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Pottsgrove upperweights going for gold at District 1-3A North tournament

POTTSTOWN >> They’re big men for Pottsgrove – in more aspects than just physique.

Avery Shivak, Zachary Van Horn and Manny Allen occupy the three heaviest weight classes in the Falcons lineup. Together, they have a 71-11 record in bouts this winter and Top 3 medals from the Pioneer Athletic Conference’s individual tournament in January.

Combined, they have no district gold medals. But the trio is looking to change that status this weekend during the District 1-AAA North Tournament at Pottstown High.

“It’s just like another tournament,” Van Horn said prior to Friday’s session. “Getting a district title is big, and a good seed for regionals.”

Van Horn (25-3) got a good district seed atop the 220-pound bracket. That standing was helped by his winning a gold medal in the PAC’s in-season individual tournament back in January.

“Scoring points first, and having the advantage,” Van Horn said about his PAC tourney experience. “Working for a fall or points.”

Pottsgrove’s Zachary Van Horn

Van Horn wrapped up his quarterfinal-round bout with Owen J. Roberts’ Jaden Viti in strong fashion, getting the fall in 1:19. That puts him into Saturday’s semifinal with Conestoga’s Matt Palomo, who scored a second-period fall.

“I like the post-season,” he said. “Everything’s on you. It’s a lot calmer.”

Van Horn’s mat career will end over the next couple weeks. His college plan is to attend Alvernia University and play football.

“This will be my last time, so I want to go out with a bang.”

Like Van Horn, Shivak (21-5) is looking to pack as much achievement into his scholastic wrestling career as possible. District gold will be a definite upgrade from the third-place medal he got at the PAC’s individual tournament.

“I wish I didn’t have as many losses,” he said. “I feel confident, and ready to go farther this year.”

Shivak also had a quick night. In his 195 opener against Owen J. Roberts’ Dylan Bauer, he scored a 1:31 pin to set up a semifinal meeting with Perkiomen Valley’s Jakob Sterling, a 4-0 winner over Upper Perkiomen’s Damon Faraco.

“Some kids I wrestled at PACs, I didn’t do well,” Shivak said. “I didn’t do well. I want to do better the next time I wrestle them.”
Shivak is looking to wrestle in college, Delaware Valley University a possible stop. As such, a strong post-season run will serve him well in attracting attention from colleges.

“My goal is to make states and do something,” he said. “Just making it there will be cool.”

His second seed is a notch below his teammates, but still pleasing to him.

“I didn’t really expect second,” he said. “I’m psyched.”

Pottsgrove’s Manny Allen

Though he has another year of scholastic eligibility, Allen (25-3) is nonetheless seeking to accomplish as much this season as he can.

“I wanted to go undefeated this year,” the Falcon junior said. “Hopefully I can do that next year.”

In his Friday bout with Pottstown’s Future Lynch, Allen came back from a 0-0 first period to scored three points in the second. He then finished Lynch off with a pin 21 seconds before time expired.”

“I use my speed,” the professed light-heavyweight said. “Being lighter makes it easier to move around.”

He’s not adverse, though, to wrapping up with heavier opponents.

“Tying up is fine. I don’t want to get under,” he said. “I try to get out the best I can … think what to do at the moment.”

* * *

A legion of PAC wrestlers advanced to the semifinal round, one step away from qualifying for next weekend’s South East AAA Regional at Souderton.

106: Matt Milkowich, Upper Perkiomen; Luke Heimbach, Boyertown; Dominic Ortlip, Spring-Ford; Tony Lindgren, Pottsgrove.
113: Matt Martin, Upper Perkiomen; Quinn Smith, Spring-Ford; Justin Meyers Phoenixville; Julien Maldonado, Boyertown.
120: Kelly Kakos, Perkiomen Valley.
126: Chance Babb, Boyertown; Osvaldo Carbajal, Methacton; Luke Ricci, Perkiomen Valley.
132: Isaiah Tucker, Norristown; Demond Thompson, Pottstown; P.J. Kakos, Perkiomen Valley; Quinn Tobin, Spring-Ford.
138: Kibwe McNair, Methacton; Zach Needles SF, Zach Rozanski, Upper Perkiomen.
145: Antonio Petrucelli, Owen J. Roberts; Noah Fisher, Boyertown; Alex Johns, Spring-Ford.
152: Jack McGill, Spring-Ford; Eric Jefferies, Perkiomen Valley; Angelo Franzone, Phoenixville.
160: Connor Quinn, Owen J. Roberts; Owen Koch, Phoenixville; Roman Moser, Methacton.
170: Austin Boaman, Owen J. Roberts; Jason Lepore, Spring-Ford; Anthony Stevenson, Phoenixville; Alan Alexander, Boyertown.
182: Joey Milano, Spring-Ford; Tommy Dempsey, Owen J. Roberts; Jacob Sturm, Perkiomen Valley.
195: Louie Carbajal, Spring-Ford; Zack Griffin, Pottstown; Jakob Sterling, PV; Avery Shivak, Pottsgrove.
220: Zachary Van Horn, Pottsgrove; Anthony Bauer, Boyertown.
285: Manny Allen, Pottsgrove; Vincent Corropolese, Perkiomen Valley; Sean Brogan, Spring-Ford.

