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2021 All-Ches-Mont League Football Team

The following is the All-Ches-Mont League football team as selected by the league coaches.

National Division

First Team


QB – Harrison Susi, Coatesville

RB – Bo Horvath, Downingtown East, Will Mahmud, Downingtown West

WR – Mike Giardino, Downingtown East, Tommy Ortega, Coatesville

OL – Drew Shelton, Downingtown West, Kyle Kacmar, Downingtown East, Oscar Ortega, Coatesville, Ozzie Ortega, Connor Kelly, Downingtown East

TE – George Bousum, Downingtown East

ATH – RJ Rickabaugh, Coatesville

K – Zane Domsohn, Bishop Shanahan.

DL – Joshua Reuter, Avon Grove, Ryan Massey, Coatesville, Chayse Scott, Coatesville, Drew Shelton, Downingtown West

LB – Nolan O’Hara, Coatesville, Sam Barton, Downingtown East, Will Mahmud, Downingtown West, Hunter Traa, Avon Grove

DB – Mike Waite, Downingtown East, Lebron Bessick, Coatesville, Elijah Ford, Downingtown West, Brady Dennis, Downingtown East

P – Evan Wickersham, Downingtown West.

Second Team

QB – Cooper Jordan, Bishop Shanahan

RB – Ashon Wesley, Coatesville, Thaddeus Binstead, Avon Grove, Colin McGrory, Bishop Shanahan

WR – Cooper McDannald, Avon Grove, Elijah Ford, Downingtown West

OL – Dylan Jones, Bishop Shanahan, Cooper Young, Downingtown West, Liam Blakely, Bishop Shanahan, Lucas Laganelli, Avon Grove, Josh Oswald, Avon Grove

TE – Ryan Campbell, Downingtown West


DL – Francisco Hall. Coatesville, Kenny Daniels, Bishop Shanahan, Chad Lovenguth, Downingtown East

LB – RJ Rickabaugh, Coatesville, Brandon Choi, Bishop Shanahan, Xander Hearns, Downingtown East, Ryan Waters, Downingtown West.

DB – Simmi Whitehill, Bishop Shanahan, Nick Romano, Bishop Shanahan, Trevor Dosenbach, Avon Grove, Ashon Wesley, Coatesville

Honorable Mention

DL – Ramsay Haartz, Avon Grove, Charles Adams, Bishop Shanahan, Heath Williams, Downingtown West

DB – Michael Bolmer, Avon Grove, Walka Jordan, Bishop Shanahan, Dalton Downie, Downingtown West

OL – Adham Aboura, Downingtown East

RB – Bryan Lacey, Coatesville

WR – Dwayne Molina, Coatesville

QB – Jamy Jenkins – Downingtown East.

American Division

First Team


QB – Matt McCloskey, Unionville

RB – Dashawn Jacobs, West Chester Rustin, Mitch Ragni, West Chester East

WR – Dylan Cave, Great Valley, Dak Jones, Oxford

OL – Jack Tuel, Unionville, Dan McNasby, West Chester Rustin, Colin Swed, Kennett, Seth Pearson, Oxford, Aaron Meadows, West Chester Rustin

TE – Nate Holt, Unionville

ATH – Kalen Frazier, Kennett

K – Brian Dym, Unionville.


DL – Nate Holt, Unionville, Dylan Grim, West Chester Henderson, Chris Yanko, West Chester Rustin, Nick Richardson, Oxford.

LB – Brendan D’Amico, Unionville, Connor Jung, Kennett, Anthony Meadows, West Chester Rustin, Maven Brannon, Oxford

DB – Kalen Frazier, Kennett, Tucker Opdahl, Unionville, Damon Jacobs, West Chester Rustin, Casey Killoran, West Chester Henderson

P – Ryan McIntire, West Chester East.

Second Team


QB – Eddie Smink, West Chester Henderson

RB – Julian Sparacino, Kennett, Ethan Bennink, Unionville

WR – Tyler Wileczek, West Chester East, Terrance Turman, West Chester Henderson

OL – Brandon May, Great Valley, Travis Powell, Sun Valley, John Ammon, West Chester East, John Pardo, Kennett, Finn Muhly, Unionville

TE – Mason Grear, West Chester East

ATH – Dustin Long, Oxford, Andy Talone, Great Valley

K – Seth Turner, Great Valley.


DL – CJ Fisher, West Chester Rustin, John Pardo, Kennett, Lorenzo Ricciardi, West Chester Henderson, Brandon May, Great Valley

LB – Mitch Ragni, West Chester East, Will Oscar, Kennett, Owen McCarthy, West Chester Henderson, Justin Nadwodny, Great Valley

DB – Cullen McDaniel, Great Valley, Todd Harper, Sun Valley, Luke Schriver, Unionville, Drew Steele, West Chester East

P – Jonathan Greyston, Sun Valley.

Honorable Mention

OL – Ryan King, Kennett, Ryan McKay, Sun Valley, Jack Shoop, West Chester Rustin, Carter Bucci, West Chester Rustin

RB – Dom Pantalone, Oxford, Andrew Kmett, Sun Valley

WR – Logan Krapf, West Chester Henderson

TE – Connor Greisser, West Chester Henderson

LB – Jake Snyder, Great Valley, Luke Piskun, Oxford, Ryan Knightly, Unionville, Danny Dunphy, Unionville, Matt McVeigh, West Chester East

DB – Nick Pellicciotta, Great Valley, Luke Good, Kennett, Brady Laird, West Chester East.

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