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Boys Soccer

Ches-Mont League unveils all-league soccer teams

The following selections are made by Ches-Mont League coaches and provided to Pa. Prep Live for publication.

Boys Soccer

National Division

League MVP: Johnny Regester, Jr., GK, W.C. East

Runner-Up: Ethan Ernst, Sr., D, Downingtown West

First Team

Elliot Dunn Sr. Avon Grove

Levi Morrell Sr. Avon Grove

Liem Au Sr. Coatesville

Drew Murta Sr. Downingtown East

Ethan Ernst Sr. Downingtown West

Dylan Englehart Sr. Downingtown West

John Zurlo Sr. W.C. Henderson

Evan Cunningham Jr. Bishop Shanahan

Ryan Cogill Sr. W.C. East

Owen Van Dyke Sr. W.C. East

Johnny Regester Jr. W.C. East

Second Team

Alexis Cordova Bernal Sr. Avon Grove

Evan Kent Sr. Downingtown East

Brendan Rosinsky Jr. Downingtown East

Tino Kneis Jr. W.C. Henderson

Ethan Jarden Jr. W.C. Henderson

Liam Keisling Sr. Downingtown West

Kyle McWilliams Jr. Downingtown West

Sean Gingrich Sr. Bishop Shanahan

Colin Deal Jr. Bishop Shanahan

Trey Mullen Jr. W.C. East

Joel Falkenstein Jr. W.C. East

Honorable Mention

Ben Lincoln Sr. Avon Grove

John Pepe Soph. Avon Grove

Adam Bradley Sr. Coatesville

Franklin Calli, Jr. Sr. Coatesville

James Blake Soph. Downingtown East

Joey Hennsey Sr. Downingtown East

Daniel Hinkle Jr. Downingtown West

Adam Gomaa Jr. W.C. Henderson

Noel Kiefer Jr. W.C. Henderson

Zane Domsohn Jr. Bishop Shanahan

Bryce Domsohn Jr. Bishop Shanahan

Eric Bechtel Sr. W.C. East

Matt Houp Soph. W.C. East

American Division

League MVP: Alex O’Leary, Sr., Unionville

First Team

Jack Regenye Sr. Unionville

Sean Lock Jr. Great Valley

Judah Knaub Sr. W.C. Rustin

Zach Mannices Soph. Kennett

Alex O’Leary Sr. Unionville

Karl Brandt Jr. Great Valley

Zoller Gray Sr. Oxford

Gavin Seele Jr. Kennett

Anthony Zucchero Sr. Unionville

Kyle Ketterer Sr. Unionville

Dimitri Makris Jr. W.C. Rustin

Matthew Wellener Sr. Great Valley

Second Team

Quintin Wrabley Sr. Great Valley

Sam Klingenberg Jr. Unionville

Ethan Lord Sr. Unionville

Richard Park Soph. W.C. Rustin

Evan Steinmetz Sr. Oxford

Ryan Ferguson Sr. W.C. Rustin

Evan Hartman Sr. Kennett

Gavin Palmer Jr. Great Valley

Chase Segool Sr. Sun Valley

Fisher Berkowich Sr. Oxford

Mohamed Hendawy Jr. W.C. Rustin

Ethan Williams Sr. Great Valley

Honorable Mention

Yahir Carbajal Jr. Kennett

Bobbo Chambers Soph. Sun Valley

Tyler Emig Sr. W.C. Rustin

Dean Finan Jr. Great Valley

John Nolek Soph. Sun Valley

Hayden Quillman Sr. Unionville

Connor Riley Sr. Oxford

Jesus Zavala Sr. Kennett

Downingtown East’s Lauren Reimold looks up field as Spring-Ford’s Liv Curry defends. (Austin Hertzog – MediaNews Group)

Girls Soccer

National Division

First Team

Madelyn Grigalonis Fr. Bishop Shanahan

Annika Franke Sr. Avon Grove

Lauren Hart Sr. Coatesville

Bridget Riley Sr. Downingtown East

Lauren Reimold Soph. Downingtown East

Mary King Sr. W.C. Henderson

Maddie MacDonald Jr. Avon Grove

Amanda Maxson Sr. W.C. East

Bailey Horvath Fr. Downingtown East

Ava Minnier Jr. Downingtown West

Kennedy Stark Soph. W.C. Henderson

Second Team

Caroline McDonald Jr. Downingtown East

Madison Shumate Fr. Downingtown East

Lizzy Harrison Sr. Avon Grove

Sophia Griffin Sr. W.C. Henderson

Molly Smeins Soph. W.C. East

Madalyn Greco Jr. Downingtown West

Ava Rightmire Soph. Downingtown West

Abby Mills Soph. Avon Grove

Lindsey Tretowicz Jr. Avon Grove

Molly Walsh Jr. Downingtown East

Sydney Slusser Soph. W.C. East

Honorable Mention

Emma Moss Soph. Avon Grove

Grace Keen Soph. Avon Grove

Melissa Eaglehouse Soph. Bishop Shanahan

Kayla Kinzeler Jr. Coatesville

Caylin Lowery Fr. Coatesville

Hailey Coyle Soph. Downingtown West

Natalie Sims Sr. Downingtown East

American Division

First Team

Libby Cogan Sr. Great Valley

Sarah Darlington Sr. Unionville

Maggie Peterson Jr. Great Valley

Emma Pelkowski Sr. W.C. Rustin

Alex Wilson Sr. Unionville

Hayden Wilson Sr. Unionville

Chiara Robinson Sr. Sun Valley

Kaitlin Caban Jr. Great Valley

Gillian Yonce Jr. Great Valley

Maegan Quinn Jr. W.C. Rustin

Dulce Villagomez Sr. Oxford

Second Team

Mia Amen Jr. W.C. Rustin

Alyssa Welhaf Soph. Oxford

Alley Foote Sr. Unionville

Rose Bleahen Jr. Great Valley

Mackenzie Malloy Jr. Unionville

Lindsay Krafchick Jr. W.C. Rustin

Julia Dill Jr. Great Valley

Jenn Ely Fr. W.C. Rustin

Caroline Cofran Sr. Kennett

Campbell Fleming Jr. Oxford

Jaina Preuhs Soph. Sun Valley

Honorable Mention

Emily Laden Jr. Great Valley

Maddie Sallurday Sr. Kennett

Hannah Peterson Jr. Oxford

Samantha Hoy Sr. Sun Valley

Corinne Jaenich Jr. Unionville

Hope Donnelly Soph. W.C. Rustin

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