Kutztown falls to Berks Catholic, 35-14

Many of the Kutxtown Cougars went into Friday’s game thinking about the story of David versus Goliath and how they were facing the number one team in Berks County, Berks Catholic. Goliath may have been thinking about next week’s game against the other undefeated team, Wyomissing. And after the first half, it did look very much like most in the county expected; the Goliath was on its way to steam rolling another school.

But the Cougars came out of the locker room at halftime ready to play very hard against the Saints’ second string players. They did not allow Berks Catholic to score a single point, while putting two touchdowns on the scoreboard for a respectable 35-14 loss.

he Saints showed why they are one of two undefeated teams in Berks Division 2 football. They also showed that they were not the powerhouse that so many fear. The Cougars’ defense didn’t allow a touchdown until just past the halfway point of the first quarter. And the Cougars’ offense had its scoring chances that they couldn’t capitalize on.

Brayden Eck, the rookie quarterback, had three picks by the Saints’ defense and several fumbles that stopped several Cougar scoring drives. Junior Oscar Kelchner showed why he is the most underrated running back in the league. Oscar carried the ball 26 times for 136 yards, including two touchdown carries in the second half. Senior John Sullivan converted both extra points.

Senior quarterback Zack Mickey went 2-for-6 with no interceptions for 36 yards. The Cougar offense stayed on the ground, watching Kelchner running through, not only the Saints’ second stringers, but also their first string defense.

“Well, overall we knew going into this game, it would be a tough one,’ said Kelchner. “I think we came together as a team very well to show Berks Catholic what Kutztown football is all about. Up front, our line did a great job with their assignments and I was very impressed. Everybody came out to play and I was able to run about 136 yards on the ground and score twice.”

The Cougars are still looking for their first win under rookie head football foach Matt Hoffert. The team has been showing step by step improvements from week to week. The visitors’ side during the game was full of Cougar fans, most of which wildly cheered on their Cougars. The buzz in the stand was this sense of overall improvement and a firm belief that the Cougars are on the way to the building of a strong and formidable football program.

The Cougars play their last game of the season in Fleetwood. The rivalry has built up over the years and senior players like Mickey, Reichert and the others will be playing their last game of their high school careers.

And of course, there is that trophy which Fleetwood has held for some time. Expect the Cougars to come after the Tigers with the confidence they gained against the Saints. Although they didn’t slay Goliath, they did show that the Cougars are still a young team that can and will play with heart, no matter who the opponent they play.

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