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Fall 2017 All-Inter-Ac Teams

MVP  Malvern Prep WR/LB Keith Maguire
RB Episcopal Academy #20 DeeWil Barlee (Jr.) OL Episcopal Academy #52 Harry Riley (Sr.)
RB Malvern Prep #1 O’Shaan Allison (Sr.) OL Episcopal Academy #66 Ryan Rockenbach (Jr.)
RB Penn Charter #6 Edward Saydee (Jr.) OL Penn Charter #76 Luke Mattice (Sr.)
QB Malvern Prep #11 Drew Gunther (Jr.) OL Springside-Chestnut Hill #77 Anthony Marrone (Sr.)
QB Penn Charter #10 Will Samuel (Sr.) OL Springside-Chestnut Hill #66 Sean McCann (Sr.)
OL Episcopal Academy #74 Adam Klein (Sr.) QB Springside-Chestnut Hill #10 Aaron Angelos (Jr.)
OL Germantown Academy #65 Elijah Wroten (Jr.) TE Episcopal Academy #88 Jack Purcell (Jr.)
OL Haverford School #55 Colin Hurlbrink (Sr.) TE Malvern Prep #21 Danny Garrity (Sr.)
OL Malvern Prep #71 Joe Basuira (Sr.) WR Malvern Prep #2 Quinn McCahon (Sr.)
OL Malvern Prep #75 Jake Hornibrook (Jr.) K Episcopal Academy #8 James Silvi (Sr.)
WR Malvern Prep #4 Keith Maguire (Jr.)
WR Penn Charter #23 John Washington (Sr.)
WR Springside-Chestnut Hill #7 Pat Elliott (Jr.)
ATH Malvern Prep #5 Quincy Watson (Jr.)
K Malvern Prep #28 Garrett Reilly (Sr.)
DB Episcopal Academy #20 DeeWil Barlee (Jr.) DB Haverford School #24 Nate Whitaker (Jr.)
DB Germantown Academy #3 Mike Reilly (Sr.) DB Springside-Chestnut Hill #2 Myles Hugee (Sr.)
DB Malvern Prep #7 Tygee Leach (Jr.) DB Springside-Chestnut Hill #4 Nick Logue (Sr.)
DB Penn Charter #6 Edward Saydee (Jr.) LB Malvern Prep #8 Cole McCabe (Sr.)
DB Penn Charter #23 John Washington (Sr.) LB Malvern Prep #26 Nick Gueriera (Jr.)
DL Episcopal Academy #74 Adam Klein (Sr.) LB Springside-Chestnut Hill #6 Jack Elliott (Sr.)
DL Episcopal Academy #44 Milton Mamula (Sr.) DL Germantown Academy #55 Jim McGettigan (Sr.)
DL Haverford School #55 Colin Hurlbrink (Sr.) DL Germantown Academy #58 Joe Cawley (Sr.)
DL Malvern Prep #67 Ryan Betz (Sr.) DL Haverford School #74 Asim Richards (Jr.)
LB Germantown Academy #33 Tanner Long (Sr.) DL Malvern Prep #23 Dom Massimo (Sr.)
LB Malvern Prep #4 Keith Maguire (Jr.) DL Penn Charter #9 Ryan Maloney (Jr.)
LB Penn Charter #3 Terence Thompson (Jr.) DL Springside-Chestnut Hill #66 Sean McCann (Sr.)


The Hill School’s Euan Forrest (8) wins the ball against Springside-Chestnut Hill’s Philip Burckhardt. (Austin Hertzog – Digital First Media)

PETE BANNAN-DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA Malvern Prep goalie Jake Hodlofski reacts to a shot against Springside Chestnut Hill at Talen Energy Stadium Tuesday evening. The Friars won 1-0.

