North Penn boys, girls impressive in wins over CB South

WARRINGTON — The North Penn boys and girls swim teams traveled to Central Bucks South on Tuesday afternoon, eager to earn another Suburban One League Continental Conference victory.

Although dragging a pretty heavy anchor — the fatigue brought on by intense winter training — the Knights and Maidens still cut through the water with purpose, each notching conference wins and improving to a perfect 5-0 on the season.

“They come out with the mindset that they’re gonna be awesome, not realizing that their body is destroyed,’ North Penn coach Jeff Faikish said with a smile, speaking of his tired but enthusiastic swimmers. “Their bodies are very low in the water but they’re still pushing their way through and rising to the occasion. They still have that competitiveness in them, and that’s what this part of the year is about — still having that competitive drive, realizing that the end is getting closer and closer.’

The Knights prevailed 106-75 over the Titans and the Maidens were 102-76 victors over South, as each North Penn squad raised its unbeaten Continental record to 2-0.

“It was good to see some of the kids put into action some of the things that we’ve been working on,’ Faikish said. “Certain fundamentals — turns, fly kicks off the walls, stuff like that, so it’s good to see that, and we moved some kids around in different events to really test the depth of our program, which is awesome. Some kids stepped up, which is great to see, and some of the younger kids are starting to find their identity in this program, which was one of the fun things about today’s meet.’

A tremendously close 200 medley relay got things started, with North Penn pulling out the win by three tenths of a second. North Penn went on to win the 200 free relay as well, with Liam Kelly a key member of both foursomes.

The Knights got first-place finishes from Kyle Supko (200 free), Kevin Killion (50 free), Ryan Prater (100 fly), and Jacob Schellinger (100 free), and Geoff Gagnon was once again first up on the board, as NP put together a solid overall performance.

The Maidens, too, were strong throughout.

“There’s a ton of talent, but I think this year is really neat how everybody is coming together — boys and girls,’ North Penn girls coach Matt Weiser said. “We’re really functioning as a North Penn family.’

The Maidens won the 200 medley relay by almost eight seconds to start the meet and three members of that relay combined for five individual wins. Tara Rogers touched first in the 50 free and 100 fly, Erin O’Neill was tops in the 200 IM and 100 free, and Aimee Baur won the 100 back.

Also for NP, Kailyn Evans won both the 200 free and the 500 free and Marie Yacopino earned the victory up on the board.

Next up in a busy week for the Knights and Maidens is a home battle with rival Central Bucks East on Thursday.

“That’s gonna be a big one for us, to see where we stack up in the conference,’ Weiser said.

Boys Swimming

North Penn 106, Central Bucks South 75

200 medley relay: 1. North Penn (David Grove, Thanas Kountroubis, Liam Kelly, Kevin Killion), 1:45.21; 2. North Penn, 1:45.51; 3. CB South, 1:49.01

200 free: 1. Kyle Supko (NP) 1:49.44; 2. Patrick Brogan (CBS) 1:51.77; 3. Nico Kountroubis (NP) 1:57.17

200 IM: 1. Brian Ross (CBS) 2:07.82; 2. Gavin Hennessey (NP) 2:12.14; 3. Nick Radziul (CBS) 2:13.93

50 free: 1. Kevin Killion (NP) 24.31; 2. Aaron Sisko (NP) 25.85; 3. Mike Collins (NP) 26.65

Diving: 1. Geoff Gagnon (NP) 287.05; 2. Ian Boland-Bintner (NP) 240.45; 3. Nash Nickerson (CBS) 240.30

100 fly: 1. Ryan Prater (NP) 59.58; 2. Owen Marett (NP) 1:00.40; 3. Mike Szczesniak (CBS) 1:01.23

100 free: 1. Jacob Schellinger (NP) 52.74; 2. Aaron Sisko (NP) 56.50; 3. Mike Depalma (CBS) 58.13

500 free: 1. Nick Radzul (CBS) 5:01.02; 2. Shane Hennessey (NP) 5:14.96; 3. Jason Himes (NP) 5:24.83

200 free relay: 1. North Penn (Brett Else, Aaron Jordan, Shane Hennessey, Liam Kelly), 1:46.32; 2. North Penn, 1:35.68; 3. CB South, 1:36.97

100 back: 1. Brian Ross (CBS) 57.34; 2. Gavin Hennessey (NP) 1:00.10; 3. Cole Palumbo (NP) 1:01.73

100 breast: 1. Pat Brogan (CBS) 1:04.99; 2. Ryan Zaborowski (CBS) 1:05.15; 3. Alex Bowen (CBS) 1:08.31

400 free relay: 1. CB South (Nick Radziul, Brian Ross, Pat Brogan, Ryan Zaborowski), 3:34.07; 2. CB South, 3:57.45

Girls Swimming

North Penn 102, Central Bucks South 76

200 medley relay: 1. North Penn (Tara Rogers, Erin O’Neill, Leah Brown, Aimee Baur), 1:55.93; 2. CB South, 2:03.85; 3. CB South, 2:05.12

200 free: 1. Kailyn Evans (NP) 2:02.88; 2. Heather Hartmann (NP) 2:05.32; 3. Zoe Koenig (NP) 2:10.48

200 IM: 1. Erin O’Neill (NP) 2:20.47; 2. Caitlin Connor (CBS) 2:24.23; 3. Caroline Miller (NP) 2:26.44

50 free: 1. Tara Rogers (NP) 25.47; 2. Leah Brown (NP) 26.17; 3. Aimee Baur (NP) 26.85

Diving: 1. Marie Yacopino (NP) 249.80; 2. Madison Tanis (NP) 245; 3. Shayna Fink (CBS) 136.50

100 fly: 1. Rogers (NP) 1:00.0; 2. Amanda Keagy (CBS) 1:05.27; 3. Isabelle DiNallo (CBS) 106.85

100 free: 1. O’Neill (NP) 57.13; 2. Connor (CBS) 57.84; 3. Brown (NP) 57.96

500 free: 1. Evans (NP) 5:24.47; 2. Heather Hartmann (NP) 5:29.22; 3. Natalie Keck (CBS) 5:42.95

200 free relay: 1. North Penn (Brown, Evans, Hartmann, O’Neill), 1:46.32; 2. CB South, 1:47.88; 3. North Penn, 1:52.58

100 back: 1. Aimee Baur (NP) 1:04.79; 2. Zoe Koenig (NP) 1:08.31; 3. Sue Song (CBS) 1:11.19

100 breast: 1. Betheny Matsick (CBS) 1:16.77; 2. Samantha Mrozinski (CBS) 1:18.23; 3. Rala Alsaadi (CBS) 1:27.38

400 free relay: 1. CB South (Caitlin Connor, Sam Towle, Cali Corbett, Natalie Keck), 3:57.96; 2. CB South, 4:18.42

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