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Agnes Irwin

Main Line rowers make waves in 5th Manny Flick

Main Line high school rowers had some solid performances in the 5th Manny Flick on the Schuylkill River April 22. What follows are the results, sent to Main Line Media News by the respective teams:

Agnes Irwin
Three of the six boats raced by Agnes Irwin finished third or better in the 5th Manny Flick on the Schuylkill River.
The Lightweight 4x (Julianna Jaskot, Anisah Thomas, Perry Maner, Carson Heward) came in second with a final time of 5:26.17. Two AIS boats placed third: the Gig/Novice 1x (Katherine McGovern) and the Varsity 2x (Alexis Short, Emma Bonner). The Freshman/Novice 4x (Libby Nevins, Shreya Kalra, Emma Barcus, Ayanna Dunlop) came in fourth.
In the afternoon time trials, the JV2x (Madeline Briddell, Sarah Yoh) came in fifth in what ended up being a very tight race – they were less than five seconds behind the fastest boat. The JV 4x (Peyton Bond, Jean-Marie Dundovich, Eliza Pendergast, Jazmyn Knight) came in 6th in another close race with a final time of 5:30.17.
Agnes Irwin is currently in second place for the Kate Godwin Trophy for Womens Sculling.

Baldwin School
Baldwin’s performances at the 5th Manny Flick served as an important capstone for the season, seeding boats near the front of the pack for most of the time trials at City Championships.
Fine performances came from both junior varsity doubles, with the quickest time of the (number of boats competing) going to Baldwin’s Jada Williams (bow) and Samantha Baron (stroke), who completed their time trial in 6:02. A few seconds behind them were junior Jessica Shen (bow) and sophomore Avalon Rosenberger (stroke), whose time of 6:06 brought them a fourth place finish in the TT event.
The junior varsity quad, rowed by Grace Kirwan (bow) Stephanie Hulme (two )and Helen Klaes (three) behind stroke seat Jane Bai, captured a third place finish.
In the varsity four, junior Helen Ji (bow) accompanied Baldwin seniors Caroline Sterman (coxswain), Hailey Barnett (two), Tara McMahon (three), and Julia Love (stroke) to lead the way from wire to wire as they took first place in the flight of their event with the 10th fastest time of the day.
For the novices, Baldwin’s entries in the novice quad event showed continued improvement from week to week, especially for second novice quad, whose time dropped over 25 seconds in just seven days. First novice quad, rowed by Ava Olson (bow), Mimi Salgado (two), Jessica Zhu (three), and stroke seat Jasmine Bell, finished with a third place in their flight and third overall, while the second novice quad of Emily Xiong (bow), Berlyn Squillaro (two), Erin Chang (three), and Katy Cappola (stroke) finished third in their flight with a time of 6:18.

Episcopal Academy
In the Head Races, the EA Girls Novice 8+, composed of stroke Lily Haupt, Bridget Egan, Margot LeRoux, Hadley DeBruyn, Julia Rushton, Mary Grace Konopka, Mary Cipperman, Ruth Engelman and cox Kenna McMeekin, placed second out of 18 with a time of 5:26.090.
The Girls JV 4 + which included Natalie Johnston, Raeleen Keffer-Scharpf, Mollie Bonner, Cat Spellman and cox Juliana Di Carlo placed 18th out of 33 with a time of 6:12.090.
The Girls JV Quad, which included Lacey Rivera in stroke, Rachel Barber, Allison Lee and Natalie Horbowy, placed fourth out of 16 with a time of 5:28.070.
EA’s girls Varsity Quad, composed of Josephine Konopka, Morgan Gantt, Alexandra Peyton and Brooke Kraftson, placed second in their heat with a time of 5:12.260.
For the EA boys, the Novices and JV Boys raced in Head Races. The Boys Novice 8 +, composed of Michael Yu in stroke, Peter Woodville, Chase Anderson, Charlie Barton, Glay Yang, Christian Cerone, Jimmy Bruder, Tony Thomas and cox Justin Morgan, placed sixth out of 22 with a time of 5:20.490.
The Boys JV 4 +, which included Jack Rebillard, Max Levinson, Drew Landaiche, Nick Peyton and cox Myles Peter, placed fifth out of 33 with a time of 5:21.930.
The final two races of the day for Episcopal were the Boys Varsity 4 + (A and B boats), which were not Head Races. The first Varsity 4 + (the A boat) included Ian Reape, Harry Pusey, Billy Stavropoulos, Owen Maier and cox Schuyler Kresge, and finished first in their heat with a time of 4:59.750. The Varsity 4 + (B boat), composed of Dhruv Raman, Aedan Yohannan, Jeff Li, Jake Landaiche and cox Alyssa Sheffy, placed fifth in their heat with a time of 5:36.930.


Lower Merion

The Lower Merion girls varsity 4+ of (from left) Minori Cohan (coxswain), Valentina Frusone, Morgan Simpson, Eva Nates and Annika Edwards finished first once again at the 5th Manny Flick April 22.

The Lower Merion girls varsity 4+ boat came in first place for the third consecutive Manny Flick. During this stretch, the boat inlcuded to Eva Nates, Morgan Simpson, Emma Spaeth (Valentina Frusone in Manny Flick 5), Anika Edwards and Minori Cohan.



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