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Delco boys lacrosse final stat leaders

Based on games reported to the Daily Times.


Strath Haven's Jeffrey Conner had a breakout sophomore year in leading Strath Haven to the PIAA semifinals. (Digital First Media/John Strickler)

Strath Haven’s Jeffrey Conner had a breakout sophomore year in leading Strath Haven to the PIAA semifinals. (Digital First Media/John Strickler)

Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 73
Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 67
Mike Gerzabek, Springfield 67
Tyler Kostack, Marple Newtown 64
Dox Aitken, Haverford School 61
Ryan Kinnard, Penncrest 60
Bobby McClure, Haverford 59
Michael Tulskie, Cardinal O’Hara 54
Matt Golden, Cardinal O’Hara 52
Forry Smith, Haverford School 49
Cade Stratton, Ridley 49
Brock Anderson, Ridley 48
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 48
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 45
Chris Hummel, Interboro 45
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 44
Keyveat Postell, Haverford School 44
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 43
Brendan George, Archbishop Carroll 42
Jeff Johnson, Sun Valley 42
Alex Bonnett, Penncrest 41
Luke McCallion, Haverford 39
Jack Daly, Haverford 38
John Nostrant, Haverford School 38
Jack Wilson, Radnor 38
Nate Murtha, Interboro 37
Kevin Kaufman, Haverford 36
Jake Ross, Strath Haven 35
Kyle Long, Springfield 33
Mike Vent, Springfield 33
Drew Brown, Radnor 31
Nick DiIorio, Haverford 31
Kyle Godsey, Cardinal O’Hara 31
Sam Mutz, Strath Haven 31
Jim Moorehead, Interboro 30
Billy Farrell, Haverford 29
Gerald Creagan, Sun Valley 28
Jake Long, Marple Newtown 28
Christian Xitas, Marple Newtown 28
Tommy McNamara, Haverford School 27
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 25
Hunter Mazur, Strath Haven 24
Ty Moschella, Garnet Valley 24
Joe DeBernardi, Springfield 23
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 23
Jack Spence, Springfield 23
Tommy O’Hara, Cardinal O’Hara 22
Joe Mooney, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Joe Quintiliano, Penncrest 21
Jake Robinson, Upper Darby 21
Max Daugherty, Penncrest 20
Tyler Fink, Strath Haven 20


Springfield's Kyle Long was the county's premier distributor, helping lead Springfield to a PIAA title. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Springfield’s Kyle Long was the county’s premier distributor, helping lead Springfield to a PIAA title. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Kyle Long, Springfield 79
Bobby McClure, Haverford 63
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 58
Jack Daly, Haverford 40
Brendan George, Archbishop Carroll 38
Tyler Kostack, Marple Newtown 38
Keyveat Postell, Haverford School 35
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 35
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 34
Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 33
Kyle Godsey, Cardinal O’Hara 33
Tommy O’Hara, Cardinal O’Hara 30
Jack Borbee, Strath Haven 28
Forry Smith, Haverford School 26
Connor Ringwalt, Episcopal Academy 24
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 23
Jake Ross, Strath Haven 23
Brock Anderson, Ridley 21
Alex Bonnett, Penncrest 21
Ryan McNichol, Cardinal O’Hara 21
Kevin Kaufman, Haverford 20
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 20
Evan Trizonis, Garnet Valley 20
Jeff Johnson, Sun Valley 19
Cade Stratton, Ridley 19
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 18
Christian Xitas, Marple Newtown 17
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 16
Michael Tulskie, Cardinal O’Hara 15


Despite an early playoff exit, Haverford's Bobby McClure still led the county in points. (Times File)

Despite an early playoff exit, Haverford’s Bobby McClure still led the county in points. (Times File)

Bobby McClure, Haverford 122
Kyle Long, Springfield 112
Adam Ritter, Archbishop Carroll 108
Matt Moore, Garnet Valley 106
Tyler Kostack, Marple Newtown 102
Jeffrey Conner, Strath Haven 100
Brendan George, Archbishop Carroll 80
Keyveat Postell, Haverford School 79
Jack Daly, Haverford 78
Mike Gerzabek, Springfield 78
Forry Smith, Haverford School 75
Dox Aitken, Haverford School 73
Ryan Kinnard, Penncrest 70
Brock Anderson, Ridley 69
Michael Tulskie, Cardinal O’Hara 69
Cade Stratton, Ridley 68
Will Huestis, Strath Haven 67
Kyle Godsey, Cardinal O’Hara 64
Jacob Buttermore, Garnet Valley 63
Denny Nealon, Garnet Valley 63
Alex Bonnett, Penncrest 62
Matt Golden, Cardinal O’Hara 61
Jeff Johnson, Sun Valley 61
Jake Ross, Strath Haven 58
Chris Jackson, Sun Valley 57
Chris Hummel, Interboro 56
Kevin Kaufman, Haverford 56
Luke McCallion, Haverford 53
Tommy O’Hara, Cardinal O’Hara 52
Nate Murtha, Interboro 50
John Nostrant, Haverford School 48
Jack Wilson, Radnor 48
Christian Xitas, Marple Newtown 45
Jack Borbee, Strath Haven 44
Jim Moorhead, Interboro 44
Sam Mutz, Strath Haven 43
Connor Ringwalt, Episcopal Academy 43
Gerald Creagan, Sun Valley 41
Alex Viola, Marple Newtown 41
Nick DiIorio, Haverford 40
Drew Brown, Radnor 39
Jake Long, Marple Newtown 39
Billy Farrell, Haverford 36
Tommy McNamara, Haverford School 36
Evan Trizonis, Garnet Valley 36
Mike Vent, Springfield 35
Will Stenger, Archbishop Carroll 33
Jack Spence, Springfield 32
Ty Moschella, Garnet Valley 31
Joe DeBernardi, Springfield 30
Michael Porreca, Interboro 30


Chris Hassett, Sun Valley 295
James Spence, Springfield 232
Will Brake, Strath Haven 228
Alex DeMarco, Haverford School 221
Eric Carrigan, Marple Newtown 196
Chris Stenger, Archbishop Carroll 195
Mike Bonaddio, Garnet Valley 194
Tucker Ballbach, Radnor 179
Danny Tierney, Haverford 173
Brendan Risely, Ridley 165
Steve Nolan, Penncrest 164
Jake Floyd Jones, Episcopal Academy 146
Vince McGinnis, Upper Darby 143



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