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Girls Lacrosse

Girls lacrosse: Delco stat leaders

Strath Haven's Devon Maillet fires her third goal of the PIAA Class 2A state championship game home. (Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group)


Devon Maillet, Strath Haven 109
Danielle McNeely, Strath Haven 90
Kylie Gioia, Marple Newtown 75
Mia George, Penncrest 73
Dani Falcon, Notre Dame 64
Sarah Groark, Episcopal Academy 63
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 63
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 59
Keri Barnett, Archbishop Carroll 58
Sophie Kingsborough, Garnet Valley 58
Maddie Kalish, Garnet Valley 57
Sheila Esgro, Radnor 54
Kaitlin Nieczpiel, Strath Haven 54
Carly Wilson, Agnes Irwin 54
Sydney Wilson, Agnes Irwin 54
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 53
Tori DiCarlo, Radnor 48
Katie Onderdonk, Notre Dame 48
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 47
Mia Valerio, Springfield 47
Mia Scarduzio, Cardinal O’Hara 46
Kate Stankavage, Garnet Valley 46
Laura Conner, Strath Haven 45
Emma Rowland, Haverford 45
Kate Stanton, Penncrest 43
Lexi Culp, Cardinal O’Hara 42
Ainsley George, Bonner-Prendergast 42
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 41
Karis Mameniskis, Radnor 41
Avery McLaughlin, Chichester 41
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 40
Erin DeStefano, Springfield 40
Cate Parcells, Agnes Irwin 40
Kylie Mea, Interboro 39
Sydney Pyon, Garnet Valley 39
Julia Basciano, Archbishop Carroll 38
Margaret Mooney, Radnor 38
Rachel Familetti, Cardinal O’Hara 37
Kait Henning, Garnet Valley 37
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 36
Ava Bleckley, Notre Dame 35
Olivia Ebersole, Marple Newtown 35
Emily Liberio, Ridley 35
Leila George, Bonner-Prendergast 30


Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 63
Laura Conner, Strath Haven 57
Danielle McNeely, Strath Haven 52
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 50
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 45
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 37
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 31
Tori DiCarlo, Radnor 30
Izzy McGarvey, Haverford 29
Sydney Wilson, Agnes Irwin 29
Sheila Esgro, Radnor 28
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 26
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 25
Kendall DiCamillo, Garnet Valley 23
Maddie Kalish, Garnet Valley 23
Kylie Gioia, Marple Newtown 21
Cat Leary, Notre Dame 21
Devon Maillet, Strath Haven 21
Margaret Mooney, Radnor 20
Olivia Ebersole, Marple Newtown 19
Sarah Kelley, Radnor 19
Annalyn Pompetti, Penncrest 18
Karli Dougherty, Archbishop Carroll 16
Dani Falcone, Notre Dame 16
Molly Chorin, Notre Dame 15
Mia George, Penncrest 15
Maya Langin, Garnet Valley 15


Danielle McNeely, Strath Haven 142
Devon Maillet, Strath Haven 130
Kiley Mottice, Archbishop Carroll 122
Ellie Miller, Cardinal O’Hara 113
Laura Conner, Strath Haven 102
Kylie Gioia, Marple Newtown 95
Mia George, Penncrest 88
Bryn Ammerman, Agnes Irwin 85
Sydney Wilson, Agnes Irwin 83
Sheila Esgro, Radnor 82
Dani Falcone, Notre Dame 80
Alexa Capozzoli, Episcopal Academy 79
Tori DiCarlo, Radnor 78
Cierra Hopson, Radnor 78
Maddie Kalish, Garnet Valley 78
Sarah Groark, Episcopal Academy 75
Abigail Blemings, Bonner-Prendergast 72
Keri Barnett, Archbishop Carroll 69
Emma Talago, Archbishop Carroll 67
Carly Wilson, Agnes Irwin 65
Sophie Kingsborough, Garnet Valley 64
Margaret Mooney, Radnor 58
Mia Scarduzio, Cardinal O’Hara 58
Kaitlin Nieczpiel, Strath Haven 56
Mia Valerio, Springfield 56
Kate Stankavage, Garnet Valley 55
Kate Stanton, Penncrest 55
Olivia Ebersole, Marple Newtown 54
Ainsley George, Bonner-Prendergast 53
Emma Rowland, Haverford 52
Lexi Culp, Cardinal O’Hara 50
Julia Basciano, Archbishop Carroll 49
Avery McLaughlin, Chichester 49
Cat Leary, Notre Dame 48
Karis Mameniskis, Radnor 48
Katie Onderdonk, Notre Dame 48
Erin DeStefano, Springfield 47
Ava Bleckley, Notre Dame 46
Izzy McGarvey, Haverford 45
Sydney Pyon, Garnet Valley 45
Kait Henning, Garnet Valley 44
Annalyn Pompetti, Penncrest 43
Kendall DiCamillo, Garnet Valley 42
Rachel Familetti, Cardinal O’Hara 42
Cate Parcells, Agnes Irwin 41
Jackie Heinerichs, Haverford 40
Sarah Kelley, Radnor 40


Tori Burgos, Sun Valley 56
Erin Spaulding, Strath Haven 142
Quinn Sullivan, Notre Dame 141
Sophie Pasnak, Penncrest 139
Rachel Conran, Springfield 138
Rory Turner, Haverford 129
Maura Kopaczynski, Chichester 108
Sierra McLaughlin, Garnet Valley 99
Sophie Kevtan, Archbishop Carroll 90

Based on games reported to the Daily Times.

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