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Pa Prep Live’s Search for the No. 1 Student Section now in the Round of 16


The search for the best student section in Southeast Pennsylvania has brought our number down to the Top 16. Our head-to-head bracket will whittle down the remaining contenders until we reach our Final Four where, along with YOUR vote, a panel of Pa Prep Live writers will help decide who will be crowned champion based on your student section’s school spirit, chants, and uniqueness.

The rules are as follows:

Head-to-head bracket voting will take into account the enrollment of each school. Weighted votes will be attributed to a school with lower enrollment to even out enrollment numbers (up to 1.6X for Round of 16). Winners are judged not just by the number of votes, but the percentage of school enrollment who does vote. 

For example: No.1 Quakertown has an enrollment of 1,130 students while Cardinal O’Hara’s enrollment is 796. To put both schools on a level playing field, O’Hara receives a weighted vote of 1.419.


Quakertown enrollment: 1,130
Bishop Shanhan enrollment: 831
Weight of Vote: Bishop Shanahan +1.340

[totalpoll id=”63377″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Quakertown: 3,185
Bishop Shanahan: 2,590

Oxford enrollment: 1,034
Malvern Prep enrollment: 508
Weight of Vote: Malvern Prep +1.6

[totalpoll id=”63378″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Malvern Prep: 2,440
Oxford: 1,530

Springfield-Delco enrollment: 914
Pottsgrove enrollment: 756
Weight of Vote: Pottsgrove +1.209

[totalpoll id=”63379″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Pottsgrove: 1,998
Springfield-Delco: 1,431

Sun Valley enrollment: 802
Owen J. Roberts enrollment: 1,209
Weight of Vote: Sun Valley +1.507

[totalpoll id=”63380″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Sun Valley: 6,685
Owen J. Roberts: 3,801

Saint Joseph’s Prep enrollment: 671
Pope John Paul II enrollment: 646
Weight of Vote: Pope John Paul II +1.039

[totalpoll id=”63381″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Saint Joseph’s Prep: 1,480
Pope John Paul II: 2,353

CB East  enrollment: 1,676
Episcopal Academy enrollment: 554
Weight of Vote: Episcopal Academy +1.6

[totalpoll id=”63382″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

CB East: 3,666
Episcopal Academy: 6,545

Perkiomen Valley enrollment: 1,341
Chichester enrollment: 760
Weight of Vote: Chichester +1.6

[totalpoll id=”63383″]


Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Perkiomen Valley: 6,082
Chichester: 5,261

Central Bucks West enrollment: 1,424
Spring-Ford enrollment: 1,695
Weight of Vote: Central Bucks West +1.190

[totalpoll id=”63384″]

Total Votes with Weighted Vote

Central Bucks West: 6,939
Spring-Ford: 6,057




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