Boys Soccer

First Team

Phil Burckhardt, Springside-Chestnut Hill JR

John Cunningham, Episcopal Academy SR

Owen Elliott, Springside-Chestnut Hill JR (Goalie)

Parker Gravina, Haverford School SR

Lucas Hammond, Malvern Prep SR

Jake Hodlofski, Malvern Prep SR (Goalie)

Ian Lugossy, Germantown Academy SR

Jack Myers, Springside-Chestnut Hill JR

Mike Roman, Germantown Academy SR

Connor Sullivan, Penn Charter SR

Griffin Wada, Haverford School JR

Sam Wilson, Episcopal Academy JR

Germantown Academy’s Michael Roman (15) and The Hill School’s Phillip Bell compete for the ball during Wednesday’s game. (Austin Hertzog – Digital First Media)


Second Team

Mike Buck, Springside-Chestnut Hill SR

Luke Greenburg, Springside-Chestnut Hill JR

Dane Harmaty, Springside-Chestnut Hill SO

Matt Lammond, Malvern Prep JR

Harrison Malone, Episcopal Academy JR

Bill Melnick, Penn Charter JR

Andrew Morris, Penn Charter SR

Jude Shorr-Park, Penn Charter SO

Luke Volgeman, Springside-Chestnut Hill SR

Nick Wallick, Episcopal Academy SR

Springside-Chestnut Hill’s Emily McNesby, right, chases Episcopal Academy’s Annie Doig during the PAISAA final. (Austin Hertzog – Digital First Media)

Girls Soccer

First Team

Olivia Dirks, Episcopal Academy

Hannah Moriarty, Episcopal Academy

Anna Salvucci, Episcopal Academy

Raina Kuzemka, Episcopal Academy

Carly McIntosh, Baldwin

Gia Vicari, Baldwin

Emily McNesby, Springside-Chestnut Hill (MVP)

Grace Rorke, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Giovanna DeMarco, Penn Charter

Kaitlyn Haughey, Penn Charter

Allison Clark, Germantown Academy

Second Team

Laila Payton, Episcopal Academy

Natalie Sgro, Baldwin

Celia Page, Baldwin

Maddie Niebish, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Lucy Lamb, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Emma Maley, Penn Charter

India Barnes, Penn Charter

Riley Axenroth, Germantown Academy

Maria Pansini, Agnes Irwin

Emma Kichula, Notre Dame

Honorable Recognition

Mackenzie Pluck, Germantown Academy

(Bob Raines–Montgomery Media) Germantown Academy middie Sammy Popper.

Field Hockey

First Team

Samantha Popper, Germantown Academy

Maddie Rehak, Episcopal Academy

Gianna Pantaleo, Episcopal Academy

Sarah Jane Quigley, Academy of Notre Dame

Tina D’Anjolell, Academy of Notre Dame

Lauren Curran, Academy of Notre Dame

Lauren Devletian, Episcopal Academy

Katie Crager, Episcopal Academy

Mia Leonhardt, Academy of Notre Dame

Maggie Pina, Academy of Notre Dame

Ava Leonhardt, Academy of Notre Dame

Meredith Murphy, Agnes Irwin

GK: Katie Liebeskind, Academy of Notre Dame

Gene Walsh — Digital First Media
Germantown Academy goalie Hannah Santos works to keep in front of Academy of Notre Dame’s Mia Leonhardt during PAISAA championship at Proving Grounds in Conshohocken November 15, 2017.


Notre Dame’s Lauren Curran, left, sends a pass beyond the defense of Episcopal Academy’s Kelly Smith Tuesday. Curran scored the first goal in Notre Dame’s 2-1 Inter-Ac League win. (Digital First Media/Pete Bannan)

Second Team

Sarah Edelson, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Grace Weise, Agnes Irwin

Madeline Ota, Germantown Academy

Colleen Carrigan, Germantown Academy

Genevieve Becker, Episcopal Academy

Emma Macaione, Agnes Irwin

Delaney Sweitzer, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Catherine McInerney, Penn Charter

