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Daily Local News Preseason Wrestling Rankings



1. Brennan McBride, Soph., Coatesville

2. Keanu Manuel, Fr., Downingtown East

3. Sammy McMonagle, Fr., West Chester Henderson

4. Josh Viarengo, Fr., West Chester Rustin


1. Killian Delaney, Soph., West Chester Henderson

2. Dayton DelViscio, Soph., Malvern Prep

3. Seth Hoopes, Jr., Octorara

4. Jordan Howard, Sr., Avon Grove


1. Doug Zapf, Sr., Downingtown West

2. Liam Babuata, Sr., Octorara

3. Dom Chaclas, Jr., Unionville

4. Trent Kochersperger, Fr., Kennett


1. Lukas Richie, Jr., Downingtown East

2. Mark Salvatore, Sr., Malvern Prep

3. Logan Reigel, Sr., Kennett

4. Corey Celenza, Jr., West Chester East


1. Micah Visuwan, Sr., Malvern Prep

2. Gerhardt Reiter, Sr., Kennett

3. John Bosio, Sr., Avon Grove

4. Tommy Luke, Sr., West Chester East


1. Nick Lilley, Sr., Downingtown West

2. Brandon Sheffield, Jr., Oxford

3. Dalton Harkins, Soph., Malvern Prep

4. Ryan Dellicompagni, Sr., Coatesville


1. PJ Crane, Sr., Malvern Prep

2. Nick Barnhart, Jr., Avon Grove

3. Tyler Kaliner, Jr., West Chester Rustin

4. Luke Wilson, Sr., Great Valley


1. Collin Hurley, Jr., West Chester Rustin

2. Chris Hisey, Sr., Malvern Prep

3. Gavin Hale, Sr., Downingtown West

4. Caden Dalton, Sr., Octorara


1. Dan Labus, Sr., West Chester Rustin

2. Henry Hague, Jr., Malvern Prep

3. Ray Martin, Sr., West Chester Henderson

4. Pat Cusak, Soph., Downingtown West


1. Nick Florschutz, Jr., Malvern Prep

2. Tyler Mousaw, Soph., Unionville

3. Chase Meilnick, Soph., Downingtown West

4. Ethan Harkins, Sr., West Chester Rustin


1. Ryan Karoly, Sr., Malvern Prep

2. Andrew DiBernardo, Jr., West Chester East

3. Ethan Seeley, Jr., Great Valley

4. Max Hale, Soph., Downingtown West


1. Mike Beard, Sr., Malvern Prep

2. Alex Raimondo, Sr., Coatesville

3. Josh Wileczek, Sr., Downingtown East

4. Joe Shafer, Jr., Downingtown West


1. Flynn Leaf, Jr., Malvern Prep

2. Chris Madanat, Sr., Downingtown West

3. Bryan Castaneda, Sr., Kennett

4. Paul Pelham, Jr., Conestoga


1. Brendon Devine, Sr., Malvern Prep

2. Jesse Cook, Sr., Downingtown West

3. Ryan Cavanaugh, Sr., Great Valley

4. Elijah Lyons, Jr., Unionville


1. Malvern Prep

2. Downingtown West

3. West Chester Rustin

4. West Chester Henderson

5. Coatesville

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