NOTES >> Saturday’s schedule kicks off with first-round consolations at 9:30 a.m., with semifinals and another round of consis at 10 a.m. Medal matches are scheduled for 4 p.m. following the traditional Parade of Champions. … Conestoga’s Ezra Toll got the 100th win of his scholastic career with a victory in his quarterfinal-round bout with Great Valley’s Nick Mort.

Friday Results

Team Scores

1. Spring-Ford (SF) 87.5; 2. Conestoga (CNST) 71.0; 3. Perkiomen Valley (PKV) 65.5; 4. Boyertown (BT) 64.5; 5. Owen J. Roberts (OJR) 54.5; 6. Pottsgrove (PG) 49.0; 7. Upper Perkiomen (UPE) 47.0; 8. Phoenixville (PHX) 45.0; 9. Methacton (MTH) 28.5; 10. Pottstown (PTN) 26.0; 11. Norristown (NT) 22.0; 11. Souderton (SOU) 22.0; 13. Great Valley (GRTV) 21.0; 14. Upper Merion (UME) 12.0

Championship Round 1

106 — Matt Milkowich (UPE) received a bye; Jake Maestrale (MTH) received a bye; Luke Heimbach (BT) received a bye; Alec Calvitti (CNST) received a bye; Dominic Ortlip (SF) received a bye; Doug Cawley (NT) received a bye; Luke Ragusa (SOU) received a bye; Tony Lindgren (PG) received a bye
113 — Matt Martin (UPE) received a bye; Christian Drager (PG) received a bye; Quinn Smith (SF) received a bye; Brett Sacks (PKV) received a bye; Justin Meyers (PHX) received a bye; Matthew Boye (CNST) received a bye; Michael Cruz (GRTV) received a bye; Julien Maldonado (BT) received a bye
120 — Collin Power (UME) received a bye; Derek Renninger (BT) won by tech. fall over Julianna Figueroa (PTN) 23-5; Mitch Baker (CNST) pinned Jacob Gronwaldt (MTH) 1:02; Trenton Allen (PG) dec. Gus Carfagno (SF) 5-0; Kelly Kakos (PKV) received a bye; Antonio Valenteen (PHX) maj. dec. Tim Matthews (GRTV) 14-0; Dylan Bach (SOU) dec. Shane Freeh (UPE) 7-0; Mason Karkoska (OJR) received a bye
126 — Chance Babb (BT) received a bye; Mason Koch (PHX) dec. Charlie Colvin (GRTV) 11-9; Joey Carpenter (UPE) pinned Jared Rubin (NT) 1:22; Osvaldo Carbajal (MTH) won by tech. fall over Aidan Phelan (SF) 16-1 3:17; Ayden Cheng (UME) received a bye; Tyler Geiger (SOU) pinned Malachi Jones (PTN) 3:30; Matthew Englehardt (OJR) pinned Tommy Duffy (CNST) 2:42; Luke Ricci (PKV) received a bye
132 — Isaiah Tucker (NT) received a bye; Dominic Sheridan (BT) pinned Charlie Sita (GRTV) 0:20; Liam Walker (CNST) pinned David Estock (UME) 1:34; Demond Thompson (PTN) pinned Joseph Gregory (MTH) 0:53; P.J. Kakos (PKV) won by tech. fall over Bobby Krause (PHX) 16-0; Josh Cerrito (PG) pinned Jack Dalton (OJR) 1:40; Mike Milkowich (UPE) pinned Riley Bachman (SOU) 1:01; Quinn Tobin (SF) received a bye
138 — Kibwe McNair (MTH) received a bye; Jalen Jackson (NT) dec. Matt Bechtel (PG) 11-4; Casey Capetola (GRTV) pinned Christian Wise (BT) 3:43; Morgan Lofland (CNST) won by forfeit over; Zach Needles (SF) received a bye; Connor Leister (OJR) pinned Cole Roberto (PKV) 2:32; Miguel Amor (UME) maj. dec. John Volpe (PHX) 9-1; Zach Rozanski (UPE) received a bye
