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Boys Lacrosse: Final Delco stat leaders

Strath Haven's Jeff Conner, left, celebrates with Nicky Palermo during the PIAA Class 2A quarterfinals against Springfield. (Pete Bannan/Digital First Media)

(Based on games reported to the Daily Times; for questions or corrections, email


Jeff Conner, Strath Haven 96
Tim Fitzgerald, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 64
Mike Tulskie, Springfield 57
TJ Malone, Haverford School 55
Jack Daly, Haverford 54
Jake Morin, Garnet Valley 52
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 48
Luke O’Grady, Haverford School 46
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 44
Mitch Lachman, Garnet Valley 42
John Austen, Radnor 41
Max Daugherty, Penncrest 41
Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor 40
Al Viola, Marple Newtown 40
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 39
Jack Spence, Springfield 39
Scott Deck, Haverford School 38
Drew Brown, Radnor 36
Sean Kearney, Archbishop Carroll 35
Ibo Pio, Strath Haven 35
Michael Porreca, Interboro 34
Ethan Belville, Strath Haven 33
Connor Pierce, Radnor 32
Fynn McNulty, Archbishop Carroll 31
Danny Bradley, Garnet Valley 30
Liam DiFonzo, Springfield 28
Gabe Furey, Episcopal Academy 28
Kyle Long, Springfield 28
Luke Jelus, Marple Newtown 27
Steve Kaluder, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 27
Nicky Palermo, Strath Haven 27
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 26
Charlie Cunniffe, Episcopal Academy 25
Gaige Lennon, Interboro 25
Nick Mormondo, Interboro 25
Noah Thies, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 25
Matt Gress, Penncrest 23
Adam Salvaggio, Haverford School 23
Peter Garno, Haverford School 22
Brett McLauglin, Interboro 22
Hunter Baar, Garnet Valley 20
Colin Ferry, Marple Newtown 20


Kyle Long, Springfield 89
Jeff Conner, Strath Haven 59
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 47
Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor 42
Jake Morin, Garnet Valley 41
TJ Malone, Haverford School 37
Danny Bradley, Garnet Valley 34
Gaige Lennon, Interboro 34
Drew Brown, Radnor 32
Chris Rosini, Strath Haven 26
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 22
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 20
Jack Daly, Haverford 20
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 20
Sean Kearney, Archbishop Carroll 20
Hunter Baar, Garnet Valley 18
Tim Fitzgerald, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 17
Ethan Gillin, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 17
Al Viola, Marple Newtown 17
Fynn McNulty, Archbishop Carroll 16
Nick Bates, Episcopal Academy 15
Matt Dougherty, Penncrest 15
Marlon Weathers, Marple Newtown 15
John Austen, Radnor 14
Brody Butler, Interboro 14
Ibo Pio, Strath Haven 14
Michael Porreca, Interboro 14
Jack Spence, Springfield 14
Mikey Brown, Interboro 13
Peter Garno, Haverford School 13
Ryan Peter, Radnor 13
Liam DiFonzo, Springfield 12


Jeff Conner, Strath Haven 155
Kyle Long, Springfield 117
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 95
Jake Morin, Garnet Valley 93
TJ Malone, Haverford School 92
Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor 82
Tim Fitzgerald, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 81
Jack Daly, Haverford 74
Drew Brown, Radnor 68
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 66
Mike Tulskie, Springfield 66
Danny Bradley, Garnet Valley 64
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 61
Gaige Lennon, Interboro 59
Luke O’Grady, Haverford School 57
Al Viola, Marple Newtown 57
John Austen, Radnor 55
Sean Kearney, Archbishop Carroll 55
Jack Spence, Springfield 53
Scott Deck, Haverford School 49
Mitch Lachman, Garnet Valley 49
Ibo Pio, Strath Haven 49
Michael Porreca, Interboro 48
Fynn McNulty, Archbishop Carroll 47
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 46
Max Daugherty, Penncrest 45
Ethan Belville, Strath Haven 43
Liam DiFonzo, Springfield 40
Connor Pierce, Radnor 40
Chris Rosini, Strath Haven 40
Hunter Baar, Garnet Valley 38
Steve Klauder, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 37
Nicky Palermo, Strath Haven 37
Nick Mormando, Interboro 36
Gabe Furey, Episcopal Academy 35
Peter Garno, Haverford School 35
Marlon Weathers, Marple Newtown 34
Brody Butler, Interboro 32
Luke Jelus, Marple Newtown 32
Charlie Cunniffe, Episcopal Academy 31
Brett McLaughlin, Interboro 31
Mikey Brown, Interboro 30
Ryan Peter, Radnor 30
Adam Salvaggio, Haverford School 30
Ethan Gillin, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 29
Matt Gress, Penncrest 29
Nick Bates, Episcopal Academy 27
John Schievert, Haverford 27
Bishop Barnes, Garnet Valley 26
Matt Dougherty, Penncrest 25
Noah Thies, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 25

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