GK: Hannah Santos, Germantown Academy

GK: Bridget Boyle, Episcopal Academy


Boys Cross Country

First Team

Elias Lindgren, Episcopal Academy

Peter Borger, Malvern Prep

Will Merhige, Haverford School

Colin Hess, Malvern Prep

Matt Sandifer, Germantown Academy

John Powers, Malvern Prep

Zachary Brill, Malvern Prep

AJ Sanford, Haverford School

Quinn Chambers, Episcopal Academy

Carson Fischer, Episcopal Academy

Second Team

Mark Gregory, Haverford School

Khalil Bland, Haverford School

Connor Tracy, Haverford School

Marco Goldberg, Springside-Chestnut Hill

Girls Cross Country

First Team

Emma Zwall, Penn Charter

Isabelle Goldstein, Germantown Academy

Caitlin Jorgensen, Episcopal Academy

Abigail Zwall, Penn Charter

Gianna Murgia, Germantown Academy

Kelsey O’Hara, Germantown Academy

Anna Hennessy, Germantown Academy

Jilliana McEntee, Episcopal Academy

Jillian Rotman, Episcopal Academy

Sophia Solomon, Penn Charter

Second Team

Mary McDavid, Penn Charter

Katie Lennon, Academy of Notre Dame

Sanaiya Watts, Agnes Irwin

Gabriela Manosis, Germantown Academy

Episcopal Academy senior co-captain Cole Kemmerer shot a hole in one Thursday at Philadelphia Country Club


First Team

Jon Perry, Episcopal Academy

Cole Kemmerer, Episcopal Academy

David Hurly, Haverford School

AJ Aivazoglou, Haverford School

Cal Buonocore, Haverford School

Charlie Baker, Haverford School

Matt Davis, Malvern Prep

Andrew Curran, Malvern Prep

John Updike, Malvern Prep

Brian Isztwan, Penn Charter

Noah Schwartz, Penn Charter

Patrick Isztwan, Penn Charter

Second Team

Robbie Copit, Episcopal Academy

Michael Zeng, Episcopal Academy

Justin Hershey, Episcopal Academy

Mac Costin, Haverford School

Tyler Roland, Haverford School

Matt Civitella, Malvern Prep


Girls Tennis


  1. Ashley Kennedy (Episcopal Academy)
  2. Bella Calastri (Episcopal Academy)
  3. McKenna Bramlage (Academy of Notre Dame)
  4. Caroline Mackay (Academy of Notre Dame)
  5. Brinlee LaBarge (Penn Charter)
  6. Leila Sor (Penn Charter)
  7. JJ Bernie (Penn Charter)
  8. Renee Repella (Germantown Academy)


  1. Lexi Short/ Kayla Neary (Agnes Irwin)
  2. Alexa Decidue and Teagan Krane (Baldwin)
  3. Presley Daggett and Grace Lavin (Baldwin)
  4. Neha Mukherjee/Mackenzie Lee (Episcopal Academy)

Sportsmanship- Samantha Macrides (Episcopal Academy)


First Team

Natalie Schildt, freshman, Germantown Academy

Maddie Donaphan, sophomore, Note Dame

Riley Shark, sophomore, Notre Dame

Lauren Karlsen, junior, Agnes Irwin

Gianna Napoleon, junior, Agnes Irwin

Lexi Shriener, junior, Notre Dame

Elise Butler, senior, Notre Dame

Kayla McTanney, senior, Springside Chestnut Hill

Jenna Schumann, senior, Germantown Academy

Haley Taveres, senior, Baldwin

Second Team

Caitlyn Priore, sophomore, Germantown Academy

Mara Zwilling, sophomore, Agnes Irwin

Laura Pellicano, junior, Baldwin

Rachel Kazlanskas, senior, Springside Chestnut Hill

Alison Weber, senior, Germantown Academy

Molly Kieft, senior, Notre Dame

Boys Water Polo

First​ ​Team

Isaac​ ​Salinas, Malvern Prep, senior

Stephen​ ​Salle, Malvern Prep, senior

John​ ​Nelligan, Haverford School​, senior

Finn​ ​Lillis, Germantown Academy, senior

Jack​ ​O’Reilly, Episcopal Academy​ , junior

Walker​ ​Butler, Germantown Academy, sophomore

T.J.​ ​Brooks, Haverford School, senior

Henry​ ​Grady, Germantown Academy, senior

Second​ ​Team

Andrew​ ​Knaus, Malvern Prep, senior

Sean​ ​Oates, Malvern Prep, senior

Vlad​ ​Puskovitch, Episcopal Academy, sophomore

Sean​ ​McLafferty, Penn Charter, senior

Matt​ ​LaRocca,Haverford School, senior

Matej​ ​Sekulic, Haverford School, sophomore



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