Episcopal Academy rowers busy at 3rd Manny Flick

The Episcopal Academy entered seven boats in the 3rd Manny Flick Regatta (the Horvat Series) hosted by The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association April 2.

The first Episcopal boat to race was the Boys JV 8 +, placed sixth in the first flight (3:28.33) with these rowers: stroke Luke Giordano, Nick Peyton, Drew Landaiche, McKee Bond, Peter Zirnkilton, Jake Landaiche, Jeff Li, S.Sices and cox Robbie Copit.

The Churchmen entered a second Boys JV 8 + in the third flight of this race, and placed sixth (5:10.79) – rowers were stroke, Alex Peters, Sam Pace, Peter Tang, Rayhan Ali, Ian Reape, Billy Stavropoulos, Ned Morgan, Owen Maier and cox Nitya Ampani.

Rounding out the Episcopal Boys entries was the Boys Varsity 8 +, which placed a strong fourth in their flight (4:16.60). The team was composed of stroke Will Purtill, Nick Horbowy, Thomas Woodville, Peter LeRoux, Kyle Hogan, Harry Pusey, Colson Andrews, Tim Baker,  and cox Schuyler Kresge.

The first boat to race for the Episcopal Girls was the JV 4X, which placed second in their flight (5:07.01) – the athletes in this boat were stroke Alexandra Peyton, Morgan Gantt, Hannah Kaufhold and Brooke Kraftson.

Next up for EA was the Girls JV 8 +, which placed sixth in their flight (5:22.50) – athletes were stroke Natalie Horbowy, Lacey Rivera, Alyssa Sheffy, Bing Quan, Rae Keffer-Scharpf, Remy Peskin, Mollie Bonner, Katie Baker and cox Julianna Di Carlo.

The final boats of the day for EA were the Girls Varsity boats – first up was the Girls Varsity 4 +, which finished third in their flight (5:25.01) – composed of stroke Lizzie King, Cat Spellman, Amanda Lee, Heidi Zirnkilton  and cox Lindsay Barber.

The final boat of the day for Episcopal was the Girls Varsity 4 X, which finished second in their flight (5:01.45) – the team was composed of stroke Josephine Konopka, Shannon Conlin, Rachel Barber and Brooke Baxter.

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