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Delco Boys Basketball Stat Leaders, Jan. 16

(Based on games reported to the Delco Times through Jan. 14; for questions or corrections email

Scoring average

Penncrest’s Tyler Norwood puts up a shot in the third quarter against Conestoga. (Pete Bannan/Digital First Media)

Mike Webb, Springfield 23.6
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 23.1
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 22.2
DaQuan Granberry, Chichester 20.3
Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 20.2
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 20.2
Alex Capitano, Episcopal Academy 18.9
Matt Dade, Episcopal Academy 18.7
Christian Ray, Haverford School 18.7
Connor O’Brien, Garnet Valley 17.3
Kharon Randolph, Haverford School 16.4
Cooper Driscoll, Strath Haven 15.8
Chris Nash, Penn Wood 15.8
AJ Hoggard, Archbishop Carroll 15.5
Michael Smith, Chester 14.9
Mike May, Marple Newtown 14.5
Carley Jones, Interboro 13.6
Naseim Harley, Academy Park 13.3
Justin Anderson, Archbishop Carroll 13.1
Marvin Freeman, Sun Valley 13.1
Tyler Penley, Delco Christian 12.6
Keyon Butler, Archbishop Carroll 12.5
Enoch Clark, Ridley 12.5
James Hendricks, Chichester 12.5
Ryan Morris, Strath Haven 12.5
Tehron Phillips, Christian Academy 12.4
Magd Abdelwahab, Upper Darby 12.3
Greg Vlassopoulos, Garnet Valley 12.2
Tariq Ingraham, Bonner & Prendergast 11.9
Ajiri Johnson, Bonner & Prendergast 11.7
Tommy Gardler, Marple Newtown 11.6
Lewis Robinson, Radnor 11.4
Brian Randolph III, Chester 11.3
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 11.1
Jalun Trent, Upper Darby 11.1
Jameer Nelson Jr., Haverford School 10.8
Grant Sareyka, Christian Academy 10.8
Luke House, Archbishop Carroll 10.6
Kamrohn Roundtree, Academy Park 10.6
Matt Arbogast, Penncrest 10.0
Vernon Harper, Radnor 9.8
Amiri Stewart, Chichester 9.6
Malachi Williams, Ridley 9.5
Gavin Burke, Haverford School 9.4
Khelon Kirkland, Glen Mills 9.4
Ja’Den McKenzie, Springfield 9.3
Frank Durham, Springfield 9.1
Jackson Piotrowski, Delco Christian 9.1

3-point field goals

Episcopal Academy’s Alex Capitano is among the county’s top 3-point shooters. (Pete Bannan/Digital First Media)

Connor O’Brien, Garnet Valley 35
Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 34
Tommy Gardler, Marple Newtown 32
Alex Capitano, Episcopal Academy 31
Magd Abdelwahab, Upper Darby 27
Jack Grace, Ridley 27
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 27
Kharon Randolph, Haverford School 27
Gavin Burke, Haverford School 26
Mike May, Marple Newtown 26
Chris Nash, Penn Wood 25
Marvin Freeman, Sun Valley 23
DaQuan Granberry, Chichester 21
Naseim Harley, Academy Park 20
Justin Hershey, Episcopal Academy 20
Ryan Morris, Strath Haven 20
Tyler Penley, Delco Christian 20
Kyle Long, Springfield 18
Mike Perretta, Bonner & Prendergast 18
Grant Sareyka, Christian Academy 18
Mike Webb, Springfield 18
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 18
Dan Roe, Haverford 17
Matt Dade, Episcopal Academy 16
Malachi Williams, Ridley 16
Mike Conran, Springfield 15
Carley Jones, Interboro 15
Jack Fitzpatrick, Episcopal Academy 14
Jordan Graves, Strath Haven 13
Michael Smith, Chester 13
Amiri Stewart, Chichester 13
Minh Tran, Marple Newtown 13
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 12
AJ Hoggard, Archbishop Carroll 12
Justin Anderson, Archbishop Carroll 11
Colin Chambers, Episcopal Academy 11
Frank Durham, Springfield 11
Devon Ferrero, Archbishop Carroll 11
Jordan Hall, Cardinal O’Hara 11
James Hendricks, Chichester 11
Luke House, Archbishop Carroll 11
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 11
Jameer Nelson Jr., Haverford School 11
Jalun Trent, Upper Darby 11
Luke Verzella, Haverford 11
John Mastella, Ridley 10
Brian Randolph, Chester 10
John Seidman, Haverford 10
Dom Souders, Interboro 10

Free-throw percentage
(minimum 15 attempts)

Devon Ferrero, Archbishop Carroll 94.1
Derik Harrison, Academy Park 85.7
Austin Laughlin, Garnet Valley 83.9
Vinny DeAngelo, Sun Valley 83.0
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest 81.4
Isaiah Wong, Bonner & Prendergast 81.1
Alex Capitano, Episcopal Academy 80.8
Jack Fitzpatrick, Episcopal Academy 80.0
Kharon Randolph, Haverford School 79.7
John Seidman, Haverford 78.9
Magd Abdelwahab, Upper Darby 77.8
Kyle Long, Springfield 77.1
Jackson Piotrowski, Delco Christian 76.9
Connor O’Brien, Garnet Valley 76.2
Mike Webb, Springfield 76.0
Ryan Morris, Strath Haven 75.9
Cooper Driscoll, Strath Haven 75.0
Donovan Rodriguez, Bonner & Prendergast 75.0
Jaylen Stinson, Haverford School 75.0
Chris Nash, Penn Wood 74.2
Luke Verzella, Haverford 73.9
Greg Vlassopoulos, Garnet Valley 73.6
Matt Dade, Episcopal Academy 72.9
Justin Heidig, Penncrest 72.2
Mahir Sharif, Bonner & Prendergast 72.2
Grant Sareyka, Christian Academy 72.1
Isaac Williams, Penn Wood 72.0
Gavin Burke, Haverford School 71.9
Isaac Kennon, Sun Valley 71.7
Matt Peel, Marple Newtown 71.4
Keyon Butler, Archbishop Carroll 71.1
Michael Smith, Chester 71.1
Chris Rosini, Strath Haven 71.0
Asim Richards, Haverford School 70.8
DaQuan Granberry, Chichester 70.6
Mike Smith, Marple Newtown 70.0



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