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Calvary Christian Academy girls take top spot at Bicentennial Athletic League Cross Country Championship

Leah Angstadt, a freshman from Feasterville for Calvary Christian Academy, was the runner-up in the Bicentennial Athletic League Cross Country Championships Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 18 at Tyler State Park in Newtown, Pa.

NEWTOWN – Calvary Christian Academy shocked the high school running world when it captured the Bicentennial Athletic League (BAL) Cross Country Championship Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 18 at Tyler State Park.

While CCA junior Abigail Brown, of Willow Grove, hit the tape first in 20:27, it was Leah Angstadt, a freshman from Feasterville, coming in next at 21:16. Coming into BALs, Leah’s fastest time in a 5K was 22:03, so Angstadt knocked 47 seconds off her previous personal record.

Making the feat more impressive is the fact that this is Leah’s first year competing in the sport.

“I always loved to run,” said Leah. “In soccer, I would always be out chasing down the ball.”

“This is so much more fun.”

All five runners for the Lady Cougars placed among the top 20 at BALs. Also coming through for Calvary Christian were junior Elise Fauske (9th, 22:39), freshman Lydia Brown (12th, 22:52) and junior Raegan Dubeck (17th, 23:29).

With four runners in the top 15, Jenkintown placed second with 62 points. New Hope-Solebury – with four in the top 20 – was third with 67 points.

Julia Mycek, a senior for the Lady Lions who placed second at BALs last year, finished fifth this time around. She finished 1:23 behind Brown, the race winner for the Cougars.

“I’ve kind of been tracking Abigail (Brown) throughout the season, said Mycek, who is hoping to attend classes and compete at Lafayette College next season. “I saw that she was doing pretty well so I understood that she was going to take it.

“She’s really excelled this season. I remember last year we were more head to head but this year, I kind of dropped back and she went for it.”

A state qualifier last year, Mycek’s PR at Tyler Park is just under 21 minutes though she broke through the 20-minute mark in her sophomore year. After finishing second at BALs last season in 21:05, Julia crossed the line this year in 21:50.

“It wasn’t my best, for sure, but it was pretty average for the season,” said Mycek. “Personal record-wise, it wasn’t so great.”

Mycek cited a new coaching regimen that has cut down on training miles as the reason why her times are somewhat slower this season.

On the boys side, Bristol sophomore Nate Eddings led a group of newcomers across the BAL Championship finish line at Tyler Park. Four of Bristol’s top five from last year graduated and one transferred.

While 20:08 was Eddings’ best time this season, recorded in the opening race at the Mill Street Run, he was still Bristol’s fastest runner at BALs, crossing the finish line in 20:37.

“I got hurt in the middle of the season so I’m coming back from an injury,” said Nate. “Since the last race, I’ve been progressing a lot better.”

Ronnie Garrison, Anthony McClinton, Kevin Farrell, Colin Gibson and Carter Kelley were the Warriors top five cross country runners last season. All but Kelley graduated and Carter transferred to Truman.

In addition to Eddings, the newcomers for Bristol this year are sophomores Mike O’Casio, Tyler Gonzales (22:38), and Gianni Quattrocchi (24:59), along with seniors JaCere Morris (22:55), Kris Perez (25:38) and Eric Montes (25:39).

“Since last year, I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress,” commented Eddings. “We lost a couple key runners but then we added some and the people who returned got a lot better.

“After this season, I feel like we can make a big impact on the BAL and the district, as a whole.”

Jadalynn Jones is the only female on the Bristol squad. A freshman, Jones did not even begin practicing with the team until the middle of the season.

“I was going out running by myself getting ready for track season and I ran into Coach (Jim) Jones and he told me to come out,” said Jadalynn. “Ever since then, I’ve been practicing with the boys.”

Jones finished BALs in 28:22. She says she would have had a faster time but took a wrong turn in the race. While there is no familial relation between Jadalynn and the coach, Jim Jones also guided Jadalynn’s father and uncle in cross country.

Bicentennial Athletic League Championships
(Oct. 18 at Tyler State Park)

  1. Abigail Brown, 11 Calvary Christian 20:27
  2. Leah Angstadt, 9 Calvary Christian 21:16
  3. Sara Kennel, 9 Dock Mennonite 21:34
  4. Emma Pizer, 11 Jenkintown 21:38
  5. Julia Mycek, 12 New Hope-Solebury 21:50
  6. Sydney Rubin, 12 Lower Moreland 22:07
  7. Danielle Herbert, 10 New Hope-Solebury 22:18
  8. Alexandra Byler, 9 Jenkintown 22:26
  9. Elise Fauske, 11 Calvary Christian 22:39
  10. Isabella Byler, 11 Jenkintown 22:41
  11. Erica Gunden, 12 Dock Mennoni 22:42
  12. Lydia Brown, 9 Calvary Christian 22:52
  13. Kirsten Howland, 11 Phil-Mont Christian 22:52
  14. Alexis Lohin, 10 Lower Moreland 23:063
  15. Caroline Arena, 11 Jenkintown 23:09
  16. Kelli Schlussel, 11 New Hope-Solebury 23:19
  17. Raegan Dubeck, 11 Calvary Christian 23:29
  18. Nicole Roche, 9 Lower Moreland 23:34
  19. Anna Mann, 10 Lower Moreland 23:39
  20. Emily Greenup, 9 New Hope-Solebury 23:44
  21. Sandy Hua, 11 Lower Moreland 23:50.00
  22. Julianna Slominski, 11 New Hope-Solebury 24:03.00
  23. Amy Yoon, 12 Lower Moreland 24:07.00
  24. Lindsey Bernd, 12 Dock Mennonite 24:13.00
  25. Emma Sirken, 10 New Hope-Solebury 24:18.00


  1. Jack Miller, 11 Jenkintown 16:36.00
  2. Joshua Jackson, 12 Jenkintown 16:50
  3. Shane Cohen, 11 Lower Moreland 17:12
  4. Luke Miller, 9 Jenkintown 17:42
  5. Chris Cammarata, 12 New Hope-Solebury 17:43
  6. Carter Geer, 9 Jenkintown 17:52
  7. Isaiah Denlinger, 12 Dock Mennonite 17:53
  8. Burton Carbino, 11 Holy Ghost Prep 18:16
  9. Antonio Camacho, 9 Holy Ghost Prep 18:19
  10. Charlie Schaefer, 12 Delaware County Christian 18:22.00
  11. Elliot Puckett, 9 Holy Ghost Prep 18:30.00
  12. Connor McFadden, 11 Lower Moreland 18:36.00
  13. Christopher Keach, 12 Dock Mennonite 18:36.00
  14. Christian Kruse, 10 New Hope-Solebury 18:36.00
  15. Nicholas Polidoro, 11 Holy Ghost Prep 18:37.00
  16. Patrick Wagner, 11 Jenkintown 18:39.00
  17. Charles Mangan, 12 Jenkintown 18:44.00
  18. John Horgan, 9 Holy Ghost Prep 18:53.00
  19. Steven Seachrist, Dock Mennonite 19:02.00
  20. Travis Geer, 11 Jenkintown 19:05.00
  21. John Davies, 11 Lower Moreland 19:09.00
  22. Sanjay George, 11 Calvary Christian 19:13.00
  23. Thomas Detlefsen, 12 New Hope-Solebury 19:15.00
  24. Killian Brennan, 10 Holy Ghost Prep 19:21.00
  25. Paul Watkins, 10 Holy Ghost Prep 19:27.00



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