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Boys Basketball: Delco Stat Leaders

Haverford's Googie Seidman hits a 3-point basket in the second quarter Thursday night as the Fords cruised to 53-38 victory over Penncrest in a Central League playoff game. (Pete Bannan - MediaNews Group)

(Based on games reported to the Daily Times)

Scoring Average

(minimum half games played)
Joshua Parks, Delco Christian 19.3
Moses Hipps, Archbishop Carroll 18.9
Nadir Myers, Upper Darby 18.8
Joseph Graves, Christian Academy 18.1
Izaiah Pasha, Cardinal O’Hara 16.9
Jaden Jauregui, Strath Haven 16.9
Jackson Hicke, Radnor 16.5
Evan Sareyka, Christian Academy 15.6
Saahir Lee, Penncrest 15.3
Kevin McCarthy, Episcopal Academy 15.2
Dave Kearney, Haverford School 14.8
Zakee Brooks, Interboro 14.7
Googie Seidman, Haverford 14.5
Dean Coleman-Newsome, Archbishop Carroll 14.4
Niymire Brown, Upper Darby 14.4
Chris Kwaidah, Sun Valley 14.2
Mike O’Donnell, Springfield 13.6
Evan Borward, Penn Wood 13.4
Larenzo Jerkins, Chester 12.9
Kevin Rucker, Chester 12.6
Shakur Smith, Bonner-Prendergast 12.4
Nick Colucci, Haverford 12.3
Max Koehler, Garnet Valley 12.2
Jamir Anderson, Academy Park 12.2
Sir Guy Epps, Christian Academy 12.1
Akhir Keys, Chichester 12.0
JR Newman, Haverford 11.7
Ben Stanton, Penncrest 11.5
Baasil Saunders, Bonner-Prendergast 11.3
Hunter Johnson, Cardinal O’Hara 11.0
Jack Edwards, Strath Haven 11.0
TJ Lamb, Episcopal Academy 10.7  
Brady Eagan, Bonner-Prendergast 10.6
Gavin Walls, Interboro 10.5
Ryan Wootten, Garnet Valley 10.4
Josh Coulanges, Cardinal O’Hara 10.4
Charlie Thornton, Radnor 10.3
Maz Sayed, Chichester 10.3
Deuce Ketner, Bonner-Prendergast 10.2
Mekhi Shillingsford, Penn Wood 10.0
Eric McKee, Marple Newtown 9.9
Abu Kamara, Interboro 9.6
Kyree Womack, Chester 9.6
Pearse McGuinn, Cardinal O’Hara 9.1
Sahmir Massenburg, Penn Wood 9.0


Moses Hipps, Archbishop Carroll 76
Googie Seidman, Haverford 71
Chris Kwaidah, Sun Valley 71
Ryan Wootten, Garnet Valley 70
Kevin McCarthy, Episcopal Academy 67
Nadir Myers, Upper Darby 67
Akhir Keys, Chichester 54
Jack Edwards, Strath Haven 48
Josh Parks, Delco Christian 48
Josh Dell’Arciprete, Delco Christian 47
Mike O’Donnell, Springfield 44
Chase Wilson, Penncrest 43
Jordan Bochanski, Marple Newtown 42
Jace Kees, Delco Christian 42
Ben Stanton, Penncrest 41
Jamir Anderson, Academy Park 36
Eric McKee, Marple Newtown 36
Jackson Hicke, Radnor 35
Pierce Justice, Radnor 35
Dean Coleman-Newsome, Archbishop Carroll 34
Jake Jaszcz, Episcopal Academy 34
Izaiah Pasha, Cardinal O’Hara 34
Zakee Brooks, Interboro 32
Nick Colucci, Haverford 32
Vince Wildrick, Chichester 32
Billy Rayer, Haverford School 31
Sir Guy Epps, Christian Academy 30
Zaiyin Keys, Chichester 30
Jake West, Archbishop Carroll 30
Jake Sniras, Garnet Valley 29
Amir Speights, Cardinal O’Hara 29
Hunter Johnson, Cardinal O’Hara 28
Max Koehler, Garnet Valley 27
Logan McKee, Garnet Valley 26
Garrett Whitfield, Penncrest 26
Caleb Jameson, Delco Christian 25
Blake Deegan, Archbishop Carroll 24
Jaden Jauregui, Strath Haven 24
Qadir Lowrie, Chester 24
Maz Sayed, Chichester 24
Sam Malloy, Episcopal Academy 23
Kevin Rucker, Chester 23
Breilynd White, Chester 23
Matt Gardler, Marple Newtown 22
Josh Coulanges, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Zuri Harris, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Mike Hoey, Springfield 21
Jalen Mahan, Penn Wood 21
JR Newman, Haverford 21
Brian Weiner, Haverford 21
Anthony Murray, Penn Wood 20
Charlie Thornton, Radnor 20

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