145 — Antonio Petrucelli (OJR) received a bye; Gavin Marks (UPE) pinned Eduardo Lozada (UME) 2:42; Hayden McLellan (CNST) won by tech. fall over Dalton Davis (PKV) 16-0 4:30; Charles Sithens (PG) maj. dec. Luke Sita (GRTV) 14-3; Noah Fisher (BT) won by tech. fall over James Murray (NT) 19-3 4:06; Jared Hewitt (PTN) pinned Tyler Walter (SOU) 0:27; Brody Borkowski (MTH) maj. dec. Ethan Smith (PHX) 16-4; Alex Johns (SF) received a bye
152 — Jack McGill (SF) received a bye; Cole Bechtel (OJR) pinned Deven Green (PTN) 3:58; Elijah Levine (NT) pinned Sean Williams (UME) 1:03; Eric Jefferies (PKV) pinned Aidan Conover (BT) 4:26; Angelo Franzone (PHX) received a bye; Shane Caffrey (PG) pinned Matthew Blakemore (MTH) 0:40; Nick Mort (GRTV) pinned Brayden Crawford (SOU) 2:17; Ezra Toll (CNST) received a bye
160 — Connor Quinn (OJR) received a bye; Soren Svanson (UPE) dec. Gabe Stahl (GRTV) 5-1; Jake Allred (CNST) received a bye; Xavier Cushman (SF) received a bye; Owen Koch (PHX) received a bye; Grant Euker (PKV) pinned Alix Stewart (PTN) 4:31; Landon Shivak (PG) dec. Chris Goggin (BT) 9-2; Roman Moser (MTH) received a bye
170 — Austin Boaman (OJR) received a bye; Antonio Pampinella (GRTV) pinned Nicholas Hutchinson (UME) 4:42; Jason Lepore (SF) pinned Ronald Escobar (MTH) 1:30; Nick Arbes (CNST) pinned Connor Wolfe (SOU) 1:22; Anthony Stevenson (PHX) received a bye; Tommy Flud (UPE) pinned Patrick Green (PTN) 3:29; Nate Gey (PKV) won by forfeit over; Alan Alexander (BT) received a bye
182 — Joey Milano (SF) received a bye; Jimmy Sinclair (BT) pinned Todd Picard (NT) 0:42; Tommy Dempsey (OJR) won by tech. fall over Dominic Sithens (PG) 15-0 2:18; David Polanki (PHX) received a bye; Jacob Sturm (PKV) received a bye; Austin DiDomenico (UPE) maj. dec. Joshua Cancro (MTH) 14-2; Dan Villalba (SOU) dec. Aidan O’Neil (GRTV) 14-7; Matt Hamilton (CNST) received a bye
195 — Louis Carbajal (SF) received a bye; Roman Ciaverlli (PHX) pinned James Shore (UME) 4:33; Zack Griffin (PTN) received a bye; Chris Carter (NT) received a bye; Jakob Sterling (PKV) received a bye; Damon Faraco (UPE) received a bye; Dylan Bauer (OJR) pinned Jackson Chase (MTH) 1:38; Avery Shivak (PG) received a bye
220 — Zachary Van Horn (PG) received a bye; Jaden Viti (OJR) pinned Deshaun Matthews (NT) 1:01; Liam McAdam (PHX) received a bye; Matt Palomo (CNST) received a bye; Eli Johnston (PKV) received a bye; Anthony Bauer (BT) pinned Jeremy Wentworth (SF) 1:33; Leo Richetti (SOU) won by forfeit over; Tyler Humphreys (GRTV) received a bye
285 — Manny Allen (PG) received a bye; Future Lynch (PTN) pinned Justin Morales (SOU) 2:30; Vincent Corropolese (PKV) received a bye; Robert Terra (BT) received a bye; Tijear Brittingham (NT) received a bye; Damian Moser (MTH) received a bye; Nolan Martin (PHX) pinned Ethan Miller (OJR) 2:41; Sean Brogan (SF) received a bye

Championship Quarterfinals

106 — Matt Milkowich (UPE) pinned Jake Maestrale (MTH) 1:30; Luke Heimbach (BT) won by tech. fall over Alec Calvitti (CNST) 15-0; Dominic Ortlip (SF) pinned Doug Cawley (NT) 1:42; Tony Lindgren (PG) dec. Luke Ragusa (SOU) 7-3
113 — Matt Martin (UPE) won by tech. fall over Christian Drager (PG) 18-3; Quinn Smith (SF) pinned Brett Sacks (PKV) 1:07; Justin Meyers (PHX) dec. Matthew Boye (CNST) 14-7; Julien Maldonado (BT) pinned Michael Cruz (GRTV) 0:40
120 — Collin Power (UME) pinned Derek Renninger (BT) 1:00; Mitch Baker (CNST) dec. Trenton Allen (PG) 3-1; Kelly Kakos (PKV) pinned Antonio Valenteen (PHX) 3:31; Dylan Bach (SOU) dec. Mason Karkoska (OJR) 7-6
126 — Chance Babb (BT) pinned Mason Koch (PHX) 1:18; Osvaldo Carbajal (MTH) dec. Joey Carpenter (UPE) 7-1; Tyler Geiger (SOU) dec. Ayden Cheng (UME) 9-6; Luke Ricci (PKV) dec. Matthew Englehardt (OJR) 10-8
132 — Isaiah Tucker (NT) dec. Dominic Sheridan (BT) 5-4; Demond Thompson (PTN) pinned Liam Walker (CNST) 3:26; P.J. Kakos (PKV) dec. Josh Cerrito (PG) 9-4; Quinn Tobin (SF) won by tech. fall over Mike Milkowich (UPE) 15-0 4:33
138 — Kibwe McNair (MTH) pinned Jalen Jackson (NT) 1:04; Morgan Lofland (CNST) won by tech. fall over Casey Capetola (GRTV) 17-0; Zach Needles (SF) pinned Connor Leister (OJR) 5:08; Zach Rozanski (UPE) won by tech. fall over Miguel Amor (UME) 17-2 2:17
145 — Antonio Petrucelli (OJR) won by tech. fall over Gavin Marks (UPE) 18-2 1:59; Hayden McLellan (CNST) maj. dec. Charles Sithens (PG) 14-0; Noah Fisher (BT) dec. Jared Hewitt (PTN) 6-4; Alex Johns (SF) dec. Brody Borkowski (MTH) 9-4
152 — Jack McGill (SF) pinned Cole Bechtel (OJR) 1:38; Eric Jefferies (PKV) maj. dec. Elijah Levine (NT) 11-1; Angelo Franzone (PHX) pinned Shane Caffrey (PG) 5:23; Ezra Toll (CNST) dec. Nick Mort (GRTV) 3-0
160 — Connor Quinn (OJR) won by tech. fall over Soren Svanson (UPE) 28-12 1:59; Jake Allred (CNST) pinned Xavier Cushman (SF) 0:45; Owen Koch (PHX) dec. Grant Euker (PKV) 12-5; Roman Moser (MTH) maj. dec. Landon Shivak (PG) 12-2
170 — Austin Boaman (OJR) pinned Antonio Pampinella (GRTV) 0:59; Jason Lepore (SF) dec. Nick Arbes (CNST) 3-1; Anthony Stevenson (PHX) pinned Tommy Flud (UPE) 0:44; Alan Alexander (BT) dec. Nate Gey (PKV) 8-5
182 — Joey Milano (SF) pinned Jimmy Sinclair (BT) 1:32; Tommy Dempsey (OJR) dec. David Polanki (PHX) 5-3; Jacob Sturm (PKV) dec. Austin DiDomenico (UPE) 4-2; Matt Hamilton (CNST) pinned Dan Villalba (SOU) 2:49
195 — Louis Carbajal (SF) pinned Roman Ciaverlli (PHX) 1:39; Zack Griffin (PTN) dec. Chris Carter (NT) 10-4; Jakob Sterling (PKV) dec. Damon Faraco (UPE) 4-0; Avery Shivak (PG) pinned Dylan Bauer (OJR) 1:31
220 — Zachary Van Horn (PG) pinned Jaden Viti (OJR) 1:19; Matt Palomo (CNST) pinned Liam McAdam (PHX) 3:39; Anthony Bauer (BT) won by inj. default over Eli Johnston (PKV) 5:43; Tyler Humphreys (GRTV) pinned Leo Richetti (SOU) 1:16
285 — Manny Allen (PG) pinned Future Lynch (PTN) 5:39; Vincent Corropolese (PKV) pinned Robert Terra (BT) 1:32; Tijear Brittingham (NT) pinned Damian Moser (MTH) 5:59; Sean Brogan (SF) pinned Nolan Martin (PHX) 0:14




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