstown, lineman

Bren Myers, Phoenixville, linebacker

Bill Scherfel, Owen J. Roberts, linebacker

Madison Kelsey, Pottsgrove, linebacker

Wyatt Porter, Pottsgrove, linebacker

Matt Palubinsky, Phoenixville, safety

Devon Fink, Pottsgrove, defensive back

Trey Jarmon, Spring-Ford, defensive back

Brandon Tinson, Pottstown, defensive back

Liam Grande, Perkiomen Valley, defensive back

Owen Gulati, Spring-Ford, specialist


Honorable mention offense

Stephen Sturm, Perkiomen Valley, quarterback

Bill Scherfel, Owen J. Roberts, running back

Parris Janusek, Pottsgrove, running back

Gary Wise, Pottstown, athlete

Stone Scarcelle, Spring-Ford, receiver

Brad Kinckner, Owen J. Roberts, receiver

John Tittle, Perkiomen Valley, lineman

Mike Banks, Boyertown, lineman

Kolten Hainsey, Owen J. Roberts, lineman

Alex Humma, Pottstown, lineman

Jake Keim, Methacton, lineman


Honorable mention defense

Ernest McCalvin, Pottstown, lineman

Kolten Hainsey, Owen J. Roberts, lineman

Alex Beidler, Boyetown, lineman

Justin Bossard, Methacton, lineman

Kysan Harrow, Pottsgrove, linebacker

Steven Rice, Spring-Ford, linebacker

Sean Sedgwick, Perkiomen Valley, linebacker

Anthony Borzillo, Boyertown, linebacker

Mitch Bradford, Owen J. Roberts, safety

David Wiliams, Perkiomen Valley, defensive back

Dontae Thomas, Methacton, defensive back

Jared Lupold, Pope John Paul II, defensive back

Austin Bittenbender, Upper Perkiomen, defensive back

Miguel Ramirez, Phoenixville, specialist


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