Radnor’s Max Barish is Main Line Boys’ Athlete of the Week

The senior forward has been the Radnor boys’ soccer team’s leading scorer this season, with six goals in his first eight games. Last fall, Barish also was the Red Raiders’ leading scorer, and received All-Central League and All-Main Line honors. Off the pitch, he is a member of the National Honor Society, the school’s Model Congress, and the Umatter club at Radnor.

Q: You scored the winning goals in overtime against Strath Haven and Ridley last fall. Can you share with us your most vivid memory of those game-winners?

A:  They were both night games at home, under the lights, and our student section was packed.  I remember scoring turning to the crowd and raising my arms in triumph, and then next thing I know, 100 of my classmates are hugging me and yelling in celebration.


Q: You are Radnor’s leading scorer, with six goals in the team’s first eight games, and you were the team’s leading scorer last year. What do you attribute your scoring success to?

A: I attribute my scoring success to the coaching staff at Radnor and to my teammates.  The coaching staff has tirelessly worked to put together a system that best fits our team.  Coach {Joe] Caruolo has done a great job all year of instructing us on how to move forward with a purpose in the attacking third, and he creates drills to focus on the attack.  My teammates last year and this year have done an awesome job of getting the ball to my feet or putting the ball in a danger space for me in the attack.


Q: You scored two goals against Upper Darby recently. Can you describe how those two plays unfolded, and your role in them?

A: The first goal was off a corner kick and Joe Dardel  played a great ball into the box toward the back post, and I was fortunate to get on the end of the service and put it away with my right foot.  On the second goal, we were switching the field and then my teammate played me an early penetrating pass.  I got the ball downfield, took a look over my shoulder, turned, took a touch, and shot it bottom left.

Q: Who is your favorite soccer player, and why? Is there a player whose game you try to pattern your own after?

A: My favorite soccer player is Gareth Bale because of the way he approaches the game and the impact he has when he’s on the field.  I try to pattern my own game after Bale’s because of the fast, powerful, and technical brand of soccer he plays.  I love watching him and I try to emulate his moves and change of pass tricks when I play.

Q: What do you think is the strongest part of your game?

A: I think the strongest part of my game is my versatility and ability to adapt to each game.  I can beat opponents with my physical assets of speed and strength, but I can also overcome teams with my mind.  I think my ability to read the game and understand a team’s weakness is equally as effective.  Finally, the technical side of soccer is where I definitely have an advantage.

Q: Who have been your top soccer mentors, and what has been the most important thing each of them taught you?

A: I have had many soccer mentors growing up but there are certainly a couple who have had the most impact.  To start my dad has been a tremendous help along the way always paying close attention to detail, and he really helped facilitate my love for soccer.  Even the little things we did together like kicking the ball in the backyard and playing soccer golf have had a tremendous impact on me and I would like to really thank him for that.  Another mentor is my current club soccer, Coach Bill Brady, and he has been an amazing coach for me over the past six years.  Coach Brady taught me how true soccer is supposed to be played and technically took my game to another level.  Coach Brady has been an instrumental mentor and he is the one who over the years has really watched and aided in me growing as a player.  I cannot thank him enough because my game would not be the same without him.  The other mentor is my high school coach, Joe Caruolo, who taught me the mental aspect of the game through his tough love and tireless effort.  I want to say thanks to Coach Caruolo and we have had a great four years on varsity together and I’m sad to see it end after this season.

Q: You want to play soccer for a college program – what would you like to major in? Is there a career field that particularly interests you at the present time?

A: I would like to play for a college program and I plan to major in political science.  Currently I’m really interested in becoming a lawyer and following in my mom’s footsteps.  I think this would be a fulfilling career choice and very interesting.  Right now I am looking to go to a college with strong academics and a strong soccer program.

Max Barish’s top picks

Book: The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Author: Maya Angelou.

TV show: Chicago Fire.

Movie: Wedding Crashers.

Pre game pump-up song: All Day, by Kanye West.

Athlete: Kobe Bryant.

Historical figure: “I particularly admire Sigmund Freud’s work in the field of psychology.  Charles Darwin had a large influence on him; however, Freud’s thinking and ability to tap into the unconscious mind has been an imperative step in explaining human behavior.  Thanks to Freud’s insight human behaviors and the mind have been greatly explored and explained.”

Team: Los Angeles Clippers.

Place: Outer Banks, N.C.; and Colorado (skiing).

(To be selected as Main Line Boys Athlete of the Week, a student-athlete must first be nominated by his coach.)



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