All PAC-10 Field Hockey Teams

Liberty Division First Team

Gabby Binando, senior, Boyertown, swing player

Emily Sayre, junior, Methacton, offense

Samantha Steele, senior, Methacton, goalie

Corinne Gerber, junior, Owen J. Roberts, offense

Courtney Gerber, junior, Owen J. Roberts, midfield

Nettie Montes, junior, Owen J. Roberts, midfield

Graceton Griffith, senior, Owen J. Roberts, defense

Kelsey Giese, junior, Perkiomen Valley, offense

Annie Himsworth, senior, Perkiomen Valley, midfield

Nathalie Sell, senior, Perkiomen Valley, defense

Taylor Brennan, senior, Spring-Ford, defense

Frontier Division First Team

Bailey Quinn, senior, Phoenixville, offense

Rose Moore, junior, Phoenixville, offense

Katie McErlean, junior, Phoenixville, midfield

Taylor Jefferis, senior, Phoenixville, midfield

Allison Trafford, senior, Phoenixville, swing player

Gabby Duda, senior, Phoenixville, defense

Amiyah Hudson, junior, Pottstown, defense

Ebony Reddick, freshman, Pottstown, goalie

Aubrey Wilcox, senior, Upper Perkiomen, offense

Samantha Dingler, senior, Upper Perkiomen, midfield

Julia Duemler, junior, Upper Perkiomen, defense

PAC-10 Conference Second Team

Olivia Hoover, freshman, Methacton, offense

Brittany Dickinson, senior, Methacton, midfield

Madeline Alderfer, junior, Methacton, midfield

Katie Markle, junior, Methacton, defense

Keeley White, junior, Owen J. Roberts, offense

Sam Garritano, senior, Owen J. Roberts, defense

Caroline Rajtik, senior, Owen J. Roberts, swing player

Laura Shelton, junior, Perkiomen Valley, midfield

Katherine Bartkowski, senior, Perkiomen Valley, defense

Kim Rutherford, senior, Phoenixville, goalie

Stephanie Petery, junior, Pope John Paul II, offense

PAC-10 Honorable Mention

Sydney Fox, freshman, Boyertown, offense

Jen Rees, junior, Methacton, midfield

Morgan Stone, senior, Owen J. Roberts, offense

Emily Nagle, senior, Perkiomen Valley, offense

Carolyn Groener, senior, Phoenixville, defense

Katherine Martin, junior, Pope John Paul II, midfield

Alyssa O’Neill, junior, Pottsgrove, offense

Breana Bodnar, junior, Pottstown, offense

Lexie Nugent, sophomore, Spring-Ford, offense

Michaela Swenk, sophomore, Upper Perkiomen, defense

** The All PAC-10 teams are picked by the coaches in the Pioneer Athletic Conference. These picks are different from the Mercury All-Area picks which will be released in December


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