Harriton rolls to victory against Shipley

The Harriton field hockey squad rolled to an 8-1 victory against Shipley Friday. The Rams were led by Emma Arronson (three goals), Robyn Clark (one goal), Sophie Grady (two goals), Grace Copeland (one goal), Maggie Valentine (one goal), Carly Adams (four assists), Nikki Handel (one assist) and Molly McDonough (one defensive save). Harriton Laura Lasprogata saved six out of eight shots on cage. Harriton took 21 shots on goal.

Harriton head coach Cassandra Prentiss said, “Our team communicated effectively throughout the game, which was apparent in their ability to move the ball around Shipley players. Our defenders, led by senior, Haley Morris, gave our midfielders the support they needed to keep the ball on our offensive end for the majority of the game, while the midfield line worked tirelessly with our forwards to create multiple scoring opportunities. Carly Adams made incredible connections with her teammates, resulting in multiple goals, including all three of Emma Arronson’s goals.”

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