Daniel Boone senior Kirsten Gabbett leads her team out of the hole

As the fall sports season continues, we have a myriad of teams to follow and plenty of reasons to stand and cheer for them. One of those teams in this instance would be the Daniel Boone High School field hockey team.

In recent years, the team had its’ struggles, but seems as though it may finally be emerging from their cocoon. One of the players that can attest to that is Boone senior Kirsten Gabbett, who has helped guide the team to a 3-1-1 league and 7-2-1 overall record thus far. That is a big turnaround from a decent 4-6 league and 8-10 overall finish in 2013.

“We’re doing much better at this point this year compared to last season,’ said Gabbett. “We’ve only lost two games so far. At this time last season, we were doing well, but our record wasn’t as good. We had a good season last year, but our record didn’t reflect that. This season we’re really working on that, and we’ve improved by leaps and bounds.’

The senior noted that the squad hopes to make it to counties this season, and said that as a whole, they want to sharpen up their plays and get more shots on goal and improve the chance to score.

“Coach [Ashley] Renshaw expects us to work hard each game and give it our all because she knows how well we can play,’ added Gabbett. “She expects to see that from us each game, and not for us to go out on the field and mess around. She knows how good we can be, and wants us to play up to our potential.

Personally, Gabbett wants to assure the team gets to counties and districts, beats Wilson in an upcoming match, and wants to make sure that the team itself keeps the momentum going, playing at their best and not falling short of it.

To accomplish this, the senior said the team must work diligently at practice, and make sure that everyone on the team is held accountable and up to the standards in which they know they can play. Gabbett and the rest of the team want to make sure they’re giving 100% when they hit the field.

As of September 25, Gabbett is leading the squad in scoring, with 11 goals and six assists. The senior said even though it’s an impressive statistic, it’s mostly a team effort.”My teammates are able to put me in a position to make the assist or score,’ Gabbett said, “It works like that all the way up the field. It’s not ever me doing it alone. I think I help the team when I’m on the rush and get in position to do something positive. Our problem in the past was that we could never finish off the goals and get it in the cage, but this season we’ve really improved on that.’

The field hockey program has run into some bumps in the road the past couple of years. However, in 2013, the squad finished 4-6 in the league and 8-10 overall. This season, the team thus far has one less league win, but has almost matched their overall win total from last year with seven.

“I think our coaches have helped in our up tick in success and the players’ dedication and determination in trying to execute what the coaches want us to do,’ said Gabbett. “Everyone comes out ready to go at practice, and we know how bad we want to win each game. We go out and play as a unit – not as individuals, to make sure we can execute the game plan as best as we can.’

The younger players on the team are excited about the team’s good play this season, according to the senior.”Most of the girls on the team this year were part of the squad last season, and they’re doing amazingly well,’ said Gabbett. “We’re keeping our heads up and trying to motivate each other all the time.’

Gabbett considers herself a leader on the team, being one of three captains on the squad. She noted that everyone contributes a little something in their own way, and said for herself, she hopes everyone is having fun when they’re out there on the field, and not treating practice or a game like it’s work.

She said that even in the past couple of years, when the team wasn’t doing so well, she didn’t want the team going through the motions during practices or games. “We’ve all had our times at one point or another where we’ve just wanted to give up and say this isn’t how it should be.’ Gabbett said, “This year we all know how good we are and how much potential we have.’

The senior noted that it does help when you’re winning, especially this season.”The way we’re playing this year helps in falling back in love with the game,’ said Gabbett. “There were times when the season would end and you would say ‘ What’s the point?’ I think that we love each other so much on this team that going through the ups and downs together makes the whole experience worthwhile.’

To keep the momentum going, the senior said that she and her teammates must keep a positive attitude, listen to their coaches, and make sure they’re giving 100% at practice and during the games.

Gabbett said for herself, she has to keep pushing her teammates in the right direction and make sure that they know how big this season is for the unit.

“I want to make sure the team knows that this is something we’ve worked toward for a long time,’ said Gabbett. “We can’t give up now, and I don’t see us doing that anytime soon.’

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