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All-Pioneer Athletic Conference Football Teams


First Team
Position Name School
Quarterback Ethan Kohler  Perkiomen Valley 
Running Back Harry O.B. Adieyefeh Jr. Spring-Ford
Running Back Avrey Grimm Owen J Roberts
Running Back Logan Simmon Upper Perkiomen
Receiver Dante Denardo Owen J Roberts
Receiver Nicholas Teets Spring-Ford
Receiver Jason Posner Perkiomen Valley
TE/BB/H-Back Joshua Hellauer Spring-Ford
Lineman Ian Harvie Spring-Ford
 Lineman Riley Decker Upper Perkiomen
 Lineman Mario D’Addesi Methacton
 Lineman Kyle Kennedy Spring-Ford
 Lineman Jake Jonassen Perkiomen Valley
Second Team
Position Name School
Quarterback Hunter Flack Upper Perkiomen
Quarterback Mike Merola Methacton
Running Back Justin Carfrey Methacton
Receiver Kevin Beattie Perkiomen Valley
Receiver Justin Gumienny Methacton
Receiver Christian Grossi Owen J Roberts
TE/BB/H-Back Leo Egbe Boyertown
TE/BB/H-Back Leo Hunsberger Perkiomen Valley
Lineman Jonathan Havrilak Owen J Roberts
Lineman Taylor Hartner Perkiomen Valley
Lineman Quinn Shields Methacton
Lineman Cody Akins Boyertown
Lineman Ryan Beppel Spring-Ford



First Team
Position Name School
D – Lineman D.J. Francis Spring-Ford
D – Lineman Mason Licwinko Perkiomen Valley
D – Lineman Jonathan Havrilak Owen J Roberts
Defensive End Joshua Hellauer Spring-Ford
Defensive End Antonio Ciarlello Perkiomen Valley
Inside LB Ryan Horvath Spring-Ford
Inside LB Gage Young Perkiomen Valley
Outside LB/SS Aidan Owens Perkiomen Valley
Outside LB/SS Aston Shrum Owen J Roberts
Defensive Back Nicholas Teets Spring-Ford
Defensive Back Dylan Crothers Perkiomen Valley
Defensive Back Matt Blakemore  Methacton
Defensive Back Nathan Capers Spring-Ford
Second Team
Position Name School
Lineman Donnie Nicoline Spring-Ford
Lineman Dan Meier Methacton
Lineman Ethan Wambold Upper Perkiomen
Lineman Mario D’Adessi Methacton
Defensive End Luke Ordway Boyertown
Defensive End Riley Decker Upper Perkiomen
Inside LB Chris Augustine Methacton
Inside LB Brady Thompson Upper Perkiomen
Inside LB Zach Marinello Spring-Ford
Outside LB/SS Brian Dickey Methacton
Outside LB/SS Malachi Duka Upper Perkiomen
Defensive Back Dante DeNardo Owen J Roberts
Defensive Back Naphtali Stine Spring-Ford





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