Senior Spotlight: Fowler a jack of all trades for Pennridge

Marshall Fowler jokingly refers to himself as a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Bottom line, he’s an invaluable piece to the Pennridge puzzle.

“Here was a very versatile young man,” Rams coach Bob Hosier said, “who would have helped us in the long jump, javelin and the 4×100 relay. Blessed with a great work ethic.”

Fowler exemplified an all-around athlete in the sport of track and field. And he soaked in everything Pennridge had to offer.

“I think the thing that makes competing for Pennridge special is our coaches,” Fowler said. “We have two of the best coaches in the league and I would argue in the state. Coach (Bob) Hosier and coach Wills have dedicated themselves to this team in ways that we could never repay them. There is something to be said about the talent that the athletes have but talent comes and goes. To be able to continue the winning streak after the talent leaves is a true testament to the coaches’ ability. Together, Hosier and Wills have been coaching for 19 years, and coach Hosier has been coaching for close to 50 years.”

This spring was testament to their dedication.

“I think that this is really important,” Fowler said. “To show how much our coach cares about our team, when Pennsylvania shut down the school for the rest of the year and the PIAA emailed all the coaches, Hosier was faced with what he called, ‘the toughest email he ever sent, calling off the season.’

“It took him two hours to write two paragraphs telling us that we would not be able to compete this spring season. The dedication that these men have is what every man should strive for. I am so proud to say that I was coached by the two and hope that one day I can repay the favor to them.”

Lofty goals >> Pennridge came charging into the preseason intent on defending its Suburban One League Continental title.

“One of our goals this season was to continue our reign as the Continental Champions for the sixth consecutive year. Pennridge track and field has not lost a single meet in 32 meets and we were training to stretch that record to 40 meets this season,” Fowler said.

Fowler was aiming for a district cut in the long jump (21 feet) and was hoping to help the Rams make the top three at the Penn Relays for the 4×100 relay.

Everything that happened at Pennridge in between jumps and races is worth noting.

“Pennridge track and field is a family,” Fowler said. “The friendship that we created with one another is one that will last for a lifetime. We were there for each other through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

“Some of my best friends run track and this sport is something that we can bond over. To be robbed of the opportunity to compete with my friends, to compete side by side with my family, is absolutely devastating.”

Filling time >> Fowler kept busy during the down time by maintaining his physical fitness and biking a lot.

He also got back to some of his old hobbies, including woodworking and archery.

But he missed competing in green and white.

“The thing I like most about spring is the camaraderie that we have as a team,” he said. “That mixed with warm weather and the energy that comes with the competition at the meets creates a three-month long season that allowed for hundreds of memories to be made over the past four years.”

Fowler was appointed captain of the “jump squad,” which included all of the jumpers on the team.

“My main event for this season would have been the long jump. Also, I competed in the 100, 200, 400 and 4×100 relay, and this season I was training to compete in the javelin. My goal was to be able to compete in almost any event so that in the case that something went wrong with our lineup, I would be able to step in and help out the team.”

Fowler heads to the Pennsylvania College of Technology for engineering design next year. There is a possibility that he will be joining the cross country team.

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