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Boys Tennis: All-Pioneer Athletic Conference teams


1st singles Graham Light, Phoenixville
  Malchu Pascual, Spring-Ford
2nd singles Adam Zhang, Methacton
3rd singles Harsha Santhanam, Methacton
First doubles Max Markowitz and Krishna Pillutla, Methacton
Second doubles Amal Tyagi and Nathaniel Posner, Spring-Ford
  Aaron Zhang and Saket Gokhole, Methacton
  Nicholas DeLuca and Daniel So, Phoenixville
Third doubles Eli Smith and Jeremy Wang, Methacton
  Colin Curatolo and Connor Brickman, Spring-Ford
  Eric Nascari and James Peterson, Phoenixville
Fourth doubles Christopher Lambert and Siddhant Chavan, Spring-Ford
1st singles Krishna Suraesh, Methacton
2nd singles Jason Sawicki, Owen J Roberts
3rd singles Andrew Holmberg, Phoenixville
First doubles Nicholas Moore and Benjamin D’Arcangelo, Spring-Ford
Fourth doubles Jonathan Ryu and Kaushik Snirath, Methacton
1st singles Jason Watts, Pottsgrove
  Jayden Mayer, Upper Merion
2nd singles Nolan Schweitzer, Spring-Ford
3rd singles Aditya Jain, Spring-Ford
First doubles Joe Vaile and Luke Morris, Phoenixivlle
Fourth doubles Josh Starczewski and Anthony DeLuca, Phoenixville

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