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Delco Boys Lacrosse Final Stat Leaders

(Final, based on games reported to the Delco Times; for questions or corrections, email


Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 68
Mike Tulskie, Springfield 66
Dan Poirier, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 62
Jake D’Annunzio, Garnet Valley 59
Luke O’Grady, Haverford School 57
Nate Murtha, Interboro 54
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 54
Tyler Fink, Strath Haven 53
Jack Daly, Haverford 51
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 50
Tim Fitzgerald, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 50
TJ Malone, Haverford School 45
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 43
Luke McCallion, Haverford 43
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 42
Brock Anderson, Ridley 41
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 41
Nick DiIorio, Haverford 41
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 41
Cade Stratton, Ridley 41
Drew Brown, Radnor 39
Evan Trizonis, Garnet Valley 39
Andy Borkowski, Archbishop Carroll 37
Conor O’Brien, Archbishop Carroll 36
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 34
Joe Quintiliano, Penncrest 34
Jake Long, Marple Newtown 33
Fynn McNulty, Archbishop Carroll 33
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 32
Mike Porreca, Interboro 32
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 30
Sean Burke, Upper Darby 30
Jack Spence, Springfield 30
Devon Tavani, Ridley 30
Alex Funk, Marple Newtown 29
Johnny Nostrant, Haverford School 29
John Schievert, Haverford 29
Kyler Albany, Radnor 28
Connor Pierce, Radnor 28
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 28
Connor Ringwalt, Episcopal Academy 28
Ben Garcia, Springfield 27
Peter Garno, Haverford School 27
Kyle Long, Springfield 27
Clayton Proctor, Radnor 27
James Kelly, Marple Newtown 26
Sean Crowley, Ridley 24
Luke Jelus, Marple Newtown 23
Zane Johnston, Ridley 23
Jake Robinson, Upper Darby 23
Michael Toohey, Upper Darby 23
Mike Vent, Springfield 22
Marcus Weathers, Marple Newtown 22
Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor 21
Jake Martellucci, Episcopal Academy 21


Strath Haven’s Jeffery Conner, left, hounded by West Chester Henderson defender Ryan Mitchell in the third quarter of PIAA Class 2A playoffs, finished second in Delco with 131 points this season. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Kyle Long, Springfield 109
Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 63
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 47
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 41
Jack Daly, Haverford 40
Luke McCallion, Haverford 34
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 28
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 28
TJ Malone, Haverford School 28
Clayton Proctor, Radnor 28
Evan Trizonis, Garnet Valley 26
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 26
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 23
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 22
Drew Brown, Radnor 20
Peter Garno, Haverford School 19
Max Kreiger, Archbishop Carroll 17
Nate Murtha, Interboro 17
Michael Toohey, Upper Darby 17
Jake Long, Marple Newtown 16
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 16
Conor O’Brien, Archbishop Carroll 16
Connor Pierce, Radnor 16
Ibo Pio, Strath Haven 16
Will Stenger, Archbishop Carroll 16
Alex Funk, Marple Newtown 15
Gabe Furey, Episcopal Academy 15
Johnny Nostrant, Haverford School 15
Cade Stratton, Ridley 15
Dan Poirier, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 14
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 14
Brock Anderson, Ridley 13
Sean Burke, Upper Darby 13
Luke O’Grady, Haverford School 13
Phil Regan, Radnor 13
Chris Rosini, Strath Haven 13
Kyler Albany, Radnor 12
Pat Burke, Upper Darby 12
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 12
Nick DiIorio, Haverford 12
James Kelly, Marple Newtown 12
James Moorhead, Interboro 12
John Schievert, Haverford 12
Mike Tulskie, Springfield 12


Haverford’s Jack Daly, right, battles with Ridley’s Sam Ferkler. Daly led Haverford in points on the way to the Fords’ first PIAA tournament berth this year. (Digital First Media/Anne Neborak)

Kyle Long, Springfield 136
Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 131
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 101
Jack Daly, Haverford 91
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 78
Mike Tulskie, Springfield 78
Luke McCallion, Haverford 77
Dan Poirier, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 76
TJ Malone, Haverford School 73
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 73
Nate Murtha, Interboro 71
Jake D’Annunzio, Garnet Valley 70
Luke O’Grady, Haverford School 70
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 69
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 68
Evan Trizonis, Garnet Valley 65
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 64
Drew Brown, Radnor 59
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 59
Tyler Fink, Strath Haven 58
Tim Fitzgerald, Delco Christian/Devon Prep 58
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 56
Cade Stratton, Ridley 56
Clayton Proctor, Radnor 55
Brock Anderson, Ridley 54
Joey DeBernardi, Springfield 53
Nick DiIorio, Haverford 53
Conor O’Brien, Archbishop Carroll 52
Jake Long, Marple Newtown 49
Andy Borkowski, Archbishop Carroll 48
Cole Lukasiewicz, Haverford 48
Peter Garno, Haverford School 46
Liam Carney, Strath Haven 44
Alex Funk, Marple Newtown 44
Johnny Nostrant, Haverford School 44
Connor Pierce, Radnor 44
Joe Quintiliano, Penncrest 44
Mike Porreca, Interboro 43
Sean Burke, Upper Darby 42
John Schievert, Haverford 41
Kyler Albany, Radnor 40
Fynn McNulty, Archbishop Carroll 40
Devon Tavani, Ridley 40
Michael Toohey, Upper Darby 40
James Kelly, Marple Newtown 38
Jack Spence, Springfield 38
Ben Garcia, Springfield 37
Max Kreiger, Archbishop Carroll 36
Connor Ringwalt, Episcopal Academy 36
Zane Johnston, Ridley 33
Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor 32
Marlon Weathers, Marple Newtown 31
Jake Martellucci, Episcopal Academy 30


Chris Stenger, Archbishop Carroll 215
Jason Rose, Garnet Valley 213
James Spence, Springfield 195
Parker Henderer, Haverford School 179
Danny Tierney, Haverford 179
Jake Floyd-Jones, Episcopal Academy 162
Tucker Ballbach, Radnor 157
Liam Ferry, Marple Newtown 152
Cody Hershock, Penncrest 150
Will Brake, Strath Haven 141
George Santilla, Ridley